Surah Yasin and it’s spiritual discoveries the foundation of Iman / the true Faith.


By: Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.

SURAH YA-SIN is called the heart of Qur’an and it was devoted to our Holy Prophet in Mekka. There are 5 sections (Raku) and 83 verses in all at present. The name of this Surah was given because of its first verse revealed as YA-SIN.

YA-SIN is translated as “A perfect man / Leader forever” and the said name was given to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (savw). It’s numerical value is (60) which is called 6+dot in Arabic and as per the numerical chart given by our Lord to Hz: Musa (as) and later reminded by our 6th Divine Imam Jaffar-ul-Sadiq (aja’ala) after the Holy Prophet of Islam.
The hidden value of SIN is also taken in numerical Elm-ul-Aidad the divine knowledge of the words as 60+10+50=120 means 12 with Dot and that is taken as 12 holy Muhammed e Mustafa with the Dot means Moula ELY-Aja’ala as well. You know that every Muhammad is a Mustafa and Goodly one (Khyr) min ul Mustafyen al akhyar (Qur’an 38:47) and all of them are in our great Prophet Muhammad (savw) altogether before manifested in this world.

The said Surah YA-SIN being the heart of Qur’an is very important for every mankind / Jinns and as well as for entire Universe. Therefore, it is requested to every Mono that you must concentrate in this Surah, verse by verse, to get the real understanding in it. It will make you the man of Qur’an and a true believer / Mono.

Dear Monos !
Now I have to guide you in short words as you may know that the explanation of this Surah cannot be comprehend completely by a mankind. So be sure that it is just a short summary and not complete explanation / Tafseer:

There are 19 holy Lights acting together, and soluble in one Supreme Light / Nur-ul-Eaziem. They also called in Islam as Al-Anwar / Great Lights. The word Al-Anwar in its numerical value calculated as 289 (2+8+9) =19. That is it’s Holy Sign because of their Holy Addad 19. They are acting in two groups 7+12 from the ancient time and because of their these two Holy groups the year was given a sign with 7 days a week and 12 months as unity of 19 from the day of Creation the first day of the week / youm ul awal. You know and can read again my 19 lectures for your guidance on my website:

In the same way the 7 Candle Stand for worship and 12 Leaders / Imam for guidance from the descendants of Aaron / Haroun (as) were given to the Prophet of the Law Mosses / Musa (as). And in the same way Surah Fateha of 7 Holy verses for worship and 12 divine Leaders / Imams for divine guidance from the descendants of IMAM ELY (Aja’ala).

Believing and certifying to these 19 Lights in unity / Touheed a believer is called true Mono and can be a Muslim in Religion. Otherwise, he is called unbeliever / a rejected one. You are also aware from the Holy Qur’an, in Surah al- Mudassir Verse 30 & 31, that the numerical word / Adad 19 is an important sign and it was reminded to all people of the book (Jews and Christian) and the believers, that you should not doubt in 19 and you all will be satisfied / yastaqein with this word 19. But only for a Mono it was said, that your faith / Iman shall be increase with the word 19.

Dear Monos !
You are the luckiest ones, that the Holy (Qur’an 8:2-4) have disclosed that the true believers are only those whose faith / Iman is increased.
O’ my Monos you are increased in your faith / Iman with the great Holy sign 19. And I have written a book with hundreds of disclosed signs based on 19 (only for Monos) so that you may get more confidence on it.
Even whole the Holy Qur’an is disclosed mathematically divided on this Holy sign 19. The 1st Holy verse of Qur’an is standing on 19 Arabic letters. And the Qur’an has disclosed it, that the first verse of 19 letters itself is whole the honoured book / Kitabun Karim (Qur’an 27:29-30).

Now I have to provide you the best guidance and a short summary of this Surah YA-SIN so that you may have great Light from the heart of Qur’an. As you know that two divine groups of light 7+12 out of 19 are also known as Rahman and Rahim in first verse of Qur’an, also known as Allah.
He is the Master of all divine Lights and known as Supreme God / Allah –ul-Eaziem, in Surah HAQQAH 59:33 with His name ELY (Aja’ala) in Surah Baqrah 2:255. Most Supreme Light of these Lights is the one / Ahd and not Wahd in Arabic, and can be seen at Qur’an 112:1.

And He named every attributes of His Light as Ahd as well and called them kule Ahdien. Holy Lights / Anwar soluble / Tehlilan in oneness called Touheed. They are as one / Wahd. And that one / Wahd has again its numerical value (Wahd 6+1+8+4) =19. These 19 Anwar makes soluble oneness / called in Arabic as waheed and Touheed.

Now it is confirmed that all 18 Lights are His own and acting on His own and ELY (Aja’ala) is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings (Ref: Injil / Revelation 19:16). Therefore, we called Him as King of Kings / Shahanshah and not only the King / Badshah, as the Kings and Lords are disclosed our Divine Holy Lights and Attributes of our Lord Most High, known as ELYON / ELYA / AILYA / ELY (Aja’ala) in all the divine Books.

It is important to know that ELYA is the name of our Lord of Lords in the heavenly laws disclosed in book of Dani’el 6:24. He himself was on this earth many times, helping to the Prophets of the past physically. He hide His authority and as a plotter / Makir He came down and hide himself being a Divine Prophet / Messenger known as ELYA / ELIJAH the Great Prophet.

This Elijah (ELYA) was also named differently and hidden under cover as a Mighty Book / Kitab ul Aziz, a manifested Light, a book of Life, a book of wisdom, a manifested Qur’an, a manifested Leader / Imam, a Living Imam forever, a Book in which there is no doubt, a Mighty book, a Written Book and an ELYON (ELY), etc in the holy Qur’an and Sahaif.

Verse 2 & 3 of Surah YA-SIN:

That’s why ELY (Aja’ala) our ELYON is called a Wise Qur’an / Qur’an-ul-Hakim in verse 2 of this surah Ya-Sin and the next verse 3, has disclosed saying:
“YA SIN and a Wise Qur’an / Qur’an-ul-Hakeem are out of the Prophets sent ones / min-ul-Murselien.”
It was not disclosed to the Muslim scholars of hundred years, and they were blinded in these Holy verses. Because they have not studied the true Scriptures of past which are now disclosed to you.

Verse 4 & 5 of Surah YA-SIN:

Verse 4 & 5 guides us that Ya-Sin / Muhammad (savw) and Qur’an of Wisdom / Qur’an ul Hakim, the ELY (Aja’ala) were on the right path and were sent down through the remaining Merciful / Kule Rahimien in heaven. And you know that all the mercies / Rahimien are divine Attributes of our Lord ELY (Aja’ala) and Muhammad (savw).

Verse 11 & 12 of Surah YA-SIN:

In these holy verses it has been guided to us that a Mono can warn to only him who believe in Zikr / Muhammad-savw (Qur’an 81:21) and to all Merciful / Rahman / ELY (aj) the Lord unseen.
You may give glad news of forgiveness, if he becomes a Mono, that in that case all of your sins will be forgiven Qur’an 39:53).
In verse 12 our divine Lights and Holy attributes of our Lord have guided us that We bring the dead into life and We write down what they have sent before and left behind.

And We have firmly enclosed everything in a Manifested Leader / manifested Imam ELY-Aja’ala. The Living Leader/ Imam forever also named King of truth / Malik al Haq and King of Peace / Malik ul Salem in Torah Genesis 14:18-19, Injil Hebrew 7:1-2 and certified by Qur’an 59:23 and 23:116.

Verse 13 14 & 15 of Surah YA-SIN:

Now from verse13 and onward an example have been given about the divine Murselien and it was disclosed here that, when the divine Murselien were sent to the nations of the past then how they were disgraced or belied? Then those nations were vanished through the will of these divine Murselien. In the same way as the same Murselien were reached to Noah (as) Ibrahim (as) and Lut (as) etc.

Some time they were rejected saying that you are only a mankind / basher and not of the Light / Nur, (same as Wahabies said today) or some time called them liars and disrespected same in the story of Lut (as).

Muslim Scholars have misguided their school of thoughts in Islam saying that these three sent ones were a mankind / Basher and not the divine Murselien and have referred them ignorantly as Apostles of Jessus Christ / Havariyun e Essa (as). They have not pondered on the true verses of Qur’an 28:43-46 where these Murselien have said that We have given book (Torah) to Musa (as) and We gave the commandment to Musa (as) from the western side of the mount Sinai / kohi Tour. And We sent ones / Murselien have called Musa saying I,and all around me are you Allah and your Lord through the Mercy (ELY-Aja’ala).

These Murselien were also reported in Qur’an 44: 5-6 being the divine holder of authority of the Lord and they have introduced themselves, that all of the commandment routed from us the said command is called their Command.

Verse 21 of Surah YA-SIN:

It was disclosed in this verse were that tha said Murselien were the authorised guide / Muhatadun. The said Arabic word Muhtadun in Qur’an is only referred to the divine guided ones. They give authority to their descendants to guide others being a special lineage Syed / Princes.

The said authority to guide others is not given to everyone of a Muslim but only to a special seed / Zurriyet, like descendants of Aaron / Harun (as) Qur’an 7:159 in the past and after Muhammad (savw) it was princes of heaven / sadat the descendants of ELY (Aja’al) Qur’an 7:181.
Once again Muslim Scholars of hundred years have seen failed to understand the said holy lineage created to guide the other nations being authorised guides being Yahdun and not Mohtadun.

And be sure that the sent ones / Murselin in this Surah were not the Apostles of Jesus Christ but the divine ones / Muhtadun, and not the mankind but came as a mankind so that mankind could see them and talk them. The best introduction of these rightly guided ones / Muhtadun is available in Qur’an 2:157:
“Saying and they are those, on them are blessings / salwat and Mercy from the Lords and they are of the rightly guided ones / minul Muhtadun”
And every Muslim knows that Salwat is on Muhammad (savw) and his holy descendants only. Therefore, no one else can be called Muhtadun or min ul Muhtadun except the divine and holy sons of ELY-Aja’ala or Muhammad (savw). Known as purified descendants /A’ale Muhammad (savw).

Moreover, Muhammad (savw) himself has claimed himself out of these rightly guided ones at Qur’an 6:56:”min-ul Muhtadien.”

Verse 27 of Surah YA-SIN:

In this verse there is a good news for every believers a Mono, that as soon as he is going to be martyred either being murdered by non believers or died in the deep love/ shuddai for the divine Murselien (Muhammad va A’ale Muhammad) he is taken into to the Garden of bliss / Jannah and entered him with the divine Murseliens also known as Honoured ones / Mukremun in the Jannah. They are the Kings over there and holding the Kingdom of our Lord Most High.

Verse 32 to 36 of Surah YA-SIN:

In these verses they have introduced their divine authority and have said that all the nations and unbelievers will be arrested and presented in front of US, to judge them according to what they have done in this life.
They will Judge all the nations wearing the Crown on their heads and with a Vice / Wazir with them and all their descendants of 12 lineages will be sitting behind each of them. They are known as the divine group of holy seed / near to kin / Muqriboun in Qur’an 56:10-16 & 56:88-89.
“Sitting on the thrones of Gold, face to face they will Judge nations. And same guidance was disclosed in Gospel / Injil saying.”
Revelation 20:4:
“And I saw (12) thrones and Judgement was committed to them.”
At present there is no one in Muslim or Christian Scholars who can solve the said holy verse that, who they are and what is their introduction? And why they will Judge sitting on the thrones being a Kings?
Surely those have no light and are blinded in scriptures, cannot understand the Holy and divine verses of the past and present.
They introduced themselves in verse 33 to 35 in this Surah YA-Sin that we are the ones who have given life to the dead land and given vegetation and We are the growers / Zarioun at Qur’an 56:64. But they the mankind have not given thanks to US.
Verse 37 to 39 of Surah YA-SIN:
The said divine ones have said that We made the day and night and the Sun and Moon are travelling according to our fixation and We have arranged their speed and their distance for them. No one have right to catch any one of them and they are travelling in a course set for them.
Verse 40 to 42 of Surah YA-SIN:
They introduced them saying that We when visited Noah (as) then the Ark of Noah was made in front of Our eyes (Qur’an 11:37) and We bear their offspring in the said laden Ark. And We have created UFO’s / flying disks for them of the like (Aeroplane) thereof, therein they fly and ride.
They owned the power of creation as the Creators / Khaliqun (Qur’an 56:59). Whereas, the Lord Most High is the Best Creator out of these Creators.(Qur’an 23:14 & 37:125) / Ahsan ul Khaliqien. He cannot be called Creator/ Khaliq as He is the best of them called Khaliqe Ahsan.
Verse 43 to 45 of Surah YA-SIN:
The heavenly Lights said if We will We can drown them, then there shall be no saviour nor they can be rescued accept by the Mercy out of US. The said Mercy / Rehma is Mola ELY –Aja’ala, the Great Savoir / Mushkil Kusha (Qur’an 12:64), and He is the one power over these heavenly Lights (Injil James 1:17) and can changed their decision.
Verse 47 to 64 of Surah YA-SIN:
In verse 47 / 64 there is a sign that when it was said to the mankind that pay the tithes / Khums right due to the sadat / Umah created for guidance then, the unbelievers said to the believers those are already paying their due. The unbelievers said that if Allah wills He can fed them so why we shall pay the said due.
The previous nations were sent under curse, just refusing to pay the said due tithes / khums and were called Robbers at Malachi 3:1-8. And even now they are under the curse. But the unbelievers of these holy Lights, sons of ELY-Aja’ala have totally refused to pay the tithes / Khums even it was reminded again and again in Qur’an and previous Holy Books / Sahaif.
Verse 65 to 80 of Surah YA-SIN:
In these verses the heavenly Lights / Divine Murselin have said that on that day of judgement We will seal their mouths and their hands and legs will speak to us and gives witness against them.
They also warned to the mankind that if we will, We can blind their eyes or can change their faces towards back and they couldn’t move in their houses.
They also reminded us that We are the ones who have fixed the ages of mankind for 120 days (ref: Torah Genesis 6:3) and if increased in his age then we make him a sign for mankind and reverse his age.(Qur’an 7:69).
Verse 76 to 81 of Surah YA-SIN:
In these verses the Holy ones and the Sons of ELY (Aja’ala) have introduced themselves as Creators of the mankind and it has already been discussed that they are the divines and holding all the titles which our Lord Most High holding for himself.
There is no doubt that the Lord Most High has created them and then with the spirit of Mercy they have created us. All the Prophets out of the mankind / Basher has also worshipped to them like Noah, Isaac and Jacob etc (Qur’an 21:73 & 37:81).
Most importantly the said divine Creators of mankind have demanded their certification from us being the Creators at Qur’an 56:57, but majority of mankind has failed to do so.

Verse 82 to 83 of Surah YA-SIN:
Once again the holy ones have as a bottom line in these last verses disclosed the real Lord of the heavens and earth the one in whose hand is the Kingdom of everything:
“Then glorify to Him in whose hand / biyadehi is the kingdom of everything and unto Him is your return.”
There is a similar verse for the mankind in Qur’an 67:1, saying:
“Glorification is for Him in whose hand is the kingdom and He has power over all things?”

Naturally the answer will be in Allah’s hand / Yadullah is the power over all things and all glorifications is for Him.
Therefore, the one who is introduced as Yadullah by our great Prophet He is the Lord Most High with the name of ELY-Aja’ala. But He himself wishes to introduce His divine Lights before recognising Him. As He has provided us the deep knowledge and provided us hundreds of Holy verses in all the divine books revealed to us for the introduction of His holy attributes of Light / Al Anwar, the great Lights and named them as Allah / Allah’a and Ellohim in all the revealed Holy Books.

Dear Monos !
You are the students of Illahiyat / Lordship and are deep in Holy study so far it is easy for you to comprehend on these discoveries but the others cannot understand the real truth behind these Holy Verses and to the manifested divine Scriptures. You are the direct students of comparative study with all the holy books for which the true guide lines were given to us that:
“O’you Monos! Believe in Allah and His Messenger and the book which has sent to him and the book sent before,”
(Ref: Qur’an surah Nisa 4:136).
And as well as in Surah A’aley Imran 3:118-119:

“O’ Monos! Do not take for inmates others, than your own, they will not to corrupt you, they wish what distress you, their spite has already shown itself by their mouths, but that which is concealed in their hearts is worse. Indeed We (Lords) have made the signs clear to you, if you could understand. Behold! You are the ones, those who love them but they love you not, though you believe in the books all of it…….”
Those have not believing these two books Qur’an and Bible are rejected ones according to the holy verses of Qur’an as well.

Some Muslims due to ignorance have said that there is no need to believe in Bible for our study; it is totally a false and fabricated thought. The original books of the Bible are with us and are still intact, the translation in some places have been changed in some verses, then the fabricated translation in some verses can misguiding to only those ones, who have no knowledge of the revealed language Hebrew.

But being a faithful believer/ Mono there is no need of translation when you know the said language. You are now increased in faith with the saved true scriptures of past with vice versa comparative study. A proper disclosed translation of Hebrew in correct order. Therefore, you are the only ones who know the truth of the past and present holy verses in of all the divine books of our Lord.