Another attack in Karachi Imam Bargah. Government should open their eyes.

MONITORING DESK KARACHI: A woman was killed while another sustained injuries when an explosion occurred at Khalid Bin Valeed Road, followed by gun shots Wednesday morning, Local TV reported. According to police, two suspected female suicide bombers tried to enter an imam bargah situated on Khalid Bin Valeed Road today morning.

The security staff tried to restrict the women from entering the vicinity during which the explosives carried by one of the women went off with a blast, killing one woman. The other woman was injured while the number of injured persons is expected to rise. Gun shots were also fired after the blast. Nearby buildings and vehicles were damaged due to the blast. Police is further investigating the matter while the area was cordoned off.

This is a series of counter attacks in Shia Imam bargah. We protest to the central Government to take an immediate action against these terrorists. They are not from Afghanistan but are Pakistani and we all know them clearly. A statement of the injured women was taken and have not published for the security reason but she was sent through the sectarian killers Laskre Jhangvi and Tehrike Taliban Pakistan previously known as Sipahe Sahaba of so called Sunni Muslim Terrorist group.

If an immediate action will not be taken against them, then there will be a blood shed and the present Government will be responsible for this unrest in the country. Therefore, it should be taken seriously they are available in every city of Pakistan in our so called religious Madrisas.

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