Live TV Coverage is ban and who can be your Judge according to Qur‘an & Bible?

Syed Akbar Abbas an internationally recognized scholar of Islam, stated in a special answer question meeting yesterday, that the holy Qur’an did not allow any “Live TV Coverage” of the media nor any Judge can be appointed except the sons of Imam ELI ( JJ ) according to the holy guidance of Qur’an. In his answer Prof Dr. Syed said that the holy Qur’an have clearly mentioned as under:

Qur’an 4: 83.

“When there comes to them some News touching safety or fear, they make it known: if only they had referred it to the Messenger or to him who holds the authority ( Ou’lil-Amr ) among them, the proper investigators, they would have understood it from them ( weather it should be published or not )……….”.

Qur’an 4: 85.

“ Whosoever intercedes for good cause will have the reward thereof, and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a share in his burden….”.

Live TV Coverage of any incident can create social anarchy, frustration and harassment. Therefore, it is not lawful to publish any news either good or bad until you have taken approval from the authorized ones in the state.

The only authorized ones according to the holy guidance of our Lord are those, who have been appointed the representatives of the Lord All- Mighty on this earth, and have been rightfully guided ones / the only authorized Judges for the mankind. Except them no one else can be a Judge because, a sinner has already convicted himself and any convicted one can not be a Judge in the law.

Qur’an 7: 181.

“ And of those whom We have created, there is a community who guides others with Truth and establish Judgments ( being the only Judges )”.

These holy guided ones and true Judges in the Law of Hz: Muhammed ( SAWW ) have been appointed, as the previous Judges were appointed in the law of Moses ( A.S ). And they were the sons of Hz: Haroon ( A.S) only. It is still recorded in Torait at Exodus ( Shema’aut/ Sam’aut / Hearing ) 28 : 38, 41-41, Exodus : 29 : 5, 29, 33 & 44, Exodus 30 : 30 and Leviticus ( Vaqarra / Vaqar’ra / Honored ones ) 21 : 6-8. They were the holy ones for the whole 12 tribes of Hz: Musa ( A.S ), and were authorized to establish Judgments ( being the only Judges).

Moreover, they were the only Priests in the tenure of the previous holy Prophets. No one else was allowed to be a Priest in the place of worship ( the Mosque of the time ) except them. The sons of Ely (JJ) were authorized similarly, and called holy Priests for the current part of Islam. It was also stated by the holy Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) himself that Imam-e-Ely (JJ) with me is like Hz: Haroon (A.S) with Hz: Musa (A.S).

Holy Qur’an has recorded for these sons of Hz Haroon ( A.S ) as under:

Qur’an 7: 159.

“And of the people of Musa (A.S ) there is a group { sons of Hz: Haroon ( A.S )} who guides others with truth and establish judgments. ( being the only Judges ). Now we can compare this above holy verse of Qur’an 159 above, with the holy verse no 181in below, which is referred for the sons of Imam-e- ELY (JJ) in Qur’an showing the same authority.

Qur’an 7: 181.

“ And of those whom We have created, there is a community who guides others with Truth and establish Judgments ( being the only Judges )”.

Now think upon it, who will be the Judge & a holy Priest within you? You have to decide yourself. The holy Qur’an said:

Qur’an 4 : 79.

“ Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allah. And whatever of evil reaches you is from yourself…….”.

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