It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land. Why Obama went to Congress on Syrian Issue?

This is what I have said. It is not easy to go for a war against Syria at present.

It will be the 3rd world war on Israel’s land?

But the sum result of the president’s approach has been to sow confusion on and off the Hill. It appears to many in Congress that Obama has come to them less to receive their blessing than to spread the blame for an intervention he doesn’t feel comfortable being solely responsible for. In this, the act of going to Congress — or at least the way Obama went to Congress — has weakened the case for going to war in Congress’s eyes.

Says the European Annalists.


Will you still come for a war against Syria ?

A war against Syria will be considered a war against Islam and Pakistan. We being a Muslim will have to cut all the relations with the oppressors of this war. Our government must support to the neighbor Muslim Countries like Iran Syria and Lebanon. We should be there in the war and naturally it will be considered a 3rd world war.  The most dangerous for all the alliance, and for our globe.

Will you still come for a war ?

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