Obama is bound to help jews and their current terrorism arround the globe, a road towards 3rd world war.

A dangerous situation is developing for the global humanity, as it is disclosed that USA by supporting Israel in these latest situation is moving towards World War. It is disclosed that the President of USA was totally failed in the hands of Jews minority of USA.

very sad being a so called Christian

very sad being a so called Christian

 Jews have bound to the President of USA to issue a statement in the support of Israel in this new situation where every eye of a human being was full of tear to watch genocide acts of Israel against un armed Palestinians. Muslim world as well as all human based organisations have rejected the latest attacks on these innocent civilians living in Palestine. Hundreds civilians have lost their lives and dozens children seen to be burnt.

The said inhuman acts of Israel and having open support from USA was not a minor issue, Obama was bound to issue an official statement and it is reported that He was not agreed but the over powered Jews have badly pressurise him to do so. It is disclosed clearly that every President of USA was bound to continue his terroristic policies due to the Jewish pressure on him.


  A dream of a Jew

A dream of a Jew

USA is now a terroristic state and spreading terrorism around the Muslim world. Al-Qaida, Taliban, Daish (ISIS), and other so called Muslim Terrorists are now trained and financed by Jewish lobby of USA. Obama is now thinking like a butcher General of Jewish Army:

Future planning

Future planning

Eventually, there is a ground prepared for 3rd World War against Muslims and Christians majority. Jews are playing a game behind this fundamental terrorism. But they should know that in this dirty game they are going to be wiped out from this universe and Muslims and Christians will then be united to live in peace. But it looks to us that Obama is thinking a Jewish world and he the only King over this globe:

Coming King of the Jewish world of terrorism.

Coming King of the Jewish world of terrorism.

USA is now become a Jewish state and there is a Kingdom of Obama, a Jew…National voice of Christianity and other faiths in USA is vanished from this terrorist state.

Obama becoming a Jew the final goal

Is that true & are you agreed ? Then please submit your views on this latest situation of state terrorism and it’s effect on peaceful civil societies.

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Rawalpindi clash Yazidiyat disclosed clearly. 5 people are killed and more than 60 injured.

A curfew was placed in Rawalpindi when Yazidiyat disclosed.  5 people are killed and more than 60 injured.

Yesterday on the 10th of Moharam a clash was raised from the so called (Muslim) of Saudi based sect. When they disrespect the holy Imam e Hussain (as) and praised for Yazid (Lanah). These are the enemies of Islam and it was seen at the place of incident that the area police and district Administration was running from the site to save their lives. The terrorists of Sipahe Sahabah had opened the fire on unarmed Shia believers, those were holding the Alams and Zuljinah during the procession of Ashoura Moharram.


Then they started to burn Imam bargah and Alm e Mubarik during the curfew.

 At least 5 persons were killed and more than 60 were injured in this incident. Another clash was also took place near Fawara Chowk in Raja Bazar here on Friday. Some local persons were involved, who had opened fire. Some local persons called from local Mosques were also involved  in this incident.


They had . The mob also

According to police, 10 riffles were also snatched from the officials who were on duty in the area. They added the bullets were fired from the snatched guns. Police further said that fire engulfed more than 100 shops in cloth market while the mob was out of control.


  District Administration and Police has totally failed to arrange the security measures. Normally it was the first duty of the area Police officers to pin out these kinds of places before the time. How can it be possible that some outsiders were inside the mosque with all kinds of emu-nation and special chemical arrangements and Police wasn’t aware ?



The Jaffria Alliance condemned the violence in Rawalpindi and demanded  a fair investigation from a High Court Judge to get the fair result of this incident.

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On 7th Moharram a Khasusi Khitab / Majlis Aza and Jalous was held in Kalo Chima, a village of Wazirabad, Distt Gujranwala.

On 7th Moharram a Khasusi Khitab / Majlis Aza /Jalous was held in Kalo Chima, a village of Wazirabad, Distt Gujranwala. The said jalous was ended in night at main immam bargah in Ahmed Nnagar. Durring the said jalous at mohalla Jaffariya a Majlis e Aza was also held and Professor Dr.  Syed Akbaar Abbas Naqvi Muffasire Qur’an and Sahaif, has delivered Fazail e Musaib and the subject of his Majlise Aza was Shajra e Tayyiba, from all the Sahaif ul Awla, Qur’an and hadise Rasoul ( saww).

                        Snapshot 7 (15-11-2013 13-00)              

Muntazim of the said jalous and Majalise Aza was Shoukat Naz a popular sha’ire Mmusaibe Ahlel beit (as) and other zakirs are sitting aside.

There was a big tension as the Police has already threatened to stop this jalous for this, Professor sahib was reached there a day before and arranged all the relevant issues with the area Police and the high Administration as well as reconcile the matter with the other members of the Peace Committee.

In the last the said jalous was carry on it’s long root of miles   and miles without Police Security and police co ordination. Then by the interference of high officers of the Punjab administration, the area Superintendent of Police (ASP) himself reached with their force and Jalous was carry on with full security and completed on its proper place of imambargah of Ahmed Nagar, which was started from the house of a Zakire Shoukat Naz in village Kallo Cheema in the morning .

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It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land. Why Obama went to Congress on Syrian Issue?

This is what I have said. It is not easy to go for a war against Syria at present.

It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land?

But the sum result of the president’s approach has been to sow confusion on and off the Hill. It appears to many in Congress that Obama has come to them less to receive their blessing than to spread the blame for an intervention he doesn’t feel comfortable being solely responsible for. In this, the act of going to Congress — or at least the way Obama went to Congress — has weakened the case for going to war in Congress’s eyes.

Says the European Annalists.

Allah is the name of divine ones / Ellohim (plural in form of Ellohi) in Hebrew language..

Are you a Muslim?
Please look into a mirror of the holy scriptures of Qur’an and Sahaif.
Arabic word Allah was called Ellohim in the previous holy books in Hebrew (Ebrani) language. The word Allah was told “not singular not plural” according to the Muslim Scholars in the past and present, but the word Allah is now disclosed Plural in form and not for a singular from Holy Qur’an.
In the same way as “EL” / Divine was also appeared in previous Holy Scriptures of the past, known as Mighty God. Now the word Elohim of Hebrew was not singular and disclosed as a plural in form of the word “EL” means divine. Word “EL” was also given to the name of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) in Hebrew and also appeared in the same way in the holy Qur’an as “IL” in Arabic and appeared as “IL-Yasin” for our Holy and divine Prophet Muhammad (saww).
Most importantly ELLOHIM / ALLAH were known as a plural in form and every one of them is sitting in the holy Assembly (Qur’an 37:8). And the details of that divine Assembly was explained in Psalm / Zabur 82:6 and 138:1, as well as in Gospel /Injil at John 10:34-36. The Psalm / Zabur is disclosed as the Enlighten book / Kitabe Munir referred in Qur’an at 35:25. The holy Qur’an has strictly prohibited to every believer, that don’t make any argument about Allah without the knowledge & guidance of Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir Qur’an 31:20.
What is Touheed / Oneness of all divines?
It was guided to us that:
“La Illaha ila Allah’o tahllilan, la yahasehi gherohu, Qable Kule Ahadien va Ma’a Kule Ahdien va ba’ada Kule Ahdien, Allah O Akbar ta Kabiran, la yahasehi gheroh” (Ref: Dua e Jamia). Translated as:

“There is no god except Allah the soluble, without any part of others (non lights), before (soluble) with His all ones and after His all ones from Great God to Most Great (Supreme) God”.
The absolute oneness of Most Great/Supreme God, as it has been proved and disclosed in truth the oneness in our Supreme God/ Allah-ul-Eaziem, Qur’an 69:33. He is the absolute one /Ahad out of His all ones/Kule Ahdien of his own body of Light / Nur Qur’an 112:1.
The Most Supreme God is also called father of the heavenly Lights in the previous holy scriptures (Ref Injil-Gospel James1:17). Now He is the father of non begotten sons argued in Qur’an 37:149-157. All of His holy sons born of overshadowed birth are His own attributes of Light / Al-Anwar of his own great self /nafs, are heavenly lights.
The name of the absolute one is ELYA in the law of heaven, and revealed in Torah known as Elijah. Then Eilya in the time of Jesus Christ. Later He was introduced as ELY (AJ) in Holy Qur’an.
That ELY (AJ) the absolute one / Ahad, when came down with Great and divine Prophet of the Covenant (Malachi 3:1-3) as a Lord himself, being a warrior, and a mighty man (Isaiah 42:1-4), He said as under:

lam yalid va lam youlad

Ttranslated as under:
“The Lord ELY (AJ) has introduced himself claiming the owner of the Light and Alpha and Omega (First and the Last with the Holy saying of our Great & divine Prophet Muhammad (savw). Then Our Lord talking with Salman (of Persian) disclosed him that there is no death for US, no one can kill US nor We are unseen in deep occultation. We are the ones not born of a women’s womb, not beget nor begotten.
There is no one in the mankind who can compare with US. I was the one in Jesus Christ / Essa Masih (as) when He was in the cradle. I am the Saved Tablet / Louhe Mehfuz and the knowledge is completed in me. I am the one who gave the features to every mankind in mothr’s womb. We are the Light / Nur of Allah and there is no weariness to US. O’ Solemn! All the Prophets of the past were given respect because of US”.
He is Aja’ala (Glorious One) out of all the Glorious ones / Kule Jallalien. in our divine Dua (Dua-e-Joshan Kabir and in Zabur 45:10-14).
The Glorious one with all his glorious ones altogether is disclosed Allah in many verses of Qur’an reminded us as I & WE again and again. The absolute one with His all ones, after their oneness, from Great God to Greater God / Rahim to Rahman as soluble, without any other attributes, those are not of Him.

Therefore, the glorious ones /Kule Jallalien altogether were called Allah of Arabic & Ellohim of Hebrew language. In spirits they are 7 in numbers but double folded spirits of Rahman, in Allah they are 12 in numbers, and in Allah O Akbar there are 19 spirits, a clear sign for the men of understandings with its numerical value of 289 (2+8+9)=19 as per divine knowledge of words / Ilmul Aidad.
These Holy and divine sons of Light has introduced themselves as Inheritors of our Lord Qur’an 15:23 and therefore, they are the real owner / Inheritors of everything which is on earth and the earth Qur’an19:40. They are the true Guardians, Saviours, Helpers, and Sins forgivers, Holding all commandments of our Lord Most High, and Owner of each and every holy name / designation of our Lord.

Therefore, it was said by our divine Imam one of the Allah:

allah koun






Moreover, It is imported to know that according Qur’an 24:35 the word Allah has also been disclosed in 2 united groups of Lights “Nooroun Ela Noorien / Lights above the Lights.”
Therefore, the word Allah which was Ellohim of the past holy books in Hebrew language, cannot be abbreviated as “JJ” (Jale Jallalahou /Glorious One) as it has been disclosed of two groups of Lights / Nooroun Ela Noorien and two group of well known Mercifuls /Rahman and Rahim (Each of them is a plurality of Mercyful / Arham in Arabic language).
So the word Allah must be taken / all Glorious Ones /Kule Jallalien with two groups of divine Light & Mercy, and should be abbreviating as “KJ” rather than JJ.
Dear Brothers of iman!
It will be a difficult subject for you, as it is a subject of “Illahiyat / Divine Unity / God ship” which is a real Touheed / Oneness of all the divine lights soluble / Tehllilan. See how it was said by another divine Imam:

immam ali naqi as ka ferman










Certifying and witnessing them as disclosed above with their true introduction of our holy Lights those are in two groups 7+12=19. Believing to all of them you can be a Muslim and a Mono /up graded believer according to Holy Qur’an.bismillah kya hey

That’s why the holy Qur’an has strongly advised not to make any argument about Allah until you have the knowledge and guidance from the Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir (Psalm / Zabur) at Qur’an Surah Al Hajj verse 22:8. And this important book, Kitabe Munir / Enlighten book was revealed with the previous holy books reported again in Qur’an at Surah Al Fatir 25 : 35, but not known to any Muslim Scholars in the past and present of last 1200 years.

imam ka saya nahi huta







By: Prof Dr S A Abbas Naqvi