Members of the central body injured because of their conversion

Hafiz Adnan Ghani and Mrs. Ghani with Dr. Saman Ali our valued members of the central body have been attacked by the extremists / terrorists hiding themselves inAfghanistanafter attack.

Hafiz Adnan was driving the car whilst Mrs Shazia Ghani & Mrs. Saman Ali (doctor) was sitting behind the car. The said attack was happened in way coming back fromLahoretoday. Mr. Adnan’s son aged 7 years and his wife saved miraculously whereas Mr. Ghani and Dr Saman Ali got injuries in this attack.

We strongly condemn these kinds of attacks on based on sectarian killings. Both the injured members are also working for Peace and are very active members of NPCIH ( National Peace Committee for Inter-Religious & Harmony) under the supervision /shelter of Central Government of Pakistan. 

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