Lesson 10 Monotheism. Who is the Commander of Lord‘s Army & the holder of Double Edged Sword?

AL : ELY Bism-e- Tua’allah.

Dear Students,  Salamun Alaikum,

Who is the Commander of Lord‘s Army & the holder of Double Edged Sword?

I appreciate you, for showing your keen interest in these Lessons of mine. Today I am going to provide you, the most beautiful discovery. The disclosed “Teacher of the Righteousness / Allim -ul- Sadeqien” from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Commander of Lord’s Army in Heaven from the holy Scriptures.

Dear Students of Truth!

Please give thanks to your Lord for the holy discovery of truth. This is more comprehensive and you can easily understand it, with your own IQ level. It was said:

Qur’an 51: 37.

And we have left [Turkaremainder of the Prophets (i.e. the Dead Sea Scrolls) a sign for those who fear the painful torment. (Before the day of Qayamah).

Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran community !

The Dead Sea Scrolls are found dramatically from 21 caves, secured by Shadowy Party / Qumran Community a Monastic Sect living in isolation, in the barren desert, near the shores of the Dead Sea. The sect was found living, probably about 165 BC and survived until 68CE, when it was destroyed in the Jewish revolt. There are some photographs showing the Holy Scrolls, which were found in 1947- 56 near the Dead Sea, a place about 21 Kilometer far from the Damascus (capital of Syria).

Professor Eleazar SukenikLeft to right John Strugnell, Frank Cross, Professor H Wright Backer of

First Israeli ScholarFather Milik John Allegro and Father Stracky. ManchesterUniversityLondonUK.

Professor Eleazar Sukenik of Hebrew was the first Israeli Scholar, to obtain and translate some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Whereas, in another photo Professor, H. W. Backer, is cutting the Copper Scrolls into segments, in order for it to be translated. In the same picture you can see 2 un-opened Copper Scrolls, found broken into two sections from cave 3 in 1952.

Qumran Community!

Qumran Community, is the owner of the holly Scrolls. The said sect was founded by the otherwise unknown Teacher of the Righteousness. Qumran Community regarded themselves as the true people of God, and all others, including the Jewish Leaders at Jerusalem were their enemies.

It has been disclosed from the record, that they called themselves as the Sons of Light ( Bin -el- Noor ) and they lived for the day when in the final battle against the Sons of Darkness. ( Bin -el- Zulmat ), they would be given to victory and dominion, which was their due. Meanwhile they kept themselves to themselves, occupied in the diligent study of the holy Scriptures / Holly Scrolls, bound by a strict Monastic discipline as:

“Loving one another and hating all those outside”.

The said holy teacher was also aware of the hour (Time) of the day of destruction.

Qur’an 31: 34 said:

“Lo! Allah, with Him is the knowledge of the Sa’aet hour of destruction”.

Qur’an 5: 55 & 56 said:


Choose not, except Allah and His Messenger & the believers as your chief.

Lo! The party of Allah is the victorious”.

The Qumran Community produced elaborate Biblical commentaries, applying every phrase of the Old Testament and has found a brief word to word commentary for all Holy Scriptures. They also looked forward to the coming of 2 Messiahs / Christs one of David’s descendent and other from Aaron [ Hz : Haroon [A.S] priestly family called Levities / Vicara.

There is an important issue, to recognize our Christs / Mas’ahah for all the Muslims Christians and Jews, as they were mentioned and reminded again and again in the Holy scriptures of past, for which, I will guide you in my coming lessons in detail Insha’Allah. Now we also understand here, that the Priests of the Jews are also strongly condemned and called enemies for the disclosed Qumran Community.

The Paullian’s, (so called Christians) has followed the path of these false Priests of the Jews after the Christ Hz : Esa A.S (Jesus) and they put them on the wrong path. Therefore, there was guidance for all the said Paullian’s in the Holy Qur’an at:

Qur’an 5: 77

“O’ people of the Book ( Bible) ! Stress not in your religion other than the Truth, and follow not the vain desires of the folk (Jews) who erred of old and led many astray, and erred from a right path”.

The most important discovery to me is, the holy “Teacher of the Righteousness / Allim -ul- Sadeqien”. who was the knower of the unknown hour ( Sub Second / Sa‘aet ) of the day of destruction. The Teacher of the Righteousness in the holy scriptures of past referred to the most honored Lord. In relation to the said holy discovery, I have to submit some more holy scriptures of past, before going into the holy Qur’an, to clear all the ambiguities in it. An oracle disclosed:

Revelation 19: 11-16

“ Rider of the White Horse 

“I saw (when) heaven stripped open ( Qur’an 81: 11 & 82 : 1 ) and there before me was awhite horse. Whose rider is called Faithful / Amin (Qur’an 81 : 21) and Truth / Al-Haque. With Justice He Judges and makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire and on His head are many crowns……. He is dressed in a robe dipped in Blood, and His name is the Word of God (Dot below the Ba -e- Bismillah / Qur’an 81: 20 – 24 / 53 : 4 -18 ). The armies of heaven were following Him, ridding on the white horses …….. In His mouth is a sharpsword, with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. On His robe and on His thigh, He has written:


The Lord has been disclosed as TRUTH, AL- Haque, a Judge, owner of the Sharp Sword and a Commander of the Armies of Heaven. Wearing many crowns, a Mighty King and a Mighty Lord of Lords and more importantly a Warrior & a Mankind.

Qur’an Chapter 10: 108 – 109 said.

Say: O’ you mankind! 

Now Al Haque Truth has reached to you from your LORDS / Rabbabikum. So whosoever receives guidance for the good of his own self, and whosoever, goes astray, he does so to his own loss. And I am not a Solicitor above you. And follow (The Truth) which has revealed ( from Revelation ) unto you and be in patient till Allah Judges. And He is the best of the Judges.

Dear believers of Truth!

You may have concentrated on the above examples of the Holy Verses. You could realize easily, that the Truth was the Commander of the heavenly armies and a True Judge. The above verse from Holy Qur’an has clearly explained that the Judge is the Allah Himself. And without doubt, He is the Lord of Lords as well.

There was a holy Prophet Hz : Yousha A.S, just after Hz : Musa A.S. He disclosed his Lord as a mighty Man and a Commander of the Armies of Heaven as well. Please see:

Joshua 5: 13 -15.

“ Now when Joshua was near Jericho( A Hill area ) he looked up and saw a Manstanding in front of him with a drawn sword in His hand. Joshua ( Hz: Yousha A.S ) went up to him and asked. Are you for us, or for our enemies. NO, He replied, “but as a Commander of the heavenly armies of the Lord I have now come. Then Joshua ( Hz: Yousha A.S ) fell face down to the ground in reverence ( Sajdah ) and asked Him. What message does my Lord have for his servant? The Commander of the Lord’s army, replied Take off your sandals! For the place where you are standing is Holy” and Joshua did so.”

Dear followers of Iman!

In the above chapter, we must have to find, few highlighted points importantly, i.e.

1. Why a Commander of the heavenly armies was reminded us in the holy Scriptures?

2. Why the Holy Prophet Joshua has called Him his Lord?

3. Why that holy Prophet Joshua has prostrated him in Sajdah ?

4. Why that holy Prophet Joshua called himself to be His servant ( Abd )?

5. Why the place, where His Lord was standing called Holy and Joshua took off his sandals?

Once you understand the said holy discoveries, then you may have further guidance in relation to the Commander of the heavenly armies. Paullian’s are found totally confused in this issue; even they were having many references available with them. They are found like a duff and dumb.

Look here please!

Revelation / Aya’at Chapter 2: 12 – 17.

“…..These are the words of Him who has the Double Edged sword (known as Zulfiqar). I know where you live (and) where Satan has his throne. You remain true to my Name ELY (JJ). You did not renounce your faith (Iman) in me (Because I am the Qule Iman).……………”

Verse 16 of the above Chapter said:

“Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you, and will fight against them (The unbelievers), with the sword of my mouth  ( Same as said in chapter 19 of Revelation Verse15 ). He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Beit – e – Bara. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden Manna ( known White Sweet ). I will also give him a White Stone ( Dur- e – Najaf ) with a name written on it, known only to him who receives it ”.

Now, I am going to give you, some holy Verses of Qur’an in relation to these gifts called Manna & White Stone. Qur’an 61: 13 and 41 : 31 has reminded us about these gifts, but the Scholars of Qur’an could not understand. Therefore, it is submitted for your increase of Iman. Further, in relation to our subject issue “Commander of heavenly armies” I’ve provided you, a beautiful chapter of the past, which is thoroughly verified by the Holy Qur’an again and again.

JOEL 2: 1- 12.

Blow the trumpet in Zion….Let all who live in the Land tremble, for the Day of the Lord is coming ( Qur’an 14 : 44 ). It is close at hand. ( Qur’an 101 : 4 ) a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness. Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and Mighty army ( Qur’an 73 : 12 ) comes such as never was of old, nor ever will be in ages to come. Like a Mighty Army drawn up for battle. ( ( Qur’an 5 : 5689 : 22 ) At the sight of them the nations are in anguish, every faces turn pale. ( Qur’an 58 : 20 ) . ……They all march in line, not swerving from their course.

They do not jostle each other, each marches straight a head. ( Qur’an 54 : 44 – 45 ). They climb into the houses…….. ( Qur’an 37 : 177 ).

Before them, the earth shakes, the sky trembles ( 52 : 9 , 58 : 21). The Sun and Moon are darkened and the stars no longer shines. (Qur’an 81: 1- 2 ). The Lord thunders at the head of His army. ( As a Commander ) His forces are beyond in numbers and mighty (Qur’an 54 : 7) are those who obey His command (Qur’an 37: 174 -79).

The day of the Lord is great. It is dreadful (Qur’an 52 : 7 ).Even Now. Declares the Lord! Return to me, with all your heart, with fasting, weeping and mourning” … return to your God for He is Gracious and Compassionate.”

Dear Seekers of the Lord!

The same message and a Warning from our Lord still stands: for all

Return to me and I will return to you. But the majority is far from the understandings of the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Qur’an has said for them: Sumun Bukmun Fahum La-Yerjaoun, they have the ears but never hear like a duff and dumb and could not comprehend”.

Have you not seen? That how beautifully all the Holy Scriptures of the past and present are found interlinked with each other? Be sure, the knowledge, you have got from these holy Lessons, wasn’t provided even to the highest Priests of the past. The so called Scholars of Islam are found ignorant of the fact, that whole the Lordship was manifested to us as a mankind in Nafse. The Lord’s Army was also introduced by our Moula and Imam ELY J. J saying:

“ Praise be to Allah. Whose praise is wide spread?

Whose army is overpowering……..”.

                            (Sermon No 190 Nahjul Balagha).

Dear believers!

It was shown to me on 10th August 1999 and it is a holy present for you. The Army of our Lord deployed in a Planet “Koukab” in Arabic and a welcome Khush Amdeid in Persian language, seen displayed in miles and miles shone like sunlight on the horizons opposite to each other. The said display was glittering and smoke was rising high as shown in the pictures above.

It’s outer boundary was well secured with very advanced technology. It is far from the heavens. The most modern flights made of a very light and thin metallic material, having their windows in circles, able to land on earth as well as on waters very swiftly. The said material of the flights is not available on our planets. There was a welcoming slogan for every new comer, with a joy full voices “EL HAQUE, EL HAQUE (The Truth, The Truth ).

Thanks to the Lord ELY -ul- Ezeem who has shown it to me. You will come to know about the disclosed “Truth” a man kindly Lord and aWarrior in your next Lesson Insha – Allah.

ISAIAH 13 : 5 disclosed: 

“ The Lord is mustering an army for war. They will come from far away lands, from the ends of the Heavens. The Lord and the weapons of His wrath, to destroy the whole country ( Babylon )”.

( Babylon the inhabitants of the cursed door now situated in Iraq ).

With Best Wishes,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.


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