Lesson 15 Monotheism. What about the 1000 deleted Alf from the holy Qur’an ?

AL : ELY Bism-e- Tua’allah.

Subject : What about the 1000 deleted Alf from the holy Qur’an ?

Dear Students,           Salamun Alaikum.

Today’s lesson is related to the holy discoveries in relation to the important issues in respect of the deleted Alf and un-necessarily added ones, in the holy Qur’an. It has been decided to disclose for the best interest of the readers and as well as for the families such as children those are learning the holy Qur’an from their early stages. All the educated ones may take heed and take responsibilities to be in light and because the recitation for future may be corrected. Don’t follow blindly behind the so called preachers of your own thoughts, if you find them wrong after verifying properly.

Today’s lesson is very important but on the same time it is very dangerous in Pakistan to deliver now the days, as most of the preachers in Pakistan are found just following the paths of their forefathers and have not gone in research by themselves. Talking the truth against their school of thoughts or reminding the faults of their forefathers, you will be on a life threat even though if you are a righteous one. In these circumstances it is very difficult to guide them in the whole truth straight forwardly.

Most of the Sunnies in Pakistan are following Imam Abu Hanifa’s school of thought for their faith. Imam Abu Hanifa did belief in adulteration [ Tehrief ] in this copy of Qur’an. According to Abu Hanifa the following verse at Qur’an 64 : 6, was altered and he said that the original Qur’an copy with Ibn-Masood holds the true Verse of Qur’an. It is recorded in Urdu copy of Qur’an currently published by Saudi Arabia under the guidance of King Fahd Complex, for the printing of the holy Qur’an as under :

Qur’an 64 : 6.

“Lodged them [ the divorced women] where you dwell, according to your means and don’t harm them, as to straiten them….”.

“Askano Huna Min Heso Sakuntum Min Wajdekum Vala Atzarouhuna letazeieqou Elehinna…..”

Whereas, the correct verse read as :

“Askano Huna Min Heso Sakuntum va Nafiqu Elehinna Min Wajdekum Vala Atzarouhuna letazeieqou…..” “Lodged them [ the divorced women] where you dwell, provide them their food accor-ding to your means and don’t harm them, as to straiten them….”.

[ See at Qur’an Page 741, Tafsiri note no 1. Tafsir & Translation by Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Published by : Saudi Arabia].

The highlighted word Nafiqu [ Their food ] is found deleted in the above verse. It shows that the copy of Qur’an which our Holy Prophet [SAWW] has left intact was altered later. The Sunnah Imam Abu Hanifa stated that in this verse the word Nafiqu guides to everyone to provide them Nafiqu / their food for a divorced women until she is not clear from her period of reconciliation [90 days]. The said order of the Lord still stands for the Shia Believers & Hanfi Sunni Muslims. The alteration is found against the logic and the basic right of a women. But the opponents other Sunni Muslims still following the same altered verse for their selves according to the ill footprints of their forefathers, who don’t want to provide these women their daily food. Even though, they knew that Islam is the religion of truth and based on pure logic, justice and Truth.

Now you can easily understand the mentality of these heads of the Muslim states those were the responsible of these kinds of alterations / adulterations of holy Qur’an at the time of it‘s collection in Usman‘s time.

Now we know that the copy we have in hand is badly corrupted by the dirty hands and the continuation of the holy verses have been disrupted badly. The revealed verses of Mecca have been mixed in the Madni Chapters, and the Madni ones are found in the Maki Chapters of Qur’an. It is also proved that with the hands of Hujaj Bin Yousaf the Qur’an was further altered later. Moreover, It is further proved that the so called “advancement in recitation” was a designed plot of the Jews, hidden behind the adulteration in this copy of Qur’an once again. It has been disclosed that 1000 Alf were deleted from the Qur’an and 1000 Alf were added unnecessarily in various holy Verses.

The Jew’s plot behind the Aira’b of Qur‘an :Some one can say! that how you know it that the Jews were behind putting the

Aira’bs in Qur’an and what about the issue of 1000 Alf ? It is very easy to understand from the available copy of Qur’an. Any one reading the Qur’an can easily find all these discrepancies at once. For example :

You will see a smaller word “Mim” below the “Nun” of the word “Imamien Mubbien” at verse 36 :12. The said word in Arabic can only be recited as Imamien Mubbien. But you are bound to recite it as Imamim Mubien. Just because, a smaller Mim was added at the time of Airab, below the word Nun of “Imamien Mubbien” here, which has bound you to recite Imamim instead of Imamien. The word Imamim is a plural in form of Imam of Hebrew language, the language of the Jews and not of Arabs at all. There are many evidences like it in the available copies of Qur‘an, for example see at [Qur‘an 54 : 50] the words “Kalimahim”, etc.

About 1000 Alf :

Further in relation to the 1000 Alf deleted purposely and added un-necessarily can also be found easily by any Qur’an reader. For example : “The word Aull-ul-babe used in holy Qur’an in various holy verses, it holds an extra Alf in every verse displaying Aull-ul-babe, which is totally a useless addition. In the same way there are hundreds verses, where you can found Alf added wrongly, against the law of Arabic language. In the same way you will find the deleted Alf in hundreds of holy verses of Qur’an as well”.

The word Rub ul Arbab has been displayed in Qur’an as singular and as well as plural in form, showing His holy Attributes same as it was displayed in the holy books of the past. For example :

Rub [ Q 21: 89 ] Arbbab [ Q13 :16 ], Rabihim [ Q 13 : 22 ] Arbbabihim [ Q 2 : 5 ], Rubi [ Q18 : 24 ] Arbbabi [ Q7 : 203 ], Rabukum [ Q18 : 16 ] Arbbabukum [ Q14 : 6 ], Rubika [ Q 26 : 9 ] and Arbbabika [ Q 13 : 19 ]. The Jews still have the holy divinity in Hebrew like Ellohi, Bra- Ellohim and Ellohim in a group. Ellohim is the plural in form of Ellohi in Hebrew as I have already explained in my previous lessons, the same holy divinity you will see in Qur’an as :

“Arbab, Arbbabihim, Arbbabi, Arbbabukum & Arbbabika”.

All of these words of “plural in form” are now found without Alf. Majority of our Qur’an readers have not concentrated on it and recited the word Arbbabihim as Rabihim. Because, they haven’t carefully watched the double “shad” on the available word Rubbabihim without Alf. Infact, Rubbabihim was Arbbabehim with Alf. Once the A’irab were given in the holy Qur’an, all the plural divine words were re-printed without the Alf, and displayed with double “Shad” readable as Rubbabihim instead of Arbbabihim, etc.

The Jews are succeeded in their dirty plan when the majority of Muslim world have recited the plural forms of divinity as singular, according to their wish. The Jews have used the so called Muslim leaders to mislead the coming generations. Unfortunately, for many years no one has concentrated on the said irregularities. Most probably, because there was no teacher available who could teach the holy books in their own languages and guide them in the whole divine unity of our Lordship. The minority was aware of the facts, but due to extremism of Islam they did not come forward to disclose the holy Attributes. There is a need of handsome publications or intersects communications to save the coming generations from the said deficiencies of the faith. More importantly, all the high Priests should take their responsibilities and organize the holy Verses in right order unanimously. Only then they can recognaize the

holy Attributes correctly and keep the foundation of their faith on straight path [ Sirate-Mustaqeem]. The path of the Lord and His holy Attributes for whom It was said :

Sermon No: 190.

“Praise (Subhan) be to Allah EL: Eazeem who wears the Apparel of Honor (EZMAH) and dignity (EL: KIBRYAI) and has chosen them for himself, instead for his creation. He has made them inaccessible and unlawful for others. He has selected them for his own Great Self,( Nafs-eL- Eaziem ). And has hurled curse on him who contests with Him about them. Then he puts His angels all-together ( Ajmain ) on trial in respect of these holy Attributes in order to distinguish those who are modest from those who are vain”.

[ Nahjul Balagha explaining the Most Highs / Al Ea’alien of Qur‘an 38 : 75.]

The above introduction of the holy Attributes of our Lord called Most Highs of Qur’an at 37: 8, 38 : 69 and 38 : 75. has been explained above through Imam ELY [AS] and similarly reported by the Sunnah Muslim’s School of thought as under :

Hadis No 19.

“Dignity ( EL: KIBRYAI ) is my cloak (RIDAI) and Honor (EZMAH) is my Robe (EZARI) and he who competes with me in respect of either one of them, I shall cast him in to Hell fire”.

[19th Hadis out of 40-Ahadis-e-Qudsi published by : Dr. Ezzedin Ibrahim of Beirut ].

The holy Qur’an has foretold about it’s re-publishing into pieces [Eazien] as under :

Qur’an 15 : 91- 92.

“ Who have made the Qur’an in to pieces [ Eazein]. By your Lord [ O’ Arabs] We shall certainly call, all of them to account [ for painful torments one by one]”.

They have mixed up all the holy verses of Qur’an in to pieces. The word Eazien in Arabic is similar to a tailor’s remainder pieces of clothes mixed in colors after stitching the dresses, or the mixture of the meat on Eid -ul- Azha. You see, after mixing the portions of a goat it’s difficult to find which piece belongs to whom.Who is the Zikr in the holy Qur’an ?

Some scholars hiding the truth have said that the Qur’an is under protection of Allah so it can’t be altered. They used to refer the following Verse in their defense :

Qur’an 15: 9.

“We even We who have sent down the Zikr [speech /speaker] and We are his Protectors”.

Qur’an 65 : 10 -11.

“ …..So you men of understanding who have believed, fear Allah. Allah has indeed sent down a Zikr to you, the Messenger who recites to you the clear signs of Allah so that he bring those who believe and do good deeds out of darkness into light”.

ZIKR sey murad Mohammad (saww) hein.

Therefore, the Zikr was our Holy Prophet [ SAWW] and he was protected until he had completed his holy duty. Exactly in the same manners as it was foretold about him in the Holy Verses of the past :

Isaiah [ Ishiah] 42: 4.

“He will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes Justice on earth. In his Law [ of Muhammad SAWW ] the nations will put their hope”.

Qur’an 5 : 67.

“O’ Messenger! Announced them what has been reached to you from your Lordship and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah will protect you from the people.

Was – Salaam,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.


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