Nazil kerney valey Murselien koun?

A Question Answer at facebook.
Makhdoom Bhai chalo acha huva aap ney jawab dey diya. Hum ney pehley bhi ayat ko aur Aima ko hi pesh kiya tha aap ney inkar ker diya. Ub aap ney jo Warisoun ka jawab diya voh eik bar phir Qur’an Zabur & Injeel ka inkar ker diya. Aap jawab deney mein phir Ghalti ker gay. Mujhey pata tha aap ka jawab yehi hoga eis hey liye mein aap sey baat kerna chahta tha. Pehley aap ghour sey tamam ayat for Warisoun ko phir sey perhein jo mein ney step by step Qur’an sey hi pesh ki hein aur ager phir bhi aap ka inkar hey tou yeh aap ko Mubaik ho. Raha aap ka dousra sawal keh Mutshabehat ko Aima sey samjhein. mein ney tou Mutshabihat ko siraf Quran aur sahaif sey pesh kiya aap ney inkar ker diya. Aima (as) sey karoun ga tou bhi aap ka inkar hi hoga. “Inna anzalna”/ hum ney nazil kia ( jama sigha hey) yahan 3 ya 3 sey ziyada ney Nazil kiya. Jo aap ko qaboul nahi.(tou kiya 100 Khuda nazil kertey hein?…yeh aap ney likha. Yani aap ki nazar mein nazil kerney wala siraf khuda hey aur voh eik hey) aap Qur’an ghour sey nahi perhtey. Mulla bhi yehi Kerta hey. Janab lejeye aap ko ayat pesh kerta houn.
Qur’an 44:1-5.
1.“Ha” “Mim”
2. Val kitab-el-Mubbin.
3. Inna’a Anzalnaho Fe-Lellatien Mubarikatien, Inna kuna Munazerien.
4. Feha Yafriqo Qullo Amrin Hakim.
5. Amran min Endina. Inna Kunna Murselien”.
Ha Mim and manifested Book, Verily We sent them down, on a blessed night.Verily We are the Warnners.
( Kiya yeh Eik Khuda hey? aur yeh bazurgi mein apney aap ko Munazerien keh ker eik Munazer hey? Kiya yeh munazir Rub ul A’alemien yahan khud hein? )
“There in every commandment of Lord is made distinct. A command from US (of Aima Atthar).We are surely Murselien {kiya yeh Mursalein bhi Rub ul A’alemien khud hein? Jee nahi essa bilkul nahi hey na……Yeh derassal Hazur (saww) jesey hein eis liye Mohammad SAWW is one of these Murselien. Look at surah Yasin at verse 3 & Muhammad (saww) called… min al Murselien out of them}.’
Any how it has been proved that you don’t know the authorities deputed for sending the holy verses of Qur’an. who had used the word “Inna Anzalna” for theirselves and it is further prooved that they are same in rank with Muhammed (SAWW) and are not only Rub-ul-E’alemien.
As well as, it is further submitted for your information that these holy & divine Mureslien disclosed above are also higher than the Prophet Musa (as) because, these Murselien are found giving commands to Musa (as) in holy Qur’an at Surah Al Qassas 28:43-45 . Therefore, they are not equal to the Prophets or Angels, but higher than them.
They are also the owner of the power of Lord’s Almighty. Lord Elyon Hakim’s command are called their own commands (amrien Hakim are called Amran min Endena in above verse at 44:5). That’s why our Aima (as) said that:
“Hum Allah ki masshiyat aur Iradah hein aur Hum hei Allah ki chah hein.
Yeh jo chahtey hein Allah vohi Chahta hey.
Brother it’s my suggestion to you that plz don’t make arguments in Qur’an until you don’t know its correct understanding. It is not good for any Muslim. Moula aap ko ilm ki roshni dey (amen).

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