The time has come to move from awareness to action. There is a need of Bait-e-Ibrahim (as).

The time has come to move from awareness to action. There is a need of Bait-e-Ibrahim (as)

In these days of our life we have to accept the real truth that our youngsters from their childhood are growing in a bad childcare. They are extremely relying on computer games, television, and social media for which experts warned to the parents today. A group of about 200 teachers, authors and other experts on completing a survey have advised to change the attitude of our new generation to build their bright future.


The group includes novelist Philip Pullman, Oxford University- UK, neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield-UK, Lord Layard, emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics, and Professor Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi a Senior Journalist, and a Professor for Mass Communication from a University in Islamabad-Pakistan. They have made a brad survey report taking the details around the globe.
The report was also in brief regarding the behaviour of our youngsters including newly developed hatred within the religions. They also emphasized on the major issues of developed terrorism around the globe.
Professor Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi who is also working as an Ambassador in the National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony (NPCIH) for Federal Ministry of Religion Pakistan, holding many national Peace awards, has also forwarded a brief survey report on the effects of terrorism.
Being a man of Peace, the suggestion was sent to increase interfaith harmony within in the religions, is a major need of the time. He also added that it has been noticed that in the last few years, terrorism has increased around the globe. It is now reached at the highest level and have affected badly to the minorities and they are living under a grave life threat.

Numbers of innocent people are badly treated inhuman way, just because, of misunderstandings and double standard policies implemented on our globe. These threats are continued just because of their lack of knowledge in the holy books of our God of Abraham (as). The behaviour of tolerance and patience has not been seen in these particular areas of un-developed countries.
Therefore, Jews, Christians and Muslims can unite the nations if they could learn how to live in peace together without any danger vice versa.
In his major submission on terrorism he strongly emphasized that there is a need of a joint house of Prayer in each country. It is importantly, required for all the Abrahamic faith available within the globe.
Moreover, in this way of joint place of worships our new generation could learn the ways, how to live with respect to the other faith and it’s a requirements through interfaith harmony. The joint place of worship can also be given the name as Bait-e-Ibrahim (as). He also added strongly that our youngsters must read and get research in the Holy Scriptures of whole divine books as a special subject; it is called comparative study in Holy Books.

This is the only key to get true knowledge of Abrahamic faith of Islam, and a big source for all of us. Either, he is a Jew, Christian or a Muslim. The Holy Qur’an is a book of wisdom and provides us the ways of Justice & guidance. You may know that our father Abraham (as) was given the goal to establish Justice and righteousness.
Genesis: 18:19:

“Our father Ibrahim (as) was chosen on this globe to provide Justice and righteousness.”

And after him through his descendants the holy guidance & Justice was a special goal, given to the chosen ones Aaron (as) and his sons only to provide Justice (Eadl) and Guidance (Huda), Exodus (book of of Torah) 40:12-15 certified at Qur’an 7:159. He and his noble descendants had provided the said goal to the nations till Jesus Christ.

It was also said in the Holy Scriptures that this office was only given to a chosen lineage of Aaron (as). From the time of long time awaited of Muhammad (saw) the said holy duty was given to the Holy lineage of Mola Ali (aj) and his divine sons of Psalm (Zabur) 82:6, John (Gospel-Injil)10:34-36 and of Qur’an 7:181.

This holy lineage from Lordship was started at the time of John the Baptist (Yahiya–as) and Jesus Christ (Essa-as) those were sent for the faster purification (Baptism) and they were the sons of Ali (ELYON-aj), disclosed in these above Holy Scriptures.

But still there was a need of more advanced and scientific purification for the developed world which was fulfilled through the children of Abraham (as) with the purified words.

These holy and divine words were also purified in body and spirit even purified seven times, as it was said at Psalms /Zabur 12 :6 and certified in Holy Qur’an at Surah Abraham 14:24 and Surah A’shoa’rah 33:33).

There is a big need of mutual understanding and joint study centres to know these kinds of interlinked discoveries and subjects for our purification of mind and body.

Therefore, it was a need of the sons of Abraham (as) to know the knowledge of everything through the promised and Great Prophet waited from a long time. Therefore, Jesus Christ told us that, he is coming to teach them all and to increase their knowledge in the previous subjects, left incomplete or un–disclosed at Mathew 3:11 & John 16:8 & 13.

This Holy Prophet like Moses was also called the Prophet of the Covenant at Malachi 3:1-3 and also certified in the same designation at Qur’an 3:81. When the people of Moses demanded that we are going to finish on this earth and will not see again the Fire (Noor) of the Lord?

The Lord said to Moses look:

“I will raise them for a Prophet like you (O’ Moses) from among their brothers; I will put my words (Qur’an) in his mouth and he will tell them everything I commend him. If any one does not listen to my words (Qur’an) that the Prophet speaks in my name, I myself will call him to account.”
Torah Deuteronomy 18:18-19:
Therefore, we all sons of Abraham, being a Jew, Christian or Muslim must follow the books of joint guidance and the word of our God Most High (EL:ELYON) to get the un-disclosed knowledge and things to come as promised to us in our all Holy Books. The Joint place of worship and a joint study centres could also decrease the present threats of terrorism from our globe, through knowledge and mutual respect.

There is no change in our Holy books available in Hebrew and there is a Light for every Muslim in them Professor Naqvi said in his message for the entire Muslim world.
The holy Qur’an said:
“We have revealed to you as we, revealed to Noah and the messengers after him & we, revealed to Abraham & Ishmael, & Isaac & Jacob & the (12) Tribes & Jesus & Job and Jonah & Aaron & Solemn and we gave to David the book of Psalms/Zabur. And the Messengers we, have mentioned you and the Messengers we, have not mentioned you, and your ALLAH spoke to Moses directly.”

(Surah An-Nisa 4:163-164)

Or it was also stated that we did not make any distinction in between any one of the book revealed before Qur’an saying:

“………..we make no distinction between any of them, and we have surrendered to him”.
(Surah Ale-Imran 3:84)

There is a basic need in our coming young generation to have a spirit of Love, patience, kindness and peace, etc.
They must act more positively, and could provide an important role with peaceful way of life. Therefore, we must have a very unique Bait /home with efficient and well educated men of wisdom & of insight, building a new man understanding with the help of Comparative Study.

The undisclosed subjects of the past are now going to preach and disclosed through our Comparative Study Program and it will be a best idea if we could start them from this Bait e Ibrahim (as).

Through this kind of study we can fulfil the needs of Abrahamic faith. As you know that Jews, believes in Old Testament & have not come forward to read the New Testament, in the same way, Christian’s believes in all the previous books but have not studied the Qur’an. In the same way Muslims have also missed the study of previous books despite of the direct orders available in Holy Qur’an to believe in them / read them. The Lord our God guides us in his Last Testament (Qur’an) saying that:

Qur’an 5: 69.
“Those who became Mono, and those who are Jews, Sabeans and Christians, whomsoever, believe in Allah and the last day and does good act no fear shall be upon them nor shall they grieve”.
Qur’an 5: 82.
“O’ Mono! ……Certainly you will find more dearly and strong in love to you, those have said we are Christians because their Priests and Monks are not proud”.

It is understood that a majority can provide a better role to develop the global peace, so it is the major duty of the Christianity to join hands with Muslims and Jews to develop co- ordination for interfaith harmony.
The time has come to move from awareness to action.
A Special Project of Bait Ibrahim.

Now a vision could become reality through the newly reformed A Mono Community in Bait-Ibrahim (as) under the special direction and guidance of our valued Scholar and a prominent authority of Islam Agha Murtaza Poya, who guided us to build a Mono’s monument of hope.
As we know that a little confidence in times of huge political, social & religious tensions could provide a big hope for everyone in this modern world. Many people will like to build a Bait Ibrahim (as) today, but It will be a welcoming house, which could able to provide job seeking facilities for all faith equally with a trained staff in this Bait / house.
Moreover, it will be a meeting place for everyone and a bridge between all the other religions of this globe as well. Other projects like, Trainings, Social Services, major Library or a shelter house, for poor and orphan children may be provided in future.

How to grow intimacy with God in our Bait e /Ibrahim (as)?

Forget the past and come here for the future so you can achieve intimacy with our Lordship. That may results in outward actions and manifestation of Holy actions in you. This is more important now to get together and have a holy spirit of Love, patience, kindness and peace through divine knowledge. It must be an important role of our way of life to fulfil the requirements.

Therefore, we must have a very unique Bait/home with efficient and well educated men of wisdom & of insight, building a new man understanding in them with the help of Comparative Study.

These subjects of the past and their latest discoveries are now going to preach and disclosed from this Bait e Ibrahim (as) to fulfil the needs of above three faiths through our Comparative Study programme.

What we should do now:

In the same way last year we have seen the Christian’s houses burnt by the same terrorists in Pakistan, where we are claiming a religion of Peace as Islam. No doubt that Islam is a religion of peace around the world but when it wasn’t hijacked in the hands of mischief-makers.
Under these circumstances, it is very important that we must spread the real spirit of Islam and the sign of real peace. Islam provides the security first and then the paths of Peace.

Abrahamic faith, like Judaism, Christianity and Islam of the 6th Century CE, are the same from one foundation of Peace.
The real faith of Abraham called Monotheism (Hebrew) in all over the Universities of the above faith or in the books of theology. Monotheism (Hebrew) is called Millate Ibrahim (as) in the Holy Qur’an.

Therefore, it is the first duty of a Jew then a Christian and then a Muslim, as we are having their claims that our father was the same Ibrahim (as) in the past and surely we are from the same one Faith from the foundation. Therefore, we have to go for a Comparative Study vice versa.

Yes! There is a need of mutual dialogues in a pleasant atmosphere and under the same one roof of Bait e Ibrahm (as)/ Monotheism (Hebrew), so that our new generation could understand each other with better spirit and understanding. We have seen that the students have studied in Christian schools, having free mind and belief in their own religion are still friendlier to each other and have a good relationship in between them.

There is a great responsibility for every government like a father, to arrange better atmosphere to get knowledge in country simply as he is bound to provide it in their own house. A globe is like our tribe’s settlement and we must develop unity, faith, discipline & religious harmony in between us rather to develop negativity to save the future of our new generation.

Our Adult Education committee can coordinate, stimulating speakers and lectures for both men and women throughout the year. Our Youth Department should also conduct weekly social groups to maintain youth activities.

On behalf of our board and our entire membership, we will encourage you to find out more about what Congregation Bait Ibrahim (as) will offer you, on our website at:

Our desire is also to see your relationship with the Lord grow deeper and see Him fulfil the call that He has placed on your life. Please, let us know if there is any way we can help see that happen in your life. If you would like to meet with a pastor we would be happy to make those arrangements for you.

You can reach us via Cell no 00-92-51-323 5744134, or mail to us on our e-mail at: or you can write to us at our address below:

Bait-e-Ibrahim (as).
Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi
A direct student of our Lord (Ahsan Muffasir e Qur’an and Sahaif ).
Head of
Monotheism (Hebrew)/Millate Ibrahim,(as).
Under the guidance and support of
Agha Muratza Poya
a prominent and well known authority in Islam.


What is the idea of oneness in Trinity according to a Christian view?

What is the idea of oneness in Trinity according to a Christian view?

At the core of Muslim and Christian beliefs is the doctrine of God (Illahiyat) which is a divine Unity a oneness of all divines Touwhed. Christians God is in three (3) as Triune, instead of Muslim’s Touwhed / oneness of 19 Anwar / Lights. The importance of this belief can be seen in the churches and universities that have Trinity in their name:

  • Trinity College
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Trinity University
  • Trinity Christian Academy

Major Differences Between Islam and Christianity

One belief that Muslims and Christians do not hold in common is Jesus’ death by crucifixion. Jesus’ death on the cross is central to Christianity. In fact, its importance can be seen in Christian art, Christian symbols, and the names of Christian institutions such as:

  • Holy Cross College
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • Holy Cross Church

Christians are claiming monotheists because Trinitarianism is a form of monotheism One but in theee (3). Most of the Muslim scholars reject Trinitarian monotheism. The Muslim belief is summarized by the word Tawhid (also spelled Tawheed or Tauheed). The first pillar of their faith in Islam is giving a witness (Shahada), “there is no god but God (gods in unity).”

It must be emphasized that both Christians and Muslims affirm monotheism believing in oneness of God and not the one god. The issue is whether the Bible or the Qur’an gives the true explanation of monotheismTrinitarian or Tawhid? This is important because Muslims often – such as Ahmed Deedat – misrepresent the doctrine of Touwhid. In fact, the Trinity is rejected by the Qur’an and Jesus Christ himself in the Bible. Jesus Christ and the holy Bible has clearly rejected the Trinity and have accepted and preached gods in oneness and they are more than three (3) at (Injil) Gospel of John 10:34-36 read with Zabur (Psalms) 82:6.

A Summary of the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity

The Christian beliefs in God, monotheism, and the Trinity can be summarized in seven statements:

  1. The Father is God
  2. The Son is God
  3. The Holy Spirit is God
  4. The Father is not the Son
  5. The Son is not the Holy Spirit
  6. The Holy Spirit is not the Father
  7. There is only one God

The following diagram helps to clarify the Christian beliefs about God, monotheism, and the Trinity:

trinity sign

When Christians say: (1) The Father is God; (2) The Son is God; and (3) The Holy Spirit is God, we are identifying Who God is.

When we say: (4) The Father is not the Son; (5) The Son is not the Holy Spirit; and (6) The Holy Spirit is not the Father we are distinguishing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The seventh statement is the difficult one, “There is only one God.” The Greeks would say, “Zeus is god, Apollos is god, and Dionysius is god, and there are three gods” (polytheism). Christianity says, “The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God and there is only one God” (monotheism).

Trinitarianism is Monotheism

Trinitarianism is monotheism. The debate between Muslims and Christians is whether the monotheism of the Qur’an is true or whether the monotheism of the Bible is true. Does the Bible or the Qur’an present us with the only one true God?

Christians believe that the Bible presents us with the one true God and that the Islamic form monotheism is one of its major weaknesses. As one Christian scholar notes:

Its [Islam’s] doctrine of God is the major weakness of Islam…Only a God who is triune can be personal. Only the Holy Trinity can be love. Human love cannot possibly reflect the nature of God unless God is a Trinity of persons in union and communion. A solitary monad cannot love and, since it cannot love, neither can it be a person…Trinitarian theology asserts that love is ultimate because God is love, because he is three persons of undivided loving communion (Robert Letham, The Holy Trinity, 446).

I agreed with the idea of Robert Letham’s view that:

” Human love cannot possibly reflect the nature of God unless God is a in persons in union and communion”

The gods Elohim of Bible and Qur’an should be and must be in likeness of mankind and also live in humankind so that we can give the true witness/ Shahada. Our Shahada / witness to the Lordship cannot be acceptable until our gods Elohim /Allah must show us their selves as a person so that by witnessing them our shahada could be valid.

But due to the lack of knowledge in previous holy books our so called Muslim Scholars were confused and unaware of this subject of Illahiyat in the past hundred years. We know that every one of them have already lived in us and have visited this planet even before the time of our past holy Prophets, helping them in their affairs being their Saviours / Christs. But in spiritual world they are in union and in complete communion.

But once again it is important to know that our divines are not in 3 (Trinity) but in 19 and they all are in a complete Oneness as soluble (Tehllilan).

For details of 19 you may visit my 19 lessons in detail on this blog.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi,

Commentator of Holy Bible and Qur’an

Head of Monotheism (Hebrew) / Millate Ibrahim (as). 


Breaking News of the day. Who is our Rehman?

Why the Torah Begin with the Letter Beit /Ba (same as Qur’an) a Jewish Scholar said? 

The first pasuk in the Torah:

א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

In the beginning great God /אֱלֹהִים    בָּרָא    Bra Elohim / created the heaven and the earth.

Why does the Torah begin with a bet, and not with an aleph? Simple is because the said verse (pasuk) wouldn’t make any sense if the first word were אראשית/Aereishit in place of Bereishit.

In the beginning great God created the heaven and the earth… בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ. Seriously, though, this is a question addressed in Bereishit Rabba 1:10, where it is phrased as why the world was created with word Bereishit בְּ with beit /ba rather than aliph (the first alphabet):

Then IBN EZRA says that the first word of Torah started from Beit בְּ is because of Baraka which means Blessings.

My submission for IBN EZRA.

Yes his submission is true that there was a blessing to start the holy Torah with the word Beit/ Ba, but he has no knowledge of this word beit /Ba.

It is the same for Christians and Muslims as well because Jews have not accepted the holy Injil, Christians failed to accept the Holy Qur’an and the majority of Muslims left the previous Holy Torah, Zabur Injil and Sahaif for their study and belief.

Therefore, I have decided to submit its holy discovery as breaking news of the day from all the Holy Scriptures of past and present. Please read from these comments: 


The miraculous discovery was again seen that the holy Qur’an was also started with the same word Beit of Hebrew and Ba of Arabic language.

The word Ba of bismillah is the first word of first verse of Qur’an. This blessed word was first introduced in Injil / gospel as under:

John: 1: 1-2

In the beginning was the word (dot below the Ba) and the word (dot) were with God and the word (dot) was God.  He was God in the beginning.

It is very confusing for the Christian scholars and the Bible readers to day in Europe that how a God was before the God?

Now look this is the clear position of this word dot, which is disclosed above as a real God even before the God.

The word Ba of Bismillah was more beautifully explained & preached by Prophet of the covenant Muhammad (saww) being the City of KnowledgeHe disclosed the word Ba  of Bismillah saying that whole the Qur’an is in first verse. And the first verse of the Qur’an is in the first word Ba, which is Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. Then he disclosed further saying:

I am the Qousein of the Ba and

ALI (aj) is the dotbelow the Ba.

 Now Look!

Tremendous News.

It has been disclosed from the latest technology in Mathematics of Computing Science that:

   “The Dot is a Creator of Literacy and numeracy“.

It means that the dot is the creator of everything in Literacy or Numeracy, including all the Scroll/Sahaif & the Qur’an as well.

Be sure that Qousein of the Ba is also literacy and the dotis disclosed his Creator. Further as the holy Prophet said that the first verse of Qur’an is in the first word Ba of Bismillah, and then there is another Holy discovery available for the readers, which is as under:

Supreme News / (Naba-ul-Eaziem of Qur’an 38:67).

Now you may know that if our Allah the Rehman and Rahim also came in the first word Ba of bismillah, then we have 2 Holy attributes of this one blessed word Ba. One is the Qousein and the other is dot, ie, Muhammad and Ali (aj). Now if Mohammad (saw) is disclosed being the Qouseinn of the Ba from Holy Qur’an as Rahim (Qur’an 9:128) then, the remainder is the dot which must be taken as Rehman, being the dot of the Ba.

rub ki bey

John 1:1-2.

The word dot before the God /Elohim was Rehman and Rahim was also the God in the beginning. But the foundation of God (Ellohi) before the beginning was Rehman.


Hebrew: 2-3.

“He was a King of Peace (Malik ul Salem) & king of Righteousness (Malik e Sadiq), without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life and a Priest (Imam) for ever”.

Qur’an disclosed the same:

A Priest for ever /Imamim Mubbin, a King of Peace / Malik al Salem, or without father and mother, without genealogy / Lam yalid valm youlad, as well as without the beginning of days and end of life / Awal and Akhir.

But unfortunately, without having knowledge of all the previous Holy Scriptures, not a single Muslim scholar of Islam get the true picture of this manifested Priest / Imamim Mubbin of Qur’an 36:12. There is no God but He….. “La illaha illa Hova”=110. The dot with 11 Aima Mutahirien.

The word ELYON, REHMAN, Elohi & Allah for one united God as it is a plural in form of ALI, Arham, EL & IL (AL) of all the Holy Scriptures including Qur’an and of Kitabin Munir / the Enlighten Book.

He is the absolute soluble Light /God of Islam for Jews Christians & Muslims, disclosed from Kitabe Munir and Qur’an has stopped to everyone not to make any argument for Allah without the knowledge of Kitabe Munir at Qur’an (31:20). Which is also available in the Bible as Qur’an said at Qur’an ( 35:25), but the majority of Muslim Scholars are not aware of that.

The true oneness of God in Islam Judaism or Christianity is in it. It is the real Touwhid, a oneness of all divines, holy attributes of AR-HAM/Mercy as they are the real divine and all Merciful (Rahimien).

salman farsi

Whereas, Rehman is a plural in form of AR-HAM. And Ar-ham is the Lord Most High at Qur’an ( 7:151), the absolute one /Ahad, and his 18 Holy and divine Attributes being Qule Ahdien /all ones with him makes a union becoming one Wahid (numerical value of 19) and when all 19 are mixed with each other in communion /Tehlillan /soluble,  then it is called Waheed/ oneness in one.  Waheed /wahdaniyat /oneness called the real Touwhid. It is not an easy subject for all of you.

So the holy Qur’an (13:13) said: “…yet they dispute concerning Allah and He is very hard to prove”.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

Head of monotheistic faith,

Monotheism (Hebrew)/ Millate Ibrahim (as).

Hot News against Taliban, Look! What is ALLAH of Kitabe Munir ?

Please look into a mirror of the holy scriptures of Qur’an and Sahaif. The Arabic word Allah was preached falsely saying not singular not plural. Which was a plural in form of Hebrew word IL / deity / divine / Mighty God, same as it is found in Sahifa al-Yasah (as) the word “IL” was translated as Mighty God at  ISAIAH 9 : 6 in these following words:  ‘

       A Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God-(IL), Everlasting Father and a Prince of Peace / Salem.

Paul has claimed Christianity that Jesus was the PRINCE OF PEACE and an IMMAM / Priest for ever like KING OF PEACE. So Paul’s claim is proved false trough the disclosed verse of ISAIAH noted above. The verse referred to the person being a Prince of Peace.  Whereas, Jesus said he is not for the Peace and he yet not married so he cannot be taken as Everlasting Father.  Any how It is understood that a Prince of Peace must be low in rank of the King of the Peace disclosed at Hebrews 7 : 2 – 4And in Torah (Torait) at Genesis 14 : 18.

Holy Qur’an has also certified all the said introduction of the said King of PEACE in the same manners, in various holy verses of Qur’an, for example look at the Malik ul Salem / KING OF PEACE in Qur’an at 59 : 23. He was also known as King of Righteousness / Malik ul Sadiq, without father and mother (LAM YALID VALAM YOULAD at Qur’an 112 : 3), without genealogy ( Ghere Shein at Qur’an 52:35 ) and without beginning of days or end of life (Aval O’ Akhir), and an IMAM / Priest for ever (Immamin Mubbin of Surah Yasin 36 :12)  as well as the KING OF TRUTH / MALIK ul Sadiq is also called Sadaq ul Mursalouna, well known to the men of wisdom at Quran 36 : 52 ).

‘IL’ MIGHTY GOD is also proved lower in the rank of Most High GOD (al ELYON) from Sahifa-e- IBRAHIM (as) and Muhammad (saw) disclosed as “IL”/ Mighty God in Qur’an at  37 : 130  read as Salamun Ela IL-Yasin. YASIN was the name for Muhammad (saww), in Surah Yasin at 36 : 1, but once again some ignorant scholars of Islam purposely hide the truth and the word disclosed as IL-YASIN  was taken for a past Prophet ILYAS (as) who was uplifted and still alive in heaven.

Now come to the point that the route of ILLAH is “IL”. Therefore, all the divine – IL’ are united and being soluble makes a unity of ILLAH & Allah – God. It was also difficult to accept by the nations of time that how these divine ones can be united as one? See the Qur’an has revealed the same issue as under:

He has make (converted) all the Alleha / gods into one GOD Lo’ this is a strange thing. (Qur’an 38 : 5)”. 

Actually Yahud O’ Nasara / Jews and Christians were confused and it was a strange thing to believe in this kind of Unity which is soluble / Tahlillan by intermingled to each other like “Hussaina mini va anna min-al-Hussain (aj), says the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww )”. In the same way Essa (as) has preached saying ” Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and that the Father in me” (John 14: 10 ), but they did not understand this kind of unity. So the result was as under:

“But the Chiefs of them departed (saying) walk away and remain steadfast to your gods (Alleha) Lo’ “this is a thing designed” (Qur’an 38 : 6 ).

Even now in advance IQ level still it is the same case today. Our preachers are also found “sumun bukmum fahm la yarjoun“, in this holy subject of wisdom. It was also explained in a supplication / Dua-e-Jamia about soluble / Tehlilan Unity of Touheed- Oneness of divine ones:

( La Illah Ila Allaho Tehlilan- La Yohseyhi Gheiro..Qabla Kule Ahdin va ma’a Kule Ahdin va ba’ada Kule Ahdin Allaho Akbar ta’a Kabiran).

Now you can understand the real Touheed?

Now look the word Allah is Ellohim in the previous Enlighten book / Kitabe Munir.

ELLOHIM / Allah is infect is a title for the non-begotten sons / Banien- e- ELYON of ALI (aj) sitting in the divine holy Assembly in heaven and revealed in Zabur 82:6, Zabur 138 :1. And the same were certified and referred by Hz: Essa (as) himself one of that sons of Ali (aj) breaking the major concept of Christianity of trinity (3 in 1) clearly disclosed in Injil ( at John 10 : 34-36 ). These divine sons were also called Syedim / Sadat in Zabur ( Enlighten book / Kitab e Munir).  

The major reality is that, that once again all the divine introduction of the holy sons is found available in holy Qur’an but not preached or explained in our nations of Islam from a long time, when the Islam was gone in the hands of Terrorists after the early days of real Islam.

Look the said holy Assembly of Sons of ALI being Ellohim / Allah  of Zabur,  was also revealed in holy Qur’an at 37 : 8 and 38 : 69 being Mlla-ul-Ea’alla / Most High Assembly, but not a single Muslim Scholar has come forward to guide our Muslim world that who they are? And what is their relation with our holy Prophet and Moula ALI (aj)? The divine sons of ALI (aj) were introduced in that holy Assembly of Zabur and Injil and Qur’an, then why not introduced to us and they were important for the holy prophets, believers and the Muslims Umah of the past?

Dear Brothers!

I know it must be a difficult subject for all of you, including the so called high preachers of Islam, it’s an important issue of our faith and of TOUHEED / Divine Unity.” Without believing in these holy attributes no one can be a Muslim. So Allah is preached to us being a oneness of our God and not the only one without the his holy attributes of Light.  Therefore, the above certified “Illahiyat” is a real Touheed.

These non-begotten and divine son ship of ALI (aj) is not rejected in holy Qur’an but also disclosed that holy Prophet according to Qur’an has called Jews for the son ship of Lord at Qur’an 37 : 149 – 157 and called the with their book Zabur if you are truth-full. (Qur’an 37 : 157) But they did not responded for the said argument about the non-begotten sons of Lord.

What is Shirk? 

These all non-begotten sons of Lord makes a great UNITY of 19 Anwar through intermingled and soluble / Tehlillan  to each other with Allah O Akbar / Bra- Ellohim / Great God  and as well as their Master ALLah ul Eaziem / Kabiir  that is ALI -ul-Eaziem va ALI –ul-Kabir and he is our ALLAH / RUB including all of his holy and divine Attributes of Nour / LIGHT.  Believing in other others / Gheiraho, not of holy Lighs / Anwar , or making them equal to these holy & divine ones disclosed above  is a shirk.

The above divine attributes of LIGHTS / ANWAR of (Qur’an 24:35) also revealed as “NOUROUN ELLA NOURIEN” One Immam over next Immam in 2 group of Light and also disclosed as INHERITORS / WARISOUN holding the authority to give life and death ( Qur’an 15 : 23)  and the our CREATORS / KHALIQOUN  (Qur’an 56 : 57-59 & 52 : 35)  certification / flu la Tassadiqoun to these  CREATORS / KHALIQOUN is required very strongly from each and every male / female who became young at Qur’an 56 : 57 in Surah Waqiah.

Therefore, these divine sons of LORD ALI (aj ) and our Creators have introduced their selves in these words of truth :

aima anwar

Don’t be confused in these word of Immam Jaffar ul Sadiq (aj) because, they are our Creators / KHLIQOUN in Qur’an and they have been Created by the best of the Creators / Ahsan-ul-Khaliqeen (Qur’an23:124&37:125).

So Ahsan-ul-Khaliqeen is the head of themAnd surely it wasn’t preached before to you from the holy verses of Kitab ul Munir or the holy Qur’an. Even most of the preachers of Islam don’t have any clue about the said Kitabin Munir / Enlighten book stated in holy Qur’an.


I know after a long time of ignorance, it is not easy to hold the divine (non-begotten) sons of Ali (aj), Muhammad (saw) and the great Moula ALI (a j) unitedly  as ALLAH. Therefore, the above submission in relation to Allah has been provided through the Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir so that no one could deny it if he has the faith in Qur’an, as the holy Qur’an has already commanded in short words that you should not make any argument about ALLAH without the knowledge of Kitabe Munir. (Qur’an 31 : 20, and at 22 : 8 ). And be sure that Kitabe Munir is not the holy Qur’an as well, look at Qur’an 35 : 25 and 3 :184.

Therefore, without Touheed / believing in soluble / Tehlillan Allah, how you can be a Muslim?

Special Note:

This hot news is a great discovery of the time and a direct death for the Taliban’s and more importantly for the heads / preachers of Yazidi school of thought ( like Saudis ) and Yehuda’s those are found the killers of their own divine Creators.

Holy Qur’an has called Shash Immamies (Agha Khanies) / Ismailies as non Muslims even they believed in Allah (QJ), Muhammad (saww), Immam e Ely (aj) and his 6 (Six) Immams of Ahlel Beit (swa) with all the other necessary requirements of Islam to believe.

O’Taliban’s ! Now think again and again where did you stand? and how you can be a Muslim ? When already you have not given any light regarding your Creators and the 12 divine IMMAMS of  Ahlel Beit (swa). You are the one even have not believed in a single IMMAM out of these 12 holy and divine ones holy attributes of Lights / Al- Anwar also disclosed holy Attributes of Lord ?

qoule immam

Now look you are the one again and again found killing innocent Muslims and true Momins / believers through ignorance and following the SATANIC paths of  mischief makers / Muffsedien.

By: Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.

A direct student of our Lord (Ahsan Muffasire Qur’an & Sahaif) .

Head of Monotheism (Hebrew) / Millate Ibrahim (as).

It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land. Why Obama went to Congress on Syrian Issue?

This is what I have said. It is not easy to go for a war against Syria at present.

It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land?

But the sum result of the president’s approach has been to sow confusion on and off the Hill. It appears to many in Congress that Obama has come to them less to receive their blessing than to spread the blame for an intervention he doesn’t feel comfortable being solely responsible for. In this, the act of going to Congress — or at least the way Obama went to Congress — has weakened the case for going to war in Congress’s eyes.

Says the European Annalists.

Hindu contribution to the Marsiya. by Intizar Husain

City of Karbala on river Euphrat (Furat)

karbala 2 krore 50 lach zairien

IN our school and college days we all loved to assist friends set up `sabeels` alongside Lahore`s traditional `Ashura` procession, providing cold drinks to the thousands who mourned. Sects and beliefs never mattered then. But then neither did one`s religion.

For well over 1,332 years, the tragedy of Karbala moves everyone who hears about it, be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or any other religion. This is one incident that brings out the need to support those with a moral position. As children we attended the `sham-ighareeban` with our Shia friends, and learnt the lesson of supporting those in the right. Everyone respected the beliefs of others. Yes, there were always a few silly chaps who wanted attention, but they were at best ignored.

The ancient city of Lahore is connected to the tragedy in no uncertain terms. Historical accounts say seven brave warriors from Lahore died while fighting in the Battle of Karbala. It is said their father Rahab Dutt, an old man who traded withArabia in those days, had promised the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) to stand by his grandson in his fight to uphold the truth. That pledge the brave Rajput Mohiyals of the Dutt clan from Lahore upheld. Today they are known as Hussaini Brahmins, who lived in Lahore till 1947. Then there is the fact that besides the Hindu Rajputs of Lahore, in the battle also fought John bin Huwai, a freed Christian slave of Abu Dharr al-Ghafari, whose `alleged` descendents, one researcher claims, still live inside the Walled City of Lahore. I have been on the track of these ancestors for quite some time and have been able to trace one Christian family living inside Mori Gate. They claim to have a connection with a `Sahabi` whose name they cannot recollect. M. A. Karanpikar`s `Islam in Transition`, written over 250 years ago, made this claim, but I do not think it is a claim worth pursuing.

But the most powerful claim of Lahore as the place where the descendents ofHussain ibn All came lies in the Bibi Pak Daman graveyard, where the grave of Ruquiya, sister of Hussain ibn Ali and wife of Muslim ibn Ageel, is said to exist. Also graves here attributed to the sisters of Muslim ibn Ageel and other family members. Many dispute this claim. But then no less a person than Ali Hasan of Hajweri, known popularly as Data Sahib, came here every Thursday to offer `fateha` at the grave, informing his followers that this was the grave of Ruquiya. The place where he always stood to offer `fateha` has been marked out, and his book also verifies this claim. Mind you detractors exist, of this have no doubt, but the supporting evidence is quite strong. Let me begin the story of the Dutts by going through the record of the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and the recorded fact that Indian film star Sunil Dutt, who belonged to Lahore, made a donation to the hospital and recorded the following words: `For Lahore, like my elders, I will shed every drop of blood and give any donation asked for, just as my ancestorsdid when they laid down their lives at Karbala for Hazrat Imam Husain. Makes you think -but then there is this account which says that the seven sons of Rahab Dutt lost their lives defending the Imam at Karbala. The Martyr`s List at Qum verifies this. History records when the third thrust by Yazid`s forces came, the Dutt brothers refused to let them pass.

The seven Punjabi swordsmen stood their ground till they were felled by hundreds of horsemen. In lieu of the loyalty of the Dutt family to that of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was coined the famous saying: `Wah Dutt Sultan, Hindu ka dharm, Musalman ka iman, Adha Hindu adha Musalman.` Since then, so the belief goes, Muslims were instructed never to try to convert the Dutts to Islam. A grieving Rahab returned to the land of his ancestors, and after staying in Afghanistan, returned to Lahore. I have tried my very best to locate their `mohallah` inside the Walled City, and my educated guess is that it is Mohallah Maulian inside Lohari Gate. Later theymoved to Mochi Gate, and it was there that the famous Dutts lived before 1947 saw them flee from the hate of the people they gave everything for. The most interesting thing about the Hussaini Brahmins is that they are highly respected among Hindus, and even more amazingly it is said that all direct ancestors of Rahab Dutt are born with a light slash mark on their throat, a sort of symbol of their sacrifice. I was reading a piece by Prof Doonica Dutt of Delhi University who verified this claim and said that all true Dutts belong to Lahore.

I must point out to an amazing version of these events that an Indian historian, Chawala, has come up with. It says that one of the wives of Hazrat Imam Husain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king Chandragupta. We know that he ruled over Lahore. When it became clear that Yazid ibn Muawiya was determined to eliminate Hussain ibn Ali, the son of Hussain (named Ali) rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking for assis-tance. The Mauriyan king, allegedly, dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist. By the time they arrived, the Tragedy of Karbala had taken place. In Kufa in Iraq a disciple of Hazrat Imam Husain is said to have arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or `the Indian quarter` The Hussaini Brahmins believe that in the Kalanki Purana, the last of 18 Puranas, as well as the Atharva Veda, the 4th Veda, refers to Hazrat Imam Husain as the avatar of the Kali Yug, the present age.

They believe that the family of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)is Om Murti, the most respected family before the Almighty. All these facts bring me back to our days as school children working hard to provide relief to the mourners on Ashura. Reminds me of our neighbour Nawab Raza Ali Qizilbash, who invited us to his `haveli` every year to see the preparations before the event. Raza Bhai is no more, and neither is the tolerance that we all enjoyed so much. Source: Dawn Prediction about Karbala in Hindu books

Acharya Pramod Krishnan about Imam Hussain on Hussain(a.s) Day 2012 ========================================================================= See also some comments on this articles: Abdul Nishapuri says: November 27, 2012 at 4:52 am Hindu followers of Muslim imam By Yoginder Sikand One of the most important events in early Muslim history was the battle of Karbala fought in 680 CE in which Imam Hussain, grandson of the Prophet through his daughter Fatima and her husband Imam Ali, was slaughtered along with a small band of disciples in a bloody battle against the tyrant Yazid. This event occurred in the Islamic month of Muharram, and it is for this reason that this month is observed with great solemnity in many parts of the Muslim world. What is particularly striking about the observances of the month of Muharram in large parts of India is the prominent participation of Hindus in the ritual mourning.

In several towns and villages, Hindus join Muslims in lamenting the death of Hussain, by sponsoring or taking part in lamentation rituals and tazia processions. In Lucknow, seat of the Shia nawabs of Awadh, prominent Hindu noblemen like Raja Tikait Rai and Raja Bilas Rai built Imambaras to house alams, standards representing the Karbala event. The Hindu Lambadi community in Andhra Pradesh have their own genre of Muharram lamentation songs in Telugu.

Among certain Hindu castes in Rajasthan, the Karbala battle is recounted by staging plays in which the death of Imam Hussain is enacted, after which the women of the village come out in a procession, crying and cursing Yazid for his cruelty. In large parts of rural India, Hindus believe that if barren women slip under a Moharrum alam they would be blessed with a child. Perhaps the most intriguing case of Hindu veneration of Imam Hussain is to be found among the small Hussaini Brahmin sect, also called Dutts or Mohiyals, who are found mainly in Punjab. The Hussaini Brahmins have had a long martial tradition, which they trace back to the event of Karbala. They believe that an ancestor named Rahab traveled all the way from Punjab to Arabia, where he became a disciple of Imam Hussain.

In the battle of Karbala, Rahab fought in the army of the Imam against Yazid. His sons, too, joined him, and most of them were killed. The Imam, seeing Rahab’s love for him, bestowed upon him the title of Sultan or king, and told him to go back to India. It is because from this close bond between Rahab and Imam Hussain that the Hussaini Brahmins derive their name. After Rahab and those of his sons who survived the battle of Karbala reached India, they settled down in the western Punjab and gradually a community grew around them.

The Hussaini Brahmins practised an intriguing blend of Islamic and Hindu traditions. A popular saying refers to the Hussaini Brahmins or Dutts thus: Wah Dutt Sultan, Hindu ka Dharm Musalman ka Iman, Adha Hindu Adha Musalman Oh! Dutt, the king [Who follows] the religion of the Hindu And the faith of the Muslim Half Hindu, half Muslim. Another story, which seems less reliable, is related as to how the Dutts of Punjab came to be known as Hussaini Brahmins. According to this version, one of the wives of Imam Hussain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king called Chandragupta.

When it became clear that Yazid was adamant on killing the Imam, the Imam’s son Ali ibn Hussain rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking him for help against Yazid. When Chandragupta received the letter, he dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist the Imam. By the time they arrived, however, the Imam had been slain. In the town of Kufa, in present-day Iraq, they met with one Mukhtar Saqaffi, a disciple of the Imam, who arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or ‘the Indian quarter’.

Some Dutt Brahmins, under the leadership of one Bhurya Dutt, got together with Mukhtar Saqafi to avenge the death of the Imam. They stayed behind in Kufa, while the rest returned to India. Here they built up a community of their own, calling themselves Hussaini Brahmins, keeping alive the memory of their links with the Imam. The Hussaini Brahmins believe that in the Bhagwadgita Krishna had foretold the event of the Imam’s death at Karbala. According to them, the Kalanki Purana, the last of eighteen Puranas, as well as the Atharva Veda, the fourth Veda, refer to Imam Hussain as the divine incarnation or avatar of the Kali Yug, the present age.

They hold Imam Ali, Imam Hussain’s father, and son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, in particular reverence, referring to him with the honorific title of ‘Om Murti’. The Hussaini Brahmins, along with other Hindu devotees of the Muslim Imam, are today a rapidly vanishing community. Younger generation Hussaini Brahmins are said to be abandoning their ancestral heritage, some seeing it as embarrassingly deviant.

No longer, it seems, can an ambiguous, yet comfortable, liminality be sustained, fuzzy communal identities giving way under the relentless pressure to conform to the logic of neatly demarcated ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ communities. And so, these and scores of other religious communities that once straddled the frontier between Hinduism and Islam seem destined for perdition, or else to folkloric curiosities that tell of a bygone age, when it was truly possible to be both Hindu as well as Muslim at the same time. ======================================================================== Asma bint Marwan says: November 27, 2012 at 9:11 am Verily this warms the cockles of my `Dehriya’ Hindostanee heart!Will read and re-read this post.An aside:denizens of LUBP may wish to look up Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi’s speeches on the web,while we are on the subject of our own tradition of Husainiyat and all related syncretic spirituality. Many thanks for the above material; ham tah-e-dil se mashkoor hein. ======================================================================== Mustafa says: November 27, 2012 at 11:13 am I really appreciate that a sect of Hindus love Imam Hussein (A.S) . The history of Hussaini Brahmins is very interesting! Also there are many other Non Muslims, Jews and Christians and others who love Imam Hussein (A.S). This is because he dusnt belong to a sect or just Muslims but to humanity ==========================================================================

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