Lesson 7. Who is EL-ELYON in the holy Scriptures ?

Lesson 7:

12 Mar 2008

 Bism-e-Tua’alla al-ELY-ul-Eaziem (AJ).

 Dear Brothers,     Salamun Alaikum.

 Sub: Who is EL-ELYON in the holy Scriptures ?

Today‘s Lesson is related to the word “ELYON,” which is appeared in all the previous holy books and Scriptures of the past revealed before the Holy Qur’an and the Lord has questioned to all the readers of Qur’an saying :

Qur’an 83: 19 – 20

” What did you understand what the ELYON is?”

Kitab -un- Marqoum. [ELYON is] a Written Book.

Dear readers of Qur’an be careful, the word Kitab / Book, referred in Quran like, Manifested Book / Kitab-ul-Mubien was actually called for the Manifested Imam. And I’ll guide you in that book  properly insha-Allah. You must know, that the said book was also called the Book of Life but He is our LORD ELY (AJ). And it is true that ELYON was well known as ELY (AJ) in the previous holy books as well. Lord ELY (AJ) and His divine attributes were also called speaking book, Holy purified words and purified Tree (Purified Shijra) like a Holy family tree. for example look :

Holy Qur’an 14: 24

“AL-Kalimatien Tayibatien Va Kashajratien Tayyibatien”.

The Holy Words being the Holy Trees,.

The Holy Attributes of the Lord, have also been introduced as Sons, but non begotten ones. They were also called Norun Ela Nourien / Lights above Lights, at Surah Noor ( Light ) 24 : 35. These holy Attributes have reached to us / came down, as a Light being a Mankind and were called the Sons of ALI ( J.J ) / Bin – ELYON, and It was said in Zabur that :

Zabur / Psalm 82 : 1.

 ”Bra-Ellohim presides in the great Assembly; and gives Judgment among the Ellohim”.

Then Great God / Ellohim has also introduced the sons of ELY (AJ) as gods / Ellohim and this Great God / Bra-Ellohim yet not the Supreme God and the sons of ELYON have been called gods / Ellohim.

 Zabur / Psalm 82: 6

” I’ve said you are gods / Ellohim ( Allah ) and all of you are all “Banine-e-ELYON / ELY (A J).

Amazingly, we have found Hz: Essa (A.S) certifying the said divine sons of ELY (AJ) being Allaha and have put all the Paullian (so called Christians) of the time in a great Test and have broken the fale concept of Trinity as he referred himself one of the said divine sons. It may be noted here that the false concept of Trinity was also rejected being a false propogation about the Holy and Divine ones.

John (Youhana) 10 : 34.

 ”Jesus answered the Jews; Is it not written in your Law, I’ve said you are gods / Ellohim ? If he (Bra-Ellohim) called them gods to whom the word of God / Allaha / Ellohim came ? and the Scripture cannot be broken.”

The said Holy Assembly of gods in Zabur & Injil, was also certified Qur’an at :

Qur’an 37 : 8.

” They are not able to listen in the Exalted Assembly of [Mlla-il-Ea’ala]……”

“Therefore, the holy Qur’an has not only confirmed the heavenly divine Assembly, but also introduced these Sons of Lord at :

Lord’s argument for His non begotten Sons / Banien in Qur’an.

Qur’an 37 : 149-157.

And questioned to them (Jews) that for you are sons and for Lord has daughters? Or We have created the Angels as female and for that they are the witnesses of that ? See how they speak lies. And have said that Allah has begotten them? And did He has upholded (Istifa) daughters than the sons (Bannien)? What happens to you that you decided ( my binat and not banien)? Why you don’t concentrate (on your own Zabur)? Or do you have any certain authority? Then come with your book (Zabur) if you are truthfuls?

Dear Students of Truth !

You may know that the Jews were blaming falsely to our holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) that your Lord ELY (AJ) has begotten daughters and they all are Angels. Therefore, the Lord ELY (AJ) has confirmed His divine sons in a detailed argument and have demanded their book Zabur for the said completion of His argument with the Jews. But the Jews were lying and they did not returned with the said demanded book. It is further very clear in this brief argument revealed that if the said book holy book Zabur was presented to Muhammad (saww) then he has to show them the same verses of Zabur Chapter 82 and verse 6 for the certification of theses divine sons of Mola ELY (AJ) known as ELLOHIM in Hebrew and ALLAHA of old Arabic.

It is the only reference in whole the said book confirming the divine Sons of Lord as well as non begotten and of Sadat / Syedim in that holy verse 6 of Chapter 82. And it was the same one which Jesus Christ (Essa-as) has already shown to the Jews proving his divine son ship and in the same time has broken the false “concept of Trinity” preached now the days of with a propagated son ship with the “only begotten son.” Jesus Christ have confirmed himself as a divine son out of the said disclosed divine sons of ELY (AJ).

Another evidence in relation to the said divine Sons of Lord ELY (AJ) being His great sons presented in holy Qur’an with the following verse. You may know that in the law of inheritance the only real son or grand, grand sons can be the true owner of inheritance, through the Muslim’s LAW OF INHERITACE in shariah. Therefore, these divine sons have been introduced with the authority of Allah in Qur’an. Look !

Qur’an 15 : 23.

” Lo! It is We, who give Life and Death and We are the inheritors / Warisoun.”

Further, in relation to the said issue of divine sons ship and confirmed authority being Allah in Qur’an we can see another reference in relation to our 12th divine Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (AJ) Qur’an introduced clearly saying “:

Another evidence for a divine son being attribute of Allah from the divine sons of ELY (AJ).

Qur’an 11: 86.

Remainder of Allah (Imam Mahdi-AJ) is best for you if you are of the believer and If not then I am not a guardian for you.

Imam Jaffar-ul-sadiq (AJ) when explained the said verse He said that when the Reminder of US will come there will be 313 believers with him and He will recite this verse having his back to the Kabbah and he will be called Baqiyat Allah.

Dear Monos !

Be careful refusing the divine sons of Mola ELY(AJ) as Allah / Ellohim makes you a follower of all the devils / Kule Shyatien. Look !

The Holy Qur’an have stopped strongly to every one who is arguing about Allah without the knowledge of Kitabe Munir in Surah Al-Hajj 22 : 8 and called them a follower of Kule Shyatien in the same surah in verse 3. It is more important to know that Kitabe Munir is disclosed to sent with the past Prophets at Quran Surah Fatir 35 : 25. There is no other book except Zabur sent to the Prophet Daud (as) in the past and there is no other verse in all the scriptures of past in which the said issue of Allah have been disclosed except the above refferred verses of Zabur and Allah / Ellohim was the designation of these divine sons of Elyon / ELY (AJ).

Hadis -e- Qudsi from the Sunni Muslim’s record !

Hadis-e-Qudsi No 19. ( A Sunni Reference)

“The Pride ( AL-KIBRYAI ) is my cloak and Honor ( AL-EZMAH ) is my Robe and he who competes with me in respect of either one of them, I shall cast him in to Hell fire”.

(40 Ahadis e qudsi presented by : Ezzid Din Ibrahim, Lebanon).

Sermon No : 191.

Immam Ely (AJ) explained the above Hadis in brief.

O’ Mankind ! Praise ( Subhan ) be to Allah-ul-Eazeem, who wears the apparel of Honor ( AL-EZAMH ) and Pride (Al-KIBRYAI) and has chosen them for himself, instead for his creation. He has made them inaccessible and unlawful for others. He has selected them for his own Great Self, (Nafs-ul-Eazeem). And has hurled curse on him who contests with Him about them. Then he puts His angels al-together (Ajmaoun” Quran 38 : 73) on trial in respect of these holy attributes in order to distinguish those who are modest from those who are vain”.


Moreover, um-ul-Kitabe / mother Book is loaded in ELYON disclosed. Look !

Holy Qur‘an at 43 : 4 :

Va Innahou Fee “UM -al – Kitab” Laden -al- ELYON Hakim.

And it is [the Qur’an] with Mother Book which enclosed with ELYON Hakim. On another place the Verse said:

Qur’an 13 : 39.

  ” Yamhou Allaho Ma Yasha’ao Va Yasbitoum, Va Endahou Um-ull-Kitab”

[Allah effaces or confirms what He wish, and with Him is Mother Book].

The Lord has questioned about ELYON, referring particularly book of Ibrahim (as) in Qur’an therefore, it is important to know it, from the beginning of the holy scriptures, to find out the complete truth. The ELYON was also known to Hz : Ibrahim (A.S) as an Everlasting Imam and as well as King of Peace, a warrior and a Helper being a Mighty King. and found recorded at Sohf-e-Ibrahim and Musa (as) disclosed Book of Ibrahim, said :

Genesis : Chapter 14 : 19-20.

 ”And He [ Malik-el-Salem] King of Peace blessed Ibrahim saying :

“Blessed be Abram by EL: ELYON creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be EL : ELYON who delivered your enemies into your hand.”

And Hz : Ibrahim (A.S), said at Chapter 14 Verse 22.

“I have raised my hand to the Lord EL : ELYON, the Creator of heaven and earth……..”.

“And let the EL”ELYON be praised……….and Abram gave him the 10th of all the animals he hs”

Then Hz: Moosa (A.S), has reminded to the Israelites and called the name of our Lord as ELYON at :

Deut : 32 : 8.

” When the ELYON gave the nations their Inheritance, when He divided all the mankind ( in Heaven )…..”. Hz : Daud (A.S), introduced his Lord ELYON as under :

Psalm 47 : 1- 3.

 ”Clap your hands all you nations; shout to Ellohim with cries of Joy…..”

How awesome is the Lord ELYON the Great King over all the earth! He subdued nations under US, peoples under our feet. He choose our inheritance for us.” Hz : Daniel A.S, has called his Lord ELYON and said :

Daniel 7 : 18.

“But the Syedim ( Sadat ) of the ELYON will receive the Kingdom and will possess it for ever- yes for ever and ever.” Hz : Zechariah A.S called His Lord ELYON and said :

Luke: 1 : 76 – 79.

” And you my son (Yahya A.S) will be called a Prophet of the ELYON for you will go before the Lord to prepare the way for Him…….rising Sun ( Mohammed S.A.W.W ) will come from Heaven ……. To guide our feet into the path of Islam / Peace.”

Hz : Esa A.S, called His Lord ELY ( AJ) ELYON ) saying :

Mathew : 27 : 46 .

” About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ” ELY-ELY Lama Sabachthany.”

ELY / ALI why have you forsaken me.”

Dear Students of Iman ! As I have disclosed to you the name of the Lord as ELYON in the above holy Verses of the past and present, You may know that the Most Great Immam ALI (ELY) is the one called ELYON. He is also known as Kitab – al – Aziz / The Mighty Book , Kitabun Hafiz / The Savior Book, Kitab-al-Mubbien / The Manifested Book and Imamim Nubbien Manifested Immam at Qur’an 50 : 4, 44 : 2 and 36 : 12 etc.

Qur’anic Haruf-e-Maqt’at and it’s amazing discovery for all the men of understanding :

And the whole Divine and heavenly Royal Family came down in Spiritual ^ Physical form / Holy Spirits of Noor and they showed themselves, to us as a menkindly ones. The abbreviated words of their names were also called 14 Haruf -e- Maqt’at in Arabic of Holy Qur’an. These 14 Holy Spirits with their designation in heavenly kingdom have been introduced in holy Scriptures of ths past and arranged accordingly as under :

Holy Spirits of Allah (Ar-vah Allah).

1. The Spirit of Mercy, with abbreviated word Ein for King of the Kings

& Lord of Lotds ELY (AJ) and His 13 manifested Kule Jalalien are as under :

2. The Spirit of Wisdom, with abbreviated word Ta for Malika e Qounein. (Queen of Heaven), Lordess Al- Fatimah (AJ) & the House of Lords in heavenly Kingdom.

3. The Spirit of Counsel,    Mimfor King & Lord Muhammad (AJ)

4. The Spirit of UnderstandingHei for King & Lord Hassan (AJ)

5. The Spirit of Patience,            Ya   for King & Lord Hussain (AJ)

 6. The Spirit of God Fearing,   Lam for King & Lord ELY al Ea’abid (AJ)

 7. The Spirit of Love,                    Alif  for King & Lord Muhammad Baqir (AJ)

 8. The Spirit of Prudence,         Suad  for King & Lord Jaffar-ul-Sadiq (AJ)

 9. The Spirit of Temperance,   Kaf  for King & Lord Musa o Kazim (AJ)

10. The Spirit of Charity,             Ra  for King & Lord ELY RAZA (AJ)

11. The Spirit of Justice,               Quaf  for King & Lord Muhammad Taqi (AJ)

12. The Spirit of Piety,                 Nun  for King & Lord ELY-ul-NAQI (AJ)

13. The Spirit of Gentleness,     Sin  for King & Lord Hassan Askari (AJ)

14. The Spirit of Might,               Ha   for King & Lord Muhammad-al-Mahdi  (AJ)

The Holy Quran have also called them Rawah Ullah / Spirits of Allah, in Surah Yousaf at 12 : 87 and the said 14 Holy Spirits were came down in Nafse / as fleshly bodies of Lights, the 13 of them were the Holy Attributes of our Lord from His own Great Self. You must know that actually there are total 19 Holy Spirits altogether.

Whereas, rest of 5 out of 19 are holy well known spirits, the 4 Arch Angels and Lord Mohsin brother of Lord Hassan and Hussain (AJ). These 4 Arch Angels are also divine one and in the last of their name the word IL in Hebrew called godly one as well. They are not in physical form and did not came down to live in us as mankind but visited us in physical form of a mankind, like Jebra-IL visited again and again.. Whereas, Lord Mohsin (AJ) is under a great shelter and of our God and will come soon in a physical form to rule all the nations with an iron scepture and will inherit the earth being an inheritor of the Lord ELY(AJ). Therefore, all these 18 holy Attributes spiritual and physical divine ones of Nour are attributes of our Lord as 18 + 1 = 19 and being soluble and intermingled become one / for whom the holiest numerical Numeric 19 at Qur’an 74:30, was disclosed.

Who is the Spirit of Mercy?

 The first out of the above holy ones / holy Spirits Lord of Lord and King of Kings Mola ELY  (AJ) with abbreviated word Ein (70) also disclosed “Spirit of Mercy “disclosed in Qur’an as under :

Qur’an 6 : 54.

“….. Say ! Salamun Alaikum ( Peace be to you ) Your Lord has prescribed “Nafsaho -al – Rehma” (spirit of ) Mercy for Himself.

Qur’an 10 : 58 – 59.

Say! in the Fazal / Grace of Allah and in His Rehma (Spirit of) Mercy therein let them [ the believers] rejoice. It is better than what they hoard.

Please note that explaining the said Verse 58 – 59 of Chapter 10 in Tafsir, Imam Muhammed Baqir ( J.J ) have said that Fazal / Grace is Muhammed ( SAWW ) and El – Rehma / the Mercy is IMAM-e – ELY (A.J).

Dear Students of Positive Faith !

Therefore, it is now clear to you, that the Spirit of Mercy who is our holy IMAM named ELY (ALI) was came down in Nafse and He was the Lord Himself, as disclosed in the Holy Scriptures above. Many Muslim from Sunnah School of thought were confused about the Lord’s coming as a mankind in Nafs- el-Eazeem / Great Self. They even deny the fact, that the Lord is in a Nafse/ Great Self and man kindly one..

Even though, there were many verses available from the Holy Qur’an, guiding for the Great Nafse of the Lord. For example at Qur’an 6 : 54, 3 : 29 – 30, 6 : 12, 20 : 41, 5 : 116 and in Zabur 4 : 3 and 5 : 7 etc. Many other holy verses of the past and the present, were also mentioned about it .

Moreover, In the following verse of the Holy Qur’an, It has been disclosed that the Lord has taken the Spirit of Mercy / Rehma for His Own Great Self ( Naf-ul- Azeeim ) out of 14 Holy Spirits of Nafse came down to live with us. In another place the Holy Verse of Qur’an disclosed another Great discovery for the

true believers saying:

Dear Monos the students of truth!

Qur’an 44 : 6 -7. Look our Lord is disclosed clearly:

“A [ Spirit of ] Mercy from your Lords is the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and whatsoever is in between them, if you really have the positive faith”.

Therefore, the Spirit of Mercy / Rehma, which is disclosed as IMAM- ALI (AJ) has taken for Himself, and He is our Lord of Lords for the true believers of our Holy Qur’an. It is important for their certainty in positive faith / Iman, according to the clear guidance of the said holy Verse. Any how you are the most luckiest students, so that you have got excellent knowledge with permission of your Lord today.

Surely your Lord Has chosen you, to be the knower of these holy scriptures today and He permit you, to concentrate on each and every verse of the holy scriptures of your Lord carefully, at this stage of your Holy study.

Our next Lesson will be for disclosed Haruf-e-Maqta’at / Holy Abbreviated Words. I’ll guide you in complete truth Insha – Allah to put your faith on these Holy Lights positively after hundred years.

With Best Wishes,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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