Lesson 9 Monotheism. “ Gherey Sheyin ”


AL : ELY Bism-e- Allaha

Dear Students,    Salamun Alaikum,

Subject: Gherey Sheyin

 Dear believers !

Today I would like to guide you with the Arabic Word Gherey Sheyin / La Sheyn, from which you can easily understand it’s meaning and use in Qur’an and for whom it was revealed?

Holy Qur’an at 28 : 88.

                                    “….Kullo Sheyin Halikoun Illa Wajhu…..”.

                                “ Everything is perishable except His face

Then what is Wajhu and why it is not perishable? And Wajhu in Arabic means Face.

Qur’an 55 : 26 – 27 :

 [Kulo mun elleha fa’nien va yabqa WAJHU Rabika Zuljalal-e- Wal Ikram].

All that is on it will perish, and will remain forever Wajhu of your Glorious Lord.

Now it is well known Hadise e Mubarika available with all the Muslims that Imam Ely (AJ) have also been called by holy Prophet once again as Wajhu – Ullah and it means Face of Allah. Seeing to the face of ELY (AJ) means seeing to Allah, Therefore, seeing to Moula ELY (AJ) was called worship / ebadat of the companions of the Holy Prophet (savw).

But there was a question arose that weather the only face of Lord will save out of His whole complete physical form and the rest will be perishable  according to the said  holy verse (Naouzbillah)?

It was difficult to understand the word of wisdom of Holy Qur’an therefore, it was a question raised by the non-believers after the Holy Prophet? Therefore, making the reasonable question that it means that everything will be perished except the Face of your Lord. So what about, rest of the body of your Lord ?

The Holy Imam Mohammed Baqir (A.J) replied!

There are many other living creatures of two hands and of two feet, but a mankind has his own recognition through his face. Face is for the recognition. Therefore, in this particularly means recognition means of face of Allah as  Wajhu. Then the Holy Imam Mohammed Baqir (A.J) explained the above Holy verse to him saying that: “The Lord has called Us to be His Face WAJHU. And We are the Living for Ever and are un-perishable.”

All Huslims were guided in truth that Hz: Haroun (as) was a symbo; of Mola ELY (AJ) and Musa (as) a as a symbol of Muhammad (savw) Therefore, accordingly in holy scriptures of Torah, Hz: Haroon (A.S ) was called the Face of God / Ellohim. and Moses as GOD / Ellohim. Look Please:

Exodus ( Shemot / Sama‘at ) 4 : 16.

“And it will be as If He ( Haroon ) will be your mouth / Face and as if you (O’ Moosa) were ( Ellohim ) GOD for Him.”

Therefore, Muhammad (savw) also called the God of Bible and was appeared as God / Ellohim is many scriptures of past. My Lesson 19 will be on this subject in detail. So at present you may know that Hz: Haroun (as) was also known as Face of God.

Dear Students !

Now you could have followed the word Wajhu and it’s use in different ways of Holy scriptures of the past and the new guide lines of our Holy Immam on it. Our Holy Immam has also claimed that they are un-perishable and for them the scriptures have said Yabqa / Living for ever.

 I have found another reference from the holy Scriptures of Torah ( Torait ) in this context. Where we can also found the same authorities for which the Christians and Jews are still confused about these Divine and holy attributes of our Lord In Heaven and those are with Lord as well as known Living for Ever.

Genesis: ( Bereshith ) 3 : 22.

The man has now become like one of US knowing Good and Evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the Tree of Life and eat and Live for Ever.

Now Look the certification of these holy verse in Qur’an as under :

Holy Qur’an 7 : 21:

“ And ( Sheytan ) said: Your Lord did not forbid you two from this Tree( Tree of Life) but lest you two may become Kingly or immortals / Living For Ever.

Again Look at Holy Qur’an at 20 : 21:

“But Sheytan whispered to him, saying: O’ Adam, shall I direct you to the Shajra -ul- Khuld / Tree of Life and a Kingdom that never decays?.

Dear Believers of Truth !

Now I would like to introduce their Divine Authority from Holy Qur’an so you may understand and have strong faith in your Divine Authorities accordingly. I would like to come back on my introductory verse of Holy Qur’an saying:

 Qur’an at 28 : 88.

“ …..Kullo Sheyin Halikoun Illa Wajhu…..”.

Everything is perishable except His Wajhu / Face

You could easily understand that Everything means Kullo Sheyin in Arabic. And opposite of the said word is Gherey Sheyin which means not from any thing.

When everything will be perished as per the clear understanding of the said verse, then it is understood that the Living for Ever ( Divine Authorities ) must be from Nothing / Gherey Sheyin. And they will not be perished, and they are our divine Aima (Kule Jallalien).

Therefore, I have chosen another holy Verse of Our Holy Qur’an once again to furnish this issue more evidently in front of you to day. The above disclosed Holy and Divine Authorities have questioned to all the disbelievers those have not recognize them their Creators or of Absolute Authority and Owner of the Treasures of our Lord.

Qur’an 52 : 35 – 37 said:

Or were they created from Gherey Sheyin / out of Nothing?

Or are they the Creators ( Al- Kaliqoun ) ?Or have they

Created the Heavens and the Earth ?

No! certainly not.

Or with them are the Treasures of your Lord? Or do they have Absolute Authority?

At another place they have reminded to the male and female adult disbelievers saying:

 Qur‘an 56 : 57- 59.

Have you seen what you emit ( sperm ) ?

Do You Create It ? Or We the Creators ( Al- Kaliqoun ) ?It is We who Created you, then Why don’t certify ( us as the Creators ) and certify the truth. ( That We are your Creators ).

Qur‘an 20 : 55.

“We have Created You ( from the Earth ) and into it We will return you. And We will bring you forth from it at last.

Therefore, our divine Immams are the ones who created the mankind and became our creators in truth and we must have to certify them accordingly. that’s why it was said by our divine imam and have disclosed here for you all:

aima anwar

Dear Truth Seekers !

Now it has been evidently proved to you with the help of few holy scriptures that our Holy Divine Authorities / Holy Immams are the Creators having Absolute Authority and have Created from Gherey Sheyin, so Living for Ever and found Absolute owner of all the Treasures of Lord.

 Even now many hypocrites will not accept the Truth of our Holy and divine scriptures cause for them there is no guidance. For them the holy scriptures have already said:

Qur’an at 16 : 104.

“Lo! Those who do not believe in the signs ( Ayat ) of Allah , Allah does not guide them, and for them there shall be a painful torment.”.

Qur’an 63 : 6 -7.

“Whether you ask forgiveness for them or do not ask it is all the same: Allah will not forgive them. Lo! Allah does not guide transgressing people. They are the ones who say:

Do not spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah, till they break away ( from him ). Allah’s are the Treasures of the heaven and the Earth but the Hypocrites do not understand”.

With Best Wishes,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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