An open challenge to every Jewish Rabbi…….come and prove yourself a man of God?

Jews conspiring together against the peaceful world

Jews conspiring together against the peaceful world

You are a big liar and an enemy of God / Ellohim.  How you claim that you are the one who provides all the holy scriptures of God to this world? You are deceiving Christianity and Muslims with your false and fabricated claim. jews 1

Your Religion is a man made and not the Religion of God. I am a teacher of whole the Scriptures of past including Old Testament (Tanach) New Testament and as well as the Last Testament.

I am a teacher of Hebrew Scriptures as well and teaching Hebrew Scriptures in Hebrew Language.  There is an open challenge for each and every Scholar / Rabbi of Jewish Religion that come and prove yourself that you and your Religion is a Religion of Ellohim / God. You will not be able to prove it, as you are a big liar and your all claims in Religion are fake.

A Jewish brain full of worldly desires

A Jewish brain full of worldly desires

You are the worshipper of worldly desire and your brain motivates you for every crime against the whole world. Your imaginations are your faith.

You are nothing but a cancer for humanity and an enemy of God our Lord. The Lord of Muslims and Christianity.

A Jew says Israel is a cancer.....yes it is.

A Jew says Israel is a cancer…..yes it is.

Let’s decide once for ever, with the open Scriptures of Torah, Psalm and the rest of all scrolls of Tanach / Old testament that who is a liar and whose Religion is man made ? Accept my open challenge on any forum if you are true.

Prof Dr S. A. Abbas

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A spiritual Fatwa against GEO Tv Channel in Pakistan

A religious & Spiritual Fatwa is published on Facebook against Geo TV Channel on a blasphemous transmission against the holy and divine authorities of Islam “Imam ELY (aj) and the daughter of Mohammad (SAWW) lady Fatima -al- Zahra (SA)”.
A religious & Spiritual Fatwa is published on Facebook against Geo TV Channel on a blasphemous transmission against the holy and divine authorities of Islam “Imam ELY (aj) and the daughter of Mohammad (SAWW) lady Fatima -al- Zahra (SA)”.

This Spiritual Fatwa is clearly based on true reference of Shariah and there is no authority to challenge it or accept any excuse from the defendants. This is a final decision of our Lord that any one who Blaspheme against these holy ones should be put to death publically. Everyone involved in this programme /telecast on GEO TV, including those have taken part directly or indirectly in this Blasphemous transmission must be charged under a death penalty.

It is also defined in this Spiritual Fatwa, that every one must be charged under the “law of blaspheme” and not under the law of blasphemy against the companions / Sahaba of our holy Prophet Muhammad (saww). As the Ahlel Beit (KJ) in Islam, Qur’an and Sahaif are not equal to the companions / Sahaba. The Sahaba’s / companions of Muhammad (saw) were the servants of the Ahlel-Beit (KJ).

This Spiritual Fatwa has been given by the head of Monotheism (Hebrew) Prof Dr S. A Abbas an International Scholar and a unique preacher of Qur’an and Sahaif-ul-Avla,

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Nou’rouz in Islam by Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

Congratulation on Nou’rouz.

This is the day when the earth was created, and Hz: Essa (as) was born, as well as the spirits of mankind were changed into nafs 2000 years before they were created in spiritual form and it was also the moment when the Lord our God has made them witness for His own Great self / Nafs-ul-Eaziem. The word `Nowruz` is a compound word; Nou and Rouz, together it means ” New Day” and it is the name of the first day of the first solar month.

Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī in his definition of Nowruz says: `It is the first day of the month of Farvardin and the reason it is called New Day is that it is the forehead of the year. Nowruz was celebrated marking the summer solstice . The emergence of the 2nd part of Islam and its peaceful dealing with other religious beliefs and rituals, including ceremonies and rituals of the Iranian people, resulted in Nowruz to remain untouched.

2nd part of Islamic traditions also associate Nowruz with the day when angel Gabriel appeared to Prophet Mohammad (SAWW), the day of Ghadeer and the day of the re-emergence of The Lord of our Time, Imam Mahdi (aj). Moreover, Nowruz is the day when the Creator finished the creation of the world and is the day when Man was created.

In addition to no-opposition stance of earlier Islam in regards to the rituals of Nowruz, from the time of Hz:Ibrahim (as) and further confirmation of it, continuation of commemoration of Nowruz during the 2nd part of Islamic period except the time of Omar II (Omar ibn Abdulaziz) tried to ignore Nowruz celebrations, but this custom was so deeply associated with the Iranian people’s thought and feelings that soon Nowruz successfully found its own place and later the Shi’i Buwayeds with great research, it was widely spreaded, becoming a regular tradition. It was also celebrated in Syria, Egypt and North Africa but not regularly. Every one can see the miracle of flowing water or moving flowers in water have to stop at the time and the exact moment of time when Immam e Ely’s (aj) time of Powers shifted from Prophetical period to Immamat (heavenly Kingdom). The said miracle over the globe can be seen on every Nourouz even after hundreds years of time. A great evidence of truth as the water stopped flowing for a moment remembering the time of it’s Lord of the Universe.

After the spread of Islam and its adaptation by the people of Iran, Nowruz found its way to expand to wider range of people even among the non- Iranian tribes, such in Indian continent and North Africa believing on this alive miracle. The respect for Nowruz in Shi’i Islam, although highly regarded. Alameh Majlesi in Assamae va al Alam has narrated one of the sayings of ImamJafar-ul- Sadiq (aj) as follows:

” With the beginning of Naurouz, human was created, and this day is an auspicious day for praying to seek dreams, to visit the nobles, acquiring knowledge, marriage, travelling and good business. In this blessed day the sick will be cured, the babies are born hassle free and sustenance will increase.` Majlesi also talks about another narration from Imam Musa Kazim (aj) which says: `In Nowruz Allah made a covenant with His servants to worship Him and not to allow any partner for Him. To welcome, His messengers and obey their rulings. This day is the first day that the fertile wind blow and the flowers on the earth appeared. The archangel Gabriel (a) appeared to the Prophet, and it is the day that Abraham (as) broke the idols.

The day Prophet Muhammad (Saww) held ELY(aj) on his shoulders to destroy idols in the house of God, the Kaaba.` Regardless of the Abbasid dynasty ups and downs they managed to maintain their political and religious influence in the Muslim world for more than five centuries, and the endorsement by subsequent Caliph has contributed to celebration of Nowruz, its expansion and continuity.

According to Islamic Law, Eid is a day in which a benefit or interest is gained and a day when a special prayer is performed and people congregate. The days of Al-Azha (Qurban) and of Al Fitr are also Eid days. Verse 114 of Chapter 5 (Maa’idah) where Prophet Isa (as) asked for food from Heaven is taken as the day of miracle and that day is considered for all human as Eid.

Eid, in this verse is referring to a divine blessing descended from heaven in the form of a tray, so it became a sign for people to commemorate such day every year and bring joy and happiness repeatedly. Also repetition and return of such days could return same blessings which give us, human, another chance to make connection with God and remembering Him in our hearts and by our tongues. Islamic rituals of Nowruz In Mafatih al Jinan, which in the past decades has been one of the greatest books for religious recommended acts of worship, we read that the Prayer of Nowruz is a prayer combined of recitation of Al -Fatiha, Al-Qadr, Al-Kaferoon, AlTawhid, Al-Falagh, Al-Nass and many other chapters of the Holy Qur’an.

It is similar to a prayer which not only has the forms of Friday prayer but also the attributes of the prayers of Ghadeer Khum. Mafatih Al Jinan narrates from Imam Jafar Al Sadiq(aj): `When Nowruz comes, make Ghosl (ceremonial wash) , put on your clean clothes, and fragrant yourself with best perfumes, so when you are free of all other prayers, perform a four- rakaat prayer, each rakaat one Salam and in the first rakaat after Sura Al- Fateha ten times Sura Al-Qadr, and in the second rakaat after Al-Fateha ten times Al-Kaferoon. In the thried rakaat after Al-Feteheh ten times Al-Nass and Al-Falaq.

Nowruz has always been celebrated by Iranians, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and even some central Asian countries such as Kurds of Turkey, Iraq and Syria celebrate it too.

How they are claiming to be a Sunni? They are not even a Muslim.

A burnt copy of  the Holy Qur’an.  Hundreds copy of holy Qur’an have been burnt in Imam bargahs of Rawalpindi. The said holy Qur’an  were burnt by Wahabi  terrorists  in Rawalpindi during the Curfew, how and why it has been done? This is a big question?  Punjab Government is directly responsible for that says the Clerics.  Why the  law enforcement authorities did not stopped them during Curfew ?

burnt quran

Now look there is the name Muhammad (saww) and Ali (aj) is burnt by these few stupid and nonsense terrorists who are still claiming to be Sunni Muslims. Be sure they are not Sunnies and not even a Muslim but Shia Muaviah in the history available before the 4-Sunnah Immams.

They are not Muslim and it’s an evidence therefore, these non Muslims must be sentenced to death under the blasphemous law of the Lord to burn the Holy Qur’an. It is proved now that they are the real enemies of Sunnies, Shias, as well as Islam and Pakistan. Muslim brothers should highlight them and separate them from Sunnah sects.

nade ali

They are the manifested mischief makers and should be taken with strong hands to maintain proper peace in Pakistan.

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The word Alif before the beginning of time and creation of Adam ?

 The Word Alif before the beginning of time and creation of Adam ?

When Adam was made with the dust my Lord said to him in “Aa” means became “Dm” alive, in life. So he was alive and called Aa’Dm mankind. The same was given his name.
A’a= come
Dm=in life (alive)

The life was a kind of Air called Rouh from the word Ryah / Reh (Air). There was no Air at that time when the name Rouh was came into being and there was no concept of time at all. The Lord our God ELYON himself became as a mankind Annas/Aa’Dm when He wished (Mashyat) to be known. Before that He was hidden one with His all wishes (mashyat). His Holy desires were his own self when there was nothing. He has no other attribute from any thing / Gheir e Shein but purely of his own light/nour.
The one, out of of his Holy desires when wished to be known, so the Lord God put him out from his own self as ‘A sunlight comes out from the sun’ and he was very lovely, His self.

The Lord God loved him too much, and praised him in love. He was called a praised one / Muhammad (saww). The Lord God then put him in a highly place, side by side and it was called Muqame Mahmood. His holy attribute Muhammad (saww) immediately praised his Lord God and bow down for him in prostration (Sajdah) being the first of his creation. There was no Literacy or numeric at that moment and his first holy attribute of his own Great Light praised Him saying Most Highest High / ELYA. Now ELYA was the first name of our God in the beginning according to the law of heaven (Dani-el 4:26) in Hebrew Language. The Lord our God was a Dot of numeric (addad) in the beginning.

The Lord God divided the Great Light of His attribute Muhammad (saww) in to two and now it was luminous and beautiful He given her the name Al-Fatimah. The separated one form the Great Light. There was now three (3) Lights including the Lord our God and the 3 ones like 111. And now the number was before the Literacy / Alphabets. The heavenly name ELYA was based on three ones like 111, in oneness as its numerical Value was as under:
ELYA = Ein =70, Lam+30, Yeh =10 and Alif =1 (111).
Now the Lord God taught him the Alphabets (in which is the explanation of each and every thing today) at that moment and He was given first Alphabet ALF =
A = 1
L = 30
F = 80
Total = 111
He taught his Attribute that how to write His name ElYA in Numeracy (addad) and what is the total of their names Muhammad (saww). Explained as under:
Mhmd (M=40,h=8,m=40 & d=4) 92 (9+2=11) 11 a sign of two ones.

It was the symbol of Our Lord God’s Unity of Three (3) but not Trinity. Why Three in one and not a Unity? Because they are not only three but they are 19 in oneness. Their soluble unity is separately disclosed. Now there was an issue of the 2nd word Ba. Then his Lord taught him the 2nd Alphabet Ba. He took him side by side and authorized him to be called great God / Allah O Akbar to his manifested Holy Attribute. And He said now we became Ba. And the word Ba was considered Holy / Braka.

The Lord God Most High taught him whole the holy Torah to Qur’an all the holy books / Scrolls which were also kept in Dot of this word Ba. That’s why Torah and Qur’an were started from the same Alphabet Ba. Now first manifested Holy attribute became the know-er of each and everything of all the Holy Scriptures, then His Lord God said you are now the “City of knowledge”. The Lord was with him in manifestation being a Dot below the Ba, so the word Ba is holding its numerical value 2. In the Ba there were two, Mercies REHMAN and RAHIM in the first word of the holy Qur’an. ELYA is Rehman and Muhammad is Rahim. One is the Dot below the Ba and the other is Qousein above the Dot.

Now there was no time and nor any other creation. The Dot was the excellent / best Creator and Qousein was its Creation. Still there was just a space. The great God Qousein was out of the supreme God the Dot. Previous Holy prophets were also taught about these God in Hebrew language as Ellohi (Dot) and His attribute Bra-Ellohim (Qousein). Same as disclosed Allah ul Azeem and His divine attribute Allah O Akbar in holy Qur’an). Now they were the ancient ones.
EL- Muhammad (saw) was now called 123 (in numbers) same as the numerical number of his name disclosed 123 created by the Dot (.). You may know that the Dot is the First number before 123.

Now the God Most High (EL- ELYON) decided to make His Kingdom at that time and then He had decided to divide this Light (NUR) into 18 attributes of his own Light. He separated his attribute of Light (Nur) into two (2). The said process was called Fati, so there was a female and The Lord God put on her head a Crown of 12 Stars making her a Queen of Heaven and named her as Fati-ma (sa) from the word He was the King at that time and She was also given the title at that moment as Mother of the Fati (same as our Queen is also called the mother of the nation), because the Lord God decided to complete 19 manifested Lights to complete His Kingdom and all Lights from the great Everlasting Father Muhammad (saw). Muhammad (saw) was called a Holy and purified nation of Lights (EL-Anwar). Fatima (saw) the daughter of Muhammad (saw) the Queen of heaven and the mother 18 Lights.
FATI-MA= (means in Hebrew mother of raised ones).

The Lord God ELYON has taken out further 12 great lights from her Queen and made them all Kings and he became himself King of the Holy Kings. He authorized them to work on His behalf and they may be called Ellohim / Allah their selves. He also taken out 4 raises of Lights and made them Chief Princes. They created the Garden of Eden to live in it and spread the Green Trees and there was Oxygen and Hydrogen, so there were water in the garden to feed the trees and there were rivers.
Now they all were 19 living together and there was a space, then they have created the Oxygen & Hydrogen and making water. And they were all in a spiritual form.

The Lord our God EL ELYON was the High Priest for them and He called himself a Priest forever. The said High Priest when came into this world in his real manifestation of Mankind He was designated as Manifested Priest /Imamim Mubin in the holy Qur’an. This is the record of past when there was nothing and they were also from nothing LA-Shey.

They were all together 19 in oneness of their Lordship. And later they have created the Creation of our universes and everything in it. They are our Creators. Our God in oneness of soluble one and we are their creation. They need their certification being our Creators in holy Qur’an. The best of the creators is their Creator. They are the perfect and best in creation because their creator is the best out of them. We are their subordinates / servants and their worshipers. They worshiped to Him and we worshiped to them.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

A direct student of our Lord ( Mufasire Qur’an and Sahaif ul Awla).

Rawalpindi clash Yazidiyat disclosed clearly. 5 people are killed and more than 60 injured.

A curfew was placed in Rawalpindi when Yazidiyat disclosed.  5 people are killed and more than 60 injured.

Yesterday on the 10th of Moharam a clash was raised from the so called (Muslim) of Saudi based sect. When they disrespect the holy Imam e Hussain (as) and praised for Yazid (Lanah). These are the enemies of Islam and it was seen at the place of incident that the area police and district Administration was running from the site to save their lives. The terrorists of Sipahe Sahabah had opened the fire on unarmed Shia believers, those were holding the Alams and Zuljinah during the procession of Ashoura Moharram.


Then they started to burn Imam bargah and Alm e Mubarik during the curfew.

 At least 5 persons were killed and more than 60 were injured in this incident. Another clash was also took place near Fawara Chowk in Raja Bazar here on Friday. Some local persons were involved, who had opened fire. Some local persons called from local Mosques were also involved  in this incident.


They had . The mob also

According to police, 10 riffles were also snatched from the officials who were on duty in the area. They added the bullets were fired from the snatched guns. Police further said that fire engulfed more than 100 shops in cloth market while the mob was out of control.


  District Administration and Police has totally failed to arrange the security measures. Normally it was the first duty of the area Police officers to pin out these kinds of places before the time. How can it be possible that some outsiders were inside the mosque with all kinds of emu-nation and special chemical arrangements and Police wasn’t aware ?



The Jaffria Alliance condemned the violence in Rawalpindi and demanded  a fair investigation from a High Court Judge to get the fair result of this incident.

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The time has come to move from awareness to action. There is a need of Bait-e-Ibrahim (as).

The time has come to move from awareness to action. There is a need of Bait-e-Ibrahim (as)

In these days of our life we have to accept the real truth that our youngsters from their childhood are growing in a bad childcare. They are extremely relying on computer games, television, and social media for which experts warned to the parents today. A group of about 200 teachers, authors and other experts on completing a survey have advised to change the attitude of our new generation to build their bright future.


The group includes novelist Philip Pullman, Oxford University- UK, neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield-UK, Lord Layard, emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics, and Professor Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi a Senior Journalist, and a Professor for Mass Communication from a University in Islamabad-Pakistan. They have made a brad survey report taking the details around the globe.
The report was also in brief regarding the behaviour of our youngsters including newly developed hatred within the religions. They also emphasized on the major issues of developed terrorism around the globe.
Professor Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi who is also working as an Ambassador in the National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony (NPCIH) for Federal Ministry of Religion Pakistan, holding many national Peace awards, has also forwarded a brief survey report on the effects of terrorism.
Being a man of Peace, the suggestion was sent to increase interfaith harmony within in the religions, is a major need of the time. He also added that it has been noticed that in the last few years, terrorism has increased around the globe. It is now reached at the highest level and have affected badly to the minorities and they are living under a grave life threat.

Numbers of innocent people are badly treated inhuman way, just because, of misunderstandings and double standard policies implemented on our globe. These threats are continued just because of their lack of knowledge in the holy books of our God of Abraham (as). The behaviour of tolerance and patience has not been seen in these particular areas of un-developed countries.
Therefore, Jews, Christians and Muslims can unite the nations if they could learn how to live in peace together without any danger vice versa.
In his major submission on terrorism he strongly emphasized that there is a need of a joint house of Prayer in each country. It is importantly, required for all the Abrahamic faith available within the globe.
Moreover, in this way of joint place of worships our new generation could learn the ways, how to live with respect to the other faith and it’s a requirements through interfaith harmony. The joint place of worship can also be given the name as Bait-e-Ibrahim (as). He also added strongly that our youngsters must read and get research in the Holy Scriptures of whole divine books as a special subject; it is called comparative study in Holy Books.

This is the only key to get true knowledge of Abrahamic faith of Islam, and a big source for all of us. Either, he is a Jew, Christian or a Muslim. The Holy Qur’an is a book of wisdom and provides us the ways of Justice & guidance. You may know that our father Abraham (as) was given the goal to establish Justice and righteousness.
Genesis: 18:19:

“Our father Ibrahim (as) was chosen on this globe to provide Justice and righteousness.”

And after him through his descendants the holy guidance & Justice was a special goal, given to the chosen ones Aaron (as) and his sons only to provide Justice (Eadl) and Guidance (Huda), Exodus (book of of Torah) 40:12-15 certified at Qur’an 7:159. He and his noble descendants had provided the said goal to the nations till Jesus Christ.

It was also said in the Holy Scriptures that this office was only given to a chosen lineage of Aaron (as). From the time of long time awaited of Muhammad (saw) the said holy duty was given to the Holy lineage of Mola Ali (aj) and his divine sons of Psalm (Zabur) 82:6, John (Gospel-Injil)10:34-36 and of Qur’an 7:181.

This holy lineage from Lordship was started at the time of John the Baptist (Yahiya–as) and Jesus Christ (Essa-as) those were sent for the faster purification (Baptism) and they were the sons of Ali (ELYON-aj), disclosed in these above Holy Scriptures.

But still there was a need of more advanced and scientific purification for the developed world which was fulfilled through the children of Abraham (as) with the purified words.

These holy and divine words were also purified in body and spirit even purified seven times, as it was said at Psalms /Zabur 12 :6 and certified in Holy Qur’an at Surah Abraham 14:24 and Surah A’shoa’rah 33:33).

There is a big need of mutual understanding and joint study centres to know these kinds of interlinked discoveries and subjects for our purification of mind and body.

Therefore, it was a need of the sons of Abraham (as) to know the knowledge of everything through the promised and Great Prophet waited from a long time. Therefore, Jesus Christ told us that, he is coming to teach them all and to increase their knowledge in the previous subjects, left incomplete or un–disclosed at Mathew 3:11 & John 16:8 & 13.

This Holy Prophet like Moses was also called the Prophet of the Covenant at Malachi 3:1-3 and also certified in the same designation at Qur’an 3:81. When the people of Moses demanded that we are going to finish on this earth and will not see again the Fire (Noor) of the Lord?

The Lord said to Moses look:

“I will raise them for a Prophet like you (O’ Moses) from among their brothers; I will put my words (Qur’an) in his mouth and he will tell them everything I commend him. If any one does not listen to my words (Qur’an) that the Prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account.”
Torah Deuteronomy 18:18-19:
Therefore, we all sons of Abraham, being a Jew, Christian or Muslim must follow the books of joint guidance and the word of our God Most High (EL:ELYON) to get the un-disclosed knowledge and things to come as promised to us in our all Holy Books. The Joint place of worship and a joint study centres could also decrease the present threats of terrorism from our globe, through knowledge and mutual respect.

There is no change in our Holy books available in Hebrew and there is a Light for every Muslim in them Professor Naqvi said in his message for the entire Muslim world.
The holy Qur’an said:
“We have revealed to you as we, revealed to Noah and the messengers after him & we, revealed to Abraham & Ishmael, & Isaac & Jacob & the (12) Tribes & Jesus & Job and Jonah & Aaron & Solemn and we gave to David the book of Psalms/Zabur. And the Messengers we, have mentioned you and the Messengers we, have not mentioned you, and your ALLAH spoke to Moses directly.”

(Surah An-Nisa 4:163-164)

Or it was also stated that we did not make any distinction in between any one of the book revealed before Qur’an saying:

“………..we make no distinction between any of them, and we have surrendered to him”.
(Surah Ale-Imran 3:84)

There is a basic need in our coming young generation to have a spirit of Love, patience, kindness and peace, etc.
They must act more positively, and could provide an important role with peaceful way of life. Therefore, we must have a very unique Bait /home with efficient and well educated men of wisdom & of insight, building a new man understanding with the help of Comparative Study.

The undisclosed subjects of the past are now going to preach and disclosed through our Comparative Study Program and it will be a best idea if we could start them from this Bait e Ibrahim (as).

Through this kind of study we can fulfil the needs of Abrahamic faith. As you know that Jews, believes in Old Testament & have not come forward to read the New Testament, in the same way, Christian’s believes in all the previous books but have not studied the Qur’an. In the same way Muslims have also missed the study of previous books despite of the direct orders available in Holy Qur’an to believe in them / read them. The Lord our God guides us in his Last Testament (Qur’an) saying that:

Qur’an 5: 69.
“Those who became Mono, and those who are Jews, Sabeans and Christians, whomsoever, believe in Allah and the last day and does good act no fear shall be upon them nor shall they grieve”.
Qur’an 5: 82.
“O’ Mono! ……Certainly you will find more dearly and strong in love to you, those have said we are Christians because their Priests and Monks are not proud”.

It is understood that a majority can provide a better role to develop the global peace, so it is the major duty of the Christianity to join hands with Muslims and Jews to develop co- ordination for interfaith harmony.
The time has come to move from awareness to action.
A Special Project of Bait Ibrahim.

Now a vision could become reality through the newly reformed A Mono Community in Bait-Ibrahim (as) under the special direction and guidance of our valued Scholar and a prominent authority of Islam Agha Murtaza Poya, who guided us to build a Mono’s monument of hope.
As we know that a little confidence in times of huge political, social & religious tensions could provide a big hope for everyone in this modern world. Many people will like to build a Bait Ibrahim (as) today, but It will be a welcoming house, which could able to provide job seeking facilities for all faith equally with a trained staff in this Bait / house.
Moreover, it will be a meeting place for everyone and a bridge between all the other religions of this globe as well. Other projects like, Trainings, Social Services, major Library or a shelter house, for poor and orphan children may be provided in future.

How to grow intimacy with God in our Bait e /Ibrahim (as)?

Forget the past and come here for the future so you can achieve intimacy with our Lordship. That may results in outward actions and manifestation of Holy actions in you. This is more important now to get together and have a holy spirit of Love, patience, kindness and peace through divine knowledge. It must be an important role of our way of life to fulfil the requirements.

Therefore, we must have a very unique Bait/home with efficient and well educated men of wisdom & of insight, building a new man understanding in them with the help of Comparative Study.

These subjects of the past and their latest discoveries are now going to preach and disclosed from this Bait e Ibrahim (as) to fulfil the needs of above three faiths through our Comparative Study programme.

What we should do now:

In the same way last year we have seen the Christian’s houses burnt by the same terrorists in Pakistan, where we are claiming a religion of Peace as Islam. No doubt that Islam is a religion of peace around the world but when it wasn’t hijacked in the hands of mischief-makers.
Under these circumstances, it is very important that we must spread the real spirit of Islam and the sign of real peace. Islam provides the security first and then the paths of Peace.

Abrahamic faith, like Judaism, Christianity and Islam of the 6th Century CE, are the same from one foundation of Peace.
The real faith of Abraham called Monotheism (Hebrew) in all over the Universities of the above faith or in the books of theology. Monotheism (Hebrew) is called Millate Ibrahim (as) in the Holy Qur’an.

Therefore, it is the first duty of a Jew then a Christian and then a Muslim, as we are having their claims that our father was the same Ibrahim (as) in the past and surely we are from the same one Faith from the foundation. Therefore, we have to go for a Comparative Study vice versa.

Yes! There is a need of mutual dialogues in a pleasant atmosphere and under the same one roof of Bait e Ibrahm (as)/ Monotheism (Hebrew), so that our new generation could understand each other with better spirit and understanding. We have seen that the students have studied in Christian schools, having free mind and belief in their own religion are still friendlier to each other and have a good relationship in between them.

There is a great responsibility for every government like a father, to arrange better atmosphere to get knowledge in country simply as he is bound to provide it in their own house. A globe is like our tribe’s settlement and we must develop unity, faith, discipline & religious harmony in between us rather to develop negativity to save the future of our new generation.

Our Adult Education committee can coordinate, stimulating speakers and lectures for both men and women throughout the year. Our Youth Department should also conduct weekly social groups to maintain youth activities.

On behalf of our board and our entire membership, we will encourage you to find out more about what Congregation Bait Ibrahim (as) will offer you, on our website at:

Our desire is also to see your relationship with the Lord grow deeper and see Him fulfil the call that He has placed on your life. Please, let us know if there is any way we can help see that happen in your life. If you would like to meet with a pastor we would be happy to make those arrangements for you.

You can reach us via Cell no 00-92-51-323 5744134, or mail to us on our e-mail at: or you can write to us at our address below:

Bait-e-Ibrahim (as).
Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi
A direct student of our Lord (Ahsan Muffasir e Qur’an and Sahaif ).
Head of
Monotheism (Hebrew)/Millate Ibrahim,(as).
Under the guidance and support of
Agha Muratza Poya
a prominent and well known authority in Islam.

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