Photo Collection from Fatima city of Portugal

fatima-crowd-september1.jpg     immaculate-heart-fatima-miracle2.jpg      immaculate-heart-fatima-rosary-41.jpgmary_queen_of_heaven11.jpg     map_fatima1.jpg     immaculate-heart-fatima-rosary-61.jpg       miracmedal2.jpg

Collection of Miracles shown at Fatima in Portugal.

The holy Queen of Heaven EL: Fatima (SA) when showed her miracle at Village Fatima in Portugal on 13 th May 1917. The followings are some old collection of this historical event.

History of Village Fatima in Portugal.  

The Moors once occupied Portugal. The village of Fatima was given the Islamic name of the well-loved Princess of the near-by Castle of Ourem. She died at an early age after marrying the Count of Ourem and converting to Catholicism. Baptized with the Christian name of Oureana, she was named at birth “Fatima,” like many other Moslem girls, in honor of the daughter of Mohammed (SAWW) of Islam. Further details of miracle of holy Queen of Heaven Fatima (sa) in this village, is submitted in my article published for the Holy Queen of Heaven below.

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  1. Abu Zaynab
    Mar 24, 2008 @ 11:55:30

    I have always found this very interesting.


  2. monotheismhebrew19
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 15:42:42

    Dear Abu Zainab
    Thanx for your comments. May Lordbless you and keep you under His great shelter. ( ameen)


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