New Conversions

Mr & Mrs Hafiz Adnan Ghani NIC Nos:   have accepted the right path under the guidance of Syed Akbar Abbas the religious head of Monotheism (Hebrew) / Millat-e-Ibrahim (as) today. Both have recited the purified words / Kalmatien Tayyibatien (more than three Kalimat ) required  for the membership / conversion (re-version ) as well as they have signed the required  forms in the main office Islamabad.

Previously they were following the faith of Sunnah Muslims of Islam. Mr & Mrs Ghani have started proper learning of Qur’an and Sahaif ( New Testament / Old Testament / holy of Bible) directly rhrough the head of this Islamic faith called mono in the holy scriptures of Qur’an and Sahaif beleiving “Oneness of God with 19 holy & divine Attributes of the Light of Allah in two groups Nouroun Ela Nourien / Lights above the Lights, which is also called Touheed ( Oneness of Anwar) according to the basic faith/ knowledge of Millate Ibrahim / Monotheism (Hebrew).

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