EL:Fatima (SA) the blessed & divine Queen of Heaven.

Moulana Jelal-ud-din Rumi said :

“Woman is a beam of the divine Light. She is not the being whom sensual desires takes as its object. She is Creator, it should be said. She is not a creature. Great Fatima-ul- Zehra ( Means of Fatima the Radiant, Brightest Star, Star of Venus, The Evening Star), the daughter of the Prophet, is the secret in Sufism. She is the Hujjat of Ali (JJ). In other words, she establishes the esoteric sense of his knowledge and guides those who attain to it.

Through her perfume, we breathe paradise. Though she was his daughter, the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) called her “Um Abi’ha” (mother of her father). What mystery was the Prophet hinting at by this statement? While Fatima Zahra ( Salam -ullah – alleha ) was Muhammad’s (SAWW) daughter. The spiritual Fatima Al-Batool ( the divine virgin) her house is the living Ka’ba.

Allama Majlesi of Iran said :

“She is called Zahra, the radiant one, a universal motif and a characteristic of all saints. She is also called E L : Batul, means divine virgin. She is the Queen of Enn‘as, she is the Queen of Heaven. She is the first woman who will enter the paradise and all those who accompany her and have prayed to her will also enter paradise and their sins will be forgiven, she is their savior and protector. She is a Mohadisa / Revealing the holy sayings. She is the one who talks and is in contact with Angles. In fact Angles are at her service.

Archangel Gabriel representing the Holy Ghost praises her at her incredible wedding in heaven. She is pure (taherah), sinless and becomes one of the 14 innocents and one of the holy five (Panjtan Pak). She is made pre-existence and almost immortal. The holy five were created from divine rays of light even before the beginning of the time. She sobs and mourns over her beloved son’s slain body as a distressed mother and is present at all the passion plays even though she had died fifty years earlier before the tragedy of Karbala. The long gone ancient Prophets sympathize and angles cry with her.

Yet at another level she is the fighter and the defender of the true faith and justice. After her fathers’ death the power struggle starts, her family representing the true faith, the pure and the holy blood is pushed aside. It is her speech that stirs, accuses and reveals all that is wrong and how deviations will happen with the greedy leaders who will change the course of Islam for ever and for worse.

At the domestic level she is the loyal daughter, the devoted wife, the caring mother and a symbol of endurance. Such themes have been used for centuries to project her image as that of the ideal Muslim woman. The one who will not hesitate to sacrifice all including herself for the sake of her family and the true fate.


“Fatima is the cause of creation, she is a life giver”.

This is practically saying that a male sovereign God (Allah) created all for the sake of a female deity who is the source of all life ( Shajra-e- Khuld ).

Introduction of Hz: Fatima (SA) the holy Queen of Heaven from the holy verses ( Aya’at ) of Bible.

Holy Prophet Hz : Solemn (AS) praised her in wisdom & said :

Proverbs : 3 : 15 – 19.

She is more precious than rubies; Nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life ( Immortals ) is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches ( Ghanaian ) and honor ( El: Azmah ) her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are peace ( Sablul Salem of Qur‘an). She is a Tree of Life ( Shajrah Khuld of holy Qur‘an), to those who embrace her, those who lay hold of her will be blessed.

Song of Songs (Sada-e-ha Syedim) 6 : 7 – 10.

The songs of Syeds (from Bible).

Sixty queens there maybe, And eighty concubines, and virgins beyond number : But my dove { Fatima (SA) } my perfect one is Unique. The only daughter of her mother ( Khadija-ul-Kubra ). The favorite of the one who bore her. The maidens saw her and called her blessed, The queens and concubines praised (Sub’ Han of ) her.

Prophet of the past Hz : Daud / David (AS) introduced Mohammed (SAWW) as holy and Divine calling him Ellohim and then in the same way briefly highlighted to Hz: Fatima (SA) not only the Queen of Heaven but also the Foundation of Sadat and the one who will be praised ( Sub Han) for ever and ever, through the holy Aya’at of Zabur as under:

Psalm 45 : 9- 16.

“(O ’Muhammedim) Daughters of the Kings (Bibi Shehr Bano) are among your honored women; at your right hand is the Queen ( of heaven ) a Royal bride, in gold of Ophir. Listen O’ daughter ( Fatima ) , consider and give ear, Forget your people and your father’s house. The King is enthralled by your beauty, Prostrate (Sajdah) Him for He is your LORD. The daughter of Tier will come with a gift, Men of wealth will seek your favor. All the Glorious (Qule Jalalien) are the Princes ( Syedim / Sadat) within her chamber, her gown is interwoven with gold. In embroidered garments she is led to the King.

Her virgin companions follow her, and are brought to you ( O‘ Muhammadim). They are led in with Joy and gladness. They enter the palace of the King ( ELYON /ALI ). Your sons ( O’ Fatima ) will take the place of your father. You will make them Princes ( Syedim / Sada‘at) throughout the land. I (the LORD ELYON ) will perpetuate your memory through all generations. Therefore, the nations will praise you (Sub’han by Tasbih -e- Fatima) for ever and ever.

There is a popular incident of an act of wickedness done by the 2 (two) so called caliphs of Islam, involved to injured the holy Queen of Heaven, our divine Fatima (sa) by pressing her behind the door of her holy and divine house. Even in the time of Holy Prophet (SAWW) he had never crossed the said house without sending salutations on this most holy and divine house. He said: “Fatima is part of me. Whoever hurts her hurts me and whoever hurts me hurts Allah (JJ ). . .”

Yet she was the target of the fire set to the door which was pushed onto her causing her grievous injury whilst she was with her unborn son. Whose name was fore-told before his birth as “Mohsin”. The same night holy and divine mother with her child in her womb was saved and lifted up in to heaven from her bed. From that time her another (laqab) nick name was given as “Raqiyyah” means as under:


One who has ascended the heights

From that day Holy Queen of Heaven Fatima (sa) is under the protection of our Lord for few days in heaven with her virgin pregnancy. It is important to note here that one day of heaven is equal to 1000 years of our earthly time.

Therefore, it was recorded in the holy scriptures of New Testament ( Bible) at:

Revelation 12 :1- 6.

“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a women clothed with the sun with the moon ( Qur’an 75 : 8 – 9) under her feet and a CROWN of 12 /Twelve stars on her head ( Queen of Heaven )……….She was about to give birth …………… She gave birth to a son a male child { Hz: Mohsin (AS) } who will rule all the nations with an IRON SCEPTURE. And her child (Mohsin) was taken up to Allaha’a (God) and to his throne ( at Arsh-el-Karim ). The women (Queen of Heaven) fled in to the desert to a place prepared for her by God ( Allaha’a ) where she will stay for 1260 days. { 3.5 years, till the time of revenge by the holy Muntaqimoun of Qur‘an 44 : 16 and the holy Warrior / the rider of White Horse of Revelation 19 : 11 – 16 KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, read with Revelation 2 : 12 – 18 owner of the Double Edged sword ( Zulfiqar )}.”

This holy and divine son Hz: Mohsin (as) of Hz: Fatima (SA) has foretold to all of us his own holy and divine acts already recorded in Zabur at :

Psalm 1 : 7- 9.

I will proclaim the decree of the Lord. He said to me You are my son to day I have become your father, ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

You will rule them with an IRON SCEPTURE.

See another reference from the goggle search a website disclosed the Goddess names of the Middleast as under:

FATIMA. Arabian Moon Goddess, Creatoress, Source of the Sun, Tree of Paradise ( Shajra-e- Khuld ). She existed from the beginning of the material world.

I have submitted further evidences from the following Christian books and their writers recorded in the world record with a miracle of the Holy Queen of Heaven for which the Christianity is totally confused at present. A holy discovery for the believers.

“The Thunder of Justice.”

written and edited by Ted and Maureen Flynn, Maxkol Communications, 109 Executive Dr. Suite D, Sterling, Va 20166This book has become one of the best selling Catholic Books on end time events: “Queen of Portugal“”.

From Page 137-138.

“On October 13, 1917, a severe storm had raged through Europe. The ground was soaked and muddy. A crowd of people estimated between 50,000 and 70,000 made it’s way–drenched— to the apparition site Fatima. The Lady appeared. . .as the blessed mother was leaving she opened her hands, and from them rays of light extended in the direction of the sun. Gradually the sun grew pale, appeared as a silver disk at which all could gaze directly, without shielding their eyes. Rays of multicolored light shot out from the sun in every direction; red, blue, pink, green, and every color of the spectrum. Then the sun began to spin madly on its axis and appeared like a giant wheel of fire. The sun began to dance wildly.

Suddenly the sun seemed to be torn loose from its orbit. It hurtled closer and closer to earth, and looked like it was going to plummet to the earth. The people were terrified and there arose cries of repentance and appeals for mercy. Many thought it was the end of the world. Then, just as suddenly, the sun stopped plummeting downwards, and in the same swirling motion it began to climb upward until it resumed its place in the sky. The rain- soaked clothes of the people were immediately dry. This was an event reported by several newspapers of the day. . . Pope Paul VI, in his May 1967 encyclical entitled “Signum Magnum identifies Our Blessed Mother at Fatima with “The Woman Clothed with the Sun”, equating her directly with Revelation, Chapter 12. 1- 6.”

Let’s look in the book “More about Fatima” by J. DaCruz C.S.Sp. (Which received the imprimatur in 1945)

Page 53 – 55.“This wonderful sign in the heavens, …our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima has maternally granted to the modern world “in order that all may believe.” She came…asking us to recite the Rosary daily and to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate heart….The grandeur of this wonderful prodigy of Fatima will thus be in proportion to the greatness of the dangers…and this sign in the heavens will indicate to us the REMEDY we are to employ against the evils that hang over us.. . . In imitation of those happy pilgrims of Fatima, let us in turn respectfully bow down before this prodigy of the sign in the heavens, this ‘extraordinary demonstration of the existence of God.’ Let us meditate long on these divine facts: let us enkindle the flame of our faith in the mysterious rays of the Sun of Fatima”.

Compare this now to what we read in DaCruz’s book: At Page. 118

“In 1942 on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima and the GREAT SOLAR PRODIGY. . . attendance was impressive 800,000. . Yes crown her not only Queen of Portugal but Queen of Peace and Queen of the World because she helps it to find peace again and to rise again from its ruins”.


Since the apparitions of 1917, millions of pilgrims have come to Fatima. Fatima is a small, rural town about 90 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. It is situated within hilly terrain which is lined with numerous cedar trees.


Message of the Queen of Heaven at Fatima:

“I am the Mother of everything created by God: I am the ‘Woman Clothed With the Sun,’ the ‘New Eve,’ who will lead mankind to Light. The one who makes it possible for them to reach eternity. Make it known. Amen, Amen.”


Imam Hasan Al-Askari ( JJ ) said :

“The Messenger of Allah ( SAWW ) said: ‘When Allah created Adam and Eve, they strutted through paradise and said: ‘Who are better than we?’ At that moment they noticed an image of a girl like they had never seen before; from this girl came an illuminating light so bright that it almost blinded the eyes.

They said: ‘O Lord, what is this?’ He answered: ‘This is the image of Fatima, the mistress of your women descendants.’ Adam asked: ‘What is this crown on her head?’

Allah said “She is the Queen of Heaven”. Whom I have created 2000 years ( 7,30,000,000 years of our earthly time ) before you.




Imam Ali (JJ) said:

Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, but talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it.

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  2. Sister Judy
    Dec 18, 2009 @ 15:48:14


    I really like and appreciate your words this morning. I was divinely directed to your sight. I am in Atlanta, Ga. I am currently putting a program together for our young women and their mothers. I have received so much inspration from your words this morning and from reading the Islamic names and their meanings. I am still firmi ng up on the name of my organization, the spirit of my organization and it’s pupose is “DIVINELY CLEAR! I have many Muslim friends and always feel that I am Muslim as well. I really look forward to speaking with you and would love to get some DIVINE guidance from you as well I know that Allah and or the “Most High” works through us.
    Please e-mail me back or feel free to contact me at 404-707-4771.
    I really like your spirit and your works and words, speak for them self. When we are in Divine Order …the fruit doesn’t falll far from the tree!I look forward to speaking with you Sister -El: Fatima.
    Have A Blessed Day!
    Judy Gresham
    Peace & Blessings!


    • monotheismhebrew19
      Apr 21, 2010 @ 08:02:22

      Dear Sister Judy ! Salamun Alaikum, ( Peace be to you ),
      Thanks for your interest in this divine knowledge and lovely comments. First of all sorry for late submission. I was out of country and was unalbe to reply back. I was trying to contact you on your phone but unalbe to succeed. Kindly provide details of your fresh numbers, if you have or contact me at my cell No 92- 0323 5370287 so that we can discuss further. Or you may send your mail on this Email: akbarmono19 @ hotmail.com.

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