4 people, including Waseem Zaidi and a sub-inspector, lost their lives while 25 others injured in Rawalpindi Immam Barah.

RAWALPINDI: 4 people, including a sub-inspector, lost their lives while 25 others sustained injuries in a suicide bomb attack outside Imam Bargah in Gracy Line Rawalpindi.

According to the  City Police Officer (CPO), a motorcycle rider blew himself up, when he was signaled to stop by the police personnel present at the site of the incident. The blast also damaged several motorcycles and other vehicles parked at and around the blast site, police sources said.


The bodies and injured were rushed to a nearby hospital. Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) vehemently condemned the deadly attack on innocent people. Syed Waseem Zaidi was also martyred during this attack. He is the one who has given his life to save the Mominien of the jalous e Aza. His name will also be remembered in Shohda.

President Muttahida Bainul Muslimeen Forum Tanvirul Haq Thanvi denouncing the attack, demanded  an inquiry into the incident. A security high alert was issued for the capital city of Islamabad following the brutal suicide attack in Rawalpindi.

Professor Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Bokhari our head of Monotheism (Hebrew) condemned the said suicide attacks. He said that these killings are a planed attack on Azadari- Immam e Hussain (aj) and the attackers are not Muslims. Their claim to be a Sunni Muslim is a false and fabricated claim. They are Shia Muaviah in the back history of Islam but hiding under the shelter of Sunni Muslims.

Now our Sunni brothers have to decide that how they can eject them from their Umbrella and disclosed their false propagation of so called Sunni Muslims ? They are well known terrorists surviving in our country and the Provincial Government (Punjab) is badly failed to stop them. He said these killings are increasing day by day and the killers are the same who are moving freely after the burning of 5 Immam Bargahs and many Qur’an copies in Rawalpindi.

He also added that this is a sign and an act to stop the main Jalous of Chehlum- Imam Hussain (aj) which could be more dangerous for the current Government. He said that this is a test case for Punjab Government to handle these terrorists or left the government.

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