Lesson 8 Monotheism. Haruf -e- Maqta’at


“EL ELY” Bism – e- Tua’alla.


Sub: Haruf -e- Maqta’at

Dear Students,    Salamun Alaikum,

Dear Students !

Today I am going to teach you about “Haruf -e- Maqta’at / The Holy Abbreviated Words. You may know that there are 14 Holy Abbreviated Words in our Holy Qur’an. The Sunnah Scholars have normally said that, no one knows except Allah about the said Holy Haruf -e- Maqta’at in detail.

But the Holy Qur’an did not support that idea of Sunnah Scholars and have said clearly :

Qur’an 11 : 1.

These abbreviated Verses / Signs of the Book ( Kitab- al -Mubbien ) are firmly arranged [Suma Fusselat Min Luddun Hakimmin Khabir]” then explained clearly from the all wise all aware.

Now once the Holy verses has clearly proved that the said abbreviated verses / Signs have been explained by the Lordship. Then undoubtedly. their meanings were also provided to us. It is understood, that in any law of Teaching Strategy, no explanation can be provided, until it’s meaning wasn’t clear to the said word for the students.

Therefore, it was necessary to translate and to explain these holy abbreviated Words/ Verses, rather than denying the important Verses and the paths of Light, for every School of Thoughts in Islam.

Further in it, the Holy Qur’an has stated, that these Holy Abbreviated Words are the verses / Signs of the Kitab -el- Hakim / Wiser Book at 10 : 1, and then the said Kitab -el- Hakim has been introduced as Kitab- el- Mubbien. Please see as under :

Qur’an 12 : 1.

“Alf Lam Ra ( 3 out of 14 ) are the abbreviated Words of Kitab- el- Mubbien / Manifested Book”.

Therefore, I’ve decided to explain first, Kitab -al- Mubbien / Manifested Book to you, before going to guide you in the said Holy Abbreviated Words / Haruf -e- Maqta’at. It will be more fruitful to you, to understand the foundation of these holy abbreviated Words / Haruf-e-Maqta’at, so that you may be in great and strong belief / faith.

What is Kitab -el- Mubbien ?

A Short Introduction of this Manifested BOOK is as under :

Qur’an 44:1-3.

Ha & Mim” ( 2 of 14 ] are sent down with Kitab-el-Mubbien in a Blessed Night ”.

Now it is clear to you that the Kitab -al- Mubbien / Manifested Book has also came down in a one night, and that night was called a Blessed Night, cause of the divine abbreviated Words HA and MIM were came down with the Whole Divine Kitab -al- Mubbien on that “One blessed Night”.

Some Sunnah Scholars are still confused and have said, that the said Manifested Book is the Holy Qur’an. But again they are fully wrong in their thoughts, cause the said Book of Holy Qur’an was never ever revealed in a one Night. There is no doubt for any of us, that Holy Qur’an was revealed in 23 years at various places / timings of days and nights. Therefore, the Holy Qur’an wasn’t that Manifested Book / Kitab -al- Mubbien.

We can see some further evidences, in favor of our valuable assessments on the divine subject today. There is a Light for you, so now concentrate more on every verse given below :

Qur’an 14 :1 said :

Alif Lam Ra ( 3 out of 14 ) Kitaboun ( Books ), We revealed to you, so that you may bring forth mankind from Darkness unto LIGHT by their Lord’s permission. to the way of the Mighty the Praiseworthy.

Therefore, the Holy Prophet has guided the mankind with these holy abbreviated Words, to show the Way of our Lord, with the permission of his Lord.

Qur’an 15:1- 2.

“Alif Lam Ra. The signs of the Book and Manifested Qur’an [ The Imam of Qur’an 36 :12 ].

It is very important here to know that the said message is for the whole mankind, and not only for any particular faith / religion. Therefore, every one of us must have to concentrate on it rather than following their own schools of thought blindly.

Qur’an 11 : 6.

“And there is not a beast in the earth, but the Sustenance thereof depends on Allah. He knows its habitation and its repository. All is in the Manifested Books / Kitabien Mubbien.”

Qur’an 6: 59

“And with Him are the Keys of the invisible. None but He knows them. And He knew what is in the Land and the Sea. Not a leaf falls but He knows it. Not a grain amid the darkness of the earth , not of wet or dry but in Manifested Books / Kitabien Mubbien.”

Qur’an 34 : 3 & 10 : 61- 62.

“ …… Not an atom’s weight or less than that or greater, escapes Him in the heavens or the earth, but it is in the Manifested Books / Kitabien Mubbien.”

Qur’an 27 : 75.

“And there is nothing hidden in the heaven or in the earth, but it is in the Manifested Books / Kitabien Mubbien.”

Qur’an 22 : 70.

“ Have you not know that Allah knows all that is in the Heaven and the Earth? Lo! It is in the Books [ Kitabien ] Lo! That is easy for Allah.”

Qur’an 35 : 11.

“…….And no one grow old nor is aught lessened of his life, but it is in the Books [Kitabien] Lo ! That is easy for Allah.”

Qur’an 36 : 12.

“ Lo it is We who bring the Dead to Life. We record that which they send before [ them ] and their footprints. And all things, We have kept in IMAMIEN Mubbien / Manifested IMMAMS.”

Please note here that Shia and Sunnah Scholars have accepted the Holy Imams / Aima Shia, being the said Holy Manifested IMMAMS. It is also reported in our ( Tafsir ) explanation, of the said Word “IMAMIEN Mubbien” that :

Holy Imam Baqir ( A.J ) said, that when this verse was revealed Abubaker and Umer asked the Holy Prophet ( SAWW ). “ Is Immamum Mubien the Tawrat given to Musa? The answer was “No”. Again they asked “ is it the Holy Injil given to Issa ? The answer was “No”. Then they asked: Is it the Holy Qur’an? “ No” was the answer. Then turning towards ELY (AJ) the Holy Prophet ( SAWW ) said. Lo! This is the manifested Imam / Book in whom is the knowledge of Everything”.

As we know now, that all the 12 Imams ( Aima Asna Ashry ) have been named Manifested Immams, as well as Manifested Books by the divine Holy Verses. Now I will like to take you in further Light, so please be in patient and more conscious in further guidance of the Holy Verses.

Qur’an 5 :15.

{ O’ People of the Book Bible}!

 Now our Messenger has reached to you, expounding unto you much of that, which you used to hide in the Book [ Bible] and forgiving much. [ O’ People of the Book ] Now have reached to you, from Allah the Manifested Lights and the Manifested Books. “ Qad Ja’ao Kum Nooroun Va Kitaboun Mubbien.” Therefore, a further introduction of that IMAMS / Books from the Holy Qur‘an has been disclosed, that they are also called the United Lights / Noroun altogether and reached to us in manifestation.

Qur’an 13 : 43.

“The disbelievers said! You are not a Messenger [ O’ Muhammed ] Say:

Allah and the other, who has the knowledge of the Book [ IMAM -e- ELY J.J. ] are sufficient witness between me and you.”

The said Holy IMAM ELY ( ALI ) is introduced in many ways in the Holy Verses as :

“Kitab -el – Mubbien / Manifested Book, Kitab-el- Munnir / Enlighten Book , Kitab -el – Aziz / Mighty Book, Kitab -el – Hakim / Wiser Book, Kitabun Marqum / Written Book, ELYON Hakim / Wiser ELY and his holy Attributes are also called as Kitabien Mubbien / Manifested Books and Qur’anien Mubbien / Manifested Qur’an”, etc.

The whole Holy and purified Royal family of heaven was called as  Holy and purified ones and they came down physically, to guide us into Light from the Darkness. Theese Holy Ones, were only have the right to guide us being sinless, so we could be in complete Light and follow their Paths of Peace. .

Abbreviated Words “Haruf-e-Maqta’at”

As we know, that there are only 14 holy Abbreviated Words and they have been repeatedly displayed in various Chapters of the holy Qur’an, being a introducing verse Like:

Alif Lam Mim, Alif Lam Ra, Kaf Ha Ya Ein Suad, Quaf, Nun, Ya Sin, Ta Ha and Hei Mim.

These Holy words are 14 in numbers and are as under:

Ein, Ta, Mim, Hei, Ya, Lam, Alif, Suad, Kaf, Ra, Quaf, Nun, Sin, Ha.”

You know that the said abbreviated words / 14 Haruf-e-Maqta’at were known to you in my previous lesson being the names of Holy divine ones the Ahlel-Beit (Kule Jallalien). 

The word “EIN” / E is for ELY [ ALI J.J] the first Alphabet of His Holy Name, also introduced properly. Then the word “Ta” / T, for the Fatimah [ S. A]. The praised one of all the Prophets. The holy Prophet Solemn ( A.S. ) praised her and have said:

“ She is the Perfect One, Unique one, Blessed one & the only daughter of her mother

[ Khadija -el- Kubra ] the favorite of the one who bore her. The maidens saw her and called her blessed; the queens and concubines praised “Subhan” for her. See at [ Song of Songs / Sda-e-ha Syedim 6 : 9 ].

Then the word “Mim”/ M for EL : MOHAMMED – E – MUSTAFA ( S.A.W.W ). The holy one & the Loved one. Hz : Solemn ( A.S ) called Mohammedim in Hebrew means altogether Muhammed, translated as “Altogether lovely” at : Song of Songs 5 :16.


These Holy Ones / Holy Attributes have also been called, AL : Ealien / Most Highs and Mala – il -Ea’ala / Most High Chiefs at Qur’an 38 : 75 & 37: 8. Their holy Assembly have been highlighted at Qur’an : 37: 8. And in Zabur 82 : 1& 6 and Zabur 138 : 1, already disclosed to you in my last lesson. The Holy Qur’an disclosed about the said Most Holy & Divine Assembly that;

Qur’an 37: 9.

It has been saved from every rebellion Satan. The Satanic forces can not listen their Holy plan or their Holy talk. If some one try to steal their Holy plan, then for that Satan there is a fiery chastisement from heaven.

So they are in Physical Form of Nafse in Heaven. You are now in a complete Light with the permission of your Lord. The guidance is from the Lord, and the divine guidance of the Lordship is now provided to you, for your best understandings. May Lord Bless you and keep you all, under His Great Mercy and Grace. [ A’meen ].

With best Wishes,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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