Lesson 2 Monotheism. What is the Value of Dot ?

Lesson 2:

12 Mar 2008

Bism – e- Tua’alla al ELY-ul-Ea’ala.

Sub: What is the Value of Dot ?

Dear Students,  Salamun Alaikum,

(From an article of mine published in UK. The Value of Dot. ( A holy discovery of Mathematics ) By :  Dr. ( Rev ) S. Akbar Abbas Naqvi.

 As a student of Open University of UK whilst, studying “Mathematics in Computing Science” I’ve disclosed a hidden asset in the history of Mathematics. It shows that the value of “Dot” is also an important sign and the maximum in numeric value / Addad. That the “Dot” has it’s numeric value as “Nine” ( 9 ).

More-over, as we know that what ever is written or drawn in all the Holy Scriptures / Holy Books or weitten in words / addad in the Scrolls of our Lord of Heaven, was started from the Dot. Therefore, the numeric Dot is the foundation of Numeracy and Literacy. It’s numeric Value Nine “9” disclosed as under :

10 is actually 1+ 0 that is disclosed as 1+ 9 = 10, so the 0 is disclosed as Nine “9”.

Likewise, 100 is 1+00 and it was disclosed as 1+99= 100. And 1000 is 1+

000 which is disclosed as 1+999 =1000 so on.{ Note: Please remember that in Arabic the “0” Zero is actually a “Dot” [.] of Numeric }.

Now, as it has been disclosed to you, that the Dot ( Zero ) is holding it’s value Nine “9” in Numeracy. Therefore, I have included the holy “Elm-ul Eidad” to prove it to you, that how all the things were created through it. And why it is a foundation of every thing in creation?

You may know! that the “Elm-ul- Eidad / Knowledge of the Numeracy” was taught first time, by the Holy Imam Jafar -el- Sadiq [ A.S ] in [140H] 719 C.E. That is the time, when the world came to know, first time “Man‘s Number” from this holy knowledge.

 What is Man’s Number ?

It is called Numeric Numbers / Numeric Values, for any name of a mankind. It is also added here, that The Numeric values of every Arabic, Hebrew and Syriac Peshitta / Bessita word used in Holy Scriptures were based on the Numerical Values, which is disclosed by the same knowledge of “Elm-ul- Eidad.

There is a Holy Master Chart for all the alphabets of these 3 basic languages, related to the holy scriptures of Islam, Jews and the Christianity. The said Master Chart for Numeric values is as under :

The Holy Chart of Numeric Values:

Alif = 1, Ba= 2, Gim = 3, Dal = 4, Ha = 5,Wao = 6, Zei = 7, Hey = 8, Toin = 9, Yei = 10, Kaf = 20, Lam =30, Mim = 40, Nun = 50 in = 60, Ein 70, Fe = 80, Suad = 90, Quaf = 100, Ra = 200, Shin = 300, Tei = 400, Sey = 500, Khey = 600, Zal = 700, Zuad = 800, Zoin = 900, Ghain = 1000.

 Please Note:

This holy chart of Numeric values was given to Hz: Muse A.S, by Lord Himself. Therefore Musa ( A.S) then provided it in Book of Torah and became the foundation of all the Holy Scriptures of our Lord Most High. )” With the help of this Holy Chart, now we can see how the value of “Dot” ( 9 ) is calculated as it’s Numeric values.

For example Akbar is my name and if we need to know the numerical number of Akbar, then we calculate it as under:

Alf =  1

Kaf =  20

Ba =   2

Ray = 200


Total : 223.

Now, If we put the disclosed value of Dot = 9 here, to find out that my name Akbar was created with the power of Nine “9”then the formula is as under :

Man’s Number of Akbar calculated above comes = 223 Now multiply with Dot’s value which is “9” x 223 = 2007

Added according to Elm -ul- Eidad 2007 as 2+0+0+7 = 9. Thus, it is reversed to the same

value of Dot = 9. Likewise, every word being the name of everything or being the alphabet of every language will be reversed to the same value of Dot / Nine”9″. The Nine ( Dot ) will be taken as a Creator of all the things. In Islamic theology Imam -e- ELY (AS) was introduced as the “Dot of the word Ba of Bismallah of Quran.”.

Therefore, if you have put the above formula with any name, word or anything moveable or immoveable, result will be the same. Everything created in this world was called spreading and moving back to its value Nine”9″ is called Reversing”.

Dear Brothers of Iman !

 I have coded here, a very popular and authentic Hadis-e-Mubarika which says:

” The Whole noble Qur’an is in the First Verse of the First Chapter of the Holy Surah Fateha. And the whole First Verse has absorbed in the First Word “Ba”. Then Holy Prophet quoted that I am the Qousein of the Ba -e- Bismillah and ELY ( AS ) is the Dot below the word Ba.”

Qur’an 19 : 40.

” Lo! We have inherit the earth and whatsoever is on it, and to Us they returned.

Qur’an 50 : 43.

 ”Lo! It is We who gave Life and Death and to Us is the return”.

 Who they are ? And to whom we all are returning?

Qur’an 15 : 23.

Lo! It is We who gave life and death and We are the Inheritors ( Warisoun ).They are the Inheritors, it’s good. How they are the Inheritors ?

These Holy Attributes of our Lord and the Holy

Creators of all the things, have reminded to all of the grown mankind of the worlds saying :

Qur’an 56 : 57- 62 { Surah AL- Waqiah }.

Have You seen what you emit ?

Do you Creat it ? Or We the Creators [ Nahn – ul – Kaliqoun ] ?No ! It is

We who Created you, Then why don’t you certify the Truth (of your Creators ].It is We who decreed Death unto you and We are no to be frustrated, from changing your forms, and creating a form, you do not know. Lo ! you have known the first (form of) creation, then why do you not reflect ?

Surely the man kinds are not reflecting on the Truth and haven’t try to understand, or to recognize our Creators. Whereas, the Holy Scriptures introduced these Creators of the Holy Qur’an and have said :

Qur’an 52 : 35.

 ”Or were they created out of Nothing /Gheir -e- Shein, or are they the Creators” ?

The details will be given in the coming Lesson 9, relating to the word “Nothing / Gheir – e- Shein” of the above verse. At present, we are concentrating on the value of Dot.Now you have seen the holy scriptures and have no doubt about the reversing towards the holy Creators. Multiplication is a kind of spreading /coming towards Creation and returning to the value Nine 9 ( Dot) is it’s reversing towards our Creators / the base. You have seen that every number which you multiply with 9, definitely by reversing formula above, will back to the same value Nine “9”.

And Nine 9 is the value of Dot and the Dot is the Most High Creator of all the beings. It is a Most Great News which has been disclosed First time in the world history of mathematics. Therefore, being the First President of “ISIJ” an International Society of Islamic Journalism, I was deputed to disclose the said Most Great News / “Naba -ul- Eaziem” of the Holy Qur’an. Which was promised to you, that you will get it twice. It was said as under :

Qur’an 78 : 1- 5.

1. Of what do they ask one another?

2. Of the Most Great News,

3. About which they are in dispute,

4. Lo ! They will come to know soon,

5. Lo! Once again, they will come to know soon.

The Dot is disclosed the foundation of the Numeracy and Literacy, in the same way our Great Imam is called the Dot below the Ba. That is why the Most Great News, is referred to our Great Imam ELY (A.S) . He was also called a Great and a Mighty Man with the authentic Holy Verses of the past, for all the Muslims, Jews and Christians.

 In fact, it is accepted unanimously by all the Muslim Scholars, a foretold coming of the Lord Himself as a Mighty Man, a Warrior and a War Crier with the Prophet of the covenant at Malachi 3 : 1 & Isaiah 42 : 1- 4 ( From the Holy Sahaif of the past) .

 The Teachers of the Bible don’t have any knowledge about the said Prophet of the Covenant, or the Venue of that Covenant, to disclose the time of the Lord’s coming for their Bible readers. In the same way of vice versa the Muslim Scholars were not aware of the Lord’s coming with the Prophet of the covenant. Whilst, he was our holy Prophet.

Qur‘an 3 : 81.

” And when Allah took the Covenant from ( all ) the Prophets. (Behold) which I have given you of the Book and Wisdom then a Prophet will come to you, confirming that which is with you: You shall surely, believe in him and help him. He (Lord) said: Do you agree, and will you take up my burden? They said we agree. He said: Then bear you witness and I am a witness among the witnesses with you.”

Qur’an 5 : 15.

” O, People of the Book ( Bible ) ! Indeed our Messenger has come to you, Confirming to you much of what you had and had been concealing of the Book. And he forgave you in much and indeed there has been reached to you from Allah (Ellohim) “Nuroun and Kitaboun Mubbien”.

The Lord’s coming with Muhammad ( SAWW ) is disclosed with the help of previous holy verses foretold. But who is that? It is a matter yet to be solved by all the Scholars of Islam. A Great challenge for all of them. You will be filled with Great knowledge in coming days with the permission of Great Mercy ( ELY-aj ) and Grace ( Mohammed saww ) of your Lord with my further lessons and more holy discoveries of truth.

With Best regards,

Yours brother in Iman.

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.






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