Holy discovery about Zamin ke Waris koun?

Qur’an waley Warisoun Ka ta’aruf: Qur’an sey Qur’an tak:

Qur’an 21:105.

“Verily We did write in Zabur after the Zikr (Taurat) my sualieh Ebad (Aima Athar) shall Inherit the Earth”.

New discovery: “What was written in Zabur about Zamin ke Waris”? Please look:

Psalm (Zabur) 25:12-13 “Who then is the man (Muhammed SAWW) that fears the Lord? He (Lord) will teach ( Al-Rehman Elma-ul-Qur’an)him in the way chosen for(Muhammed SAWW) him. He (Muhammed SAWW) will spend his days in prosperity and his descendants (Aima athar) will inherit the Earth. (Zamin key Waris)”.

Zabur (Psalm 33:12)

“Blessed is the Umah (Umatul-Wasst / Aima Athar) whose GOD is the LORD. The people (Aima Athar) he chose for His inheritance.

Aima Athar ney Zabur mein apna taaruf khud kervaiya suniye:

Zabur (Psalm 47:1-4)

“Clap your hands, all you nations (over this globe) shout to God with cries of Joy. How awesome is the Lord ELYON (ELY- JJ) the Great King over all the earths? He subdued nations under US, nations under OUR feet. He chooses OUR inheritance for US…”

 Any how Zamin ke warisoun ka intizar hot raha hata keh Haz:Essa (as) ka dour agya. Aap ney 8 Mubarikein detey huvey Mubarik No: 5, mein kiya kaha dekhiye: Injeel ( Matti)

 Mathew 5:5.

“Mubarik / blessed are the sons ( Aima Athar) for they will inherit the Earth”.

Essa (as) ney mazid azafa kerety huvey Aima Athar ko Kings (Malikien Maqtadeien/ holy kings of Qur’an) of the heaven krar diya. Behr hall hum eis waqat Zamin Ke Warisoun ki baat ker Rahey hein. Yeh sabit huva keh Hz:Daud (as) sey leker jin Zamin ke Warisoun ki intizat thi voh Essa (as) tak abhi nahi aye they. Aur Jub Qur’an Aya tou Yeh Zamin Key Waris jo keh pak descendants batay gay they, voh apna ta’aruf khud kerwatey hein:

Qur’an 19:40

“Verily it is We, We (two groups Al:Eazima va Al-Kibriyai) inherit the earth and whatsoever is on it and to US (Aima Athar) you will be returned”.

Aap ney dekha keh zamin key waris (Aima Athar) jin ka intizar tha voh agaey aur Zamin aur Zamin per her shey key Waris ho gaye.

Mazid ta’aruf  pesh kerta houn /qur’an hey sey:

Qur’an 15:23.

“Verily it is We, We who give life and cause death and We are the inheritors (Warisoun).

 Qur’an 50:43.

“Verily it is We, We who give life & death and to US (Aima Athar) is the return.

Qur’an 19:80.

“ We (Aima Athar) shall inherit from him that whereof he spoke and he shall come before US all alone.


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