Lesson 6. Lord’s coming again being a Mankind.

Lesson 6:
12 Mar 2008

Bism – e- Tua’alla “AL ELY-ul-Eaziem (AJ)

 Subject : Lord’s coming again being a Mankind.

 Dear Students,    Salamun Alaikum.

Thank you for your appreciation to submit my last lesson 5 in relation to the Master Dot of the Ba-e-Bismillah. Few of my the readers other than the believers . my students have requested to clear that our LORD of Lords and His coming in being a Mankind / Nafs or as An’nas. (Al-Nas) with Muhammad (saww).

Well, it’s a good idea, to get it clear from the Holy Scriptures of Lord to verify the said issue further. You may know that the latest publications of Holy Qur’an from Saudi Arabia, has referred the said verses of Book of Isaiah ( from Bible ) Chapter 42 : 1-13 accepting that these verses referred to Muhammed [ saww ] whilst, commenting on Qur’an’s Verse of Surah Al-Airaf 7 : 157.

Therefore, I have started my current Lesson 6, from these Holy Verses, to disclose the real truth, and will provide you more evidences from the divine words on this subject. Please see carefully what the book of Isaiah said? You may know that the book of Isaiah (As’Shia) was preached by Hz: Al-Yasah (as) hundred years before Christ.

ISAIAH : 42 : 1-13.

Verse 1.

” Here is my Servant, whom I uphold ( Mustafa ], My chosen one, in whom I delight :

I will put my spirit on him and he will bring Justice to the Nations.……”.

Verse 4.

 ”He will not falter or be discouraged, till he establishes Justice on earth. And in his LAW [Shariah] the nations will put their hope……….”.

The Bible Society for Christians, wrongfully altered the said Verse 4 of this Chapter, when they published it at Matthew 12 : 21, in the Bible and have recorded this Verse 4 as under :

Matthew 12 : 21

“Till he leads justice to victory: In his Name the nations will put their hope.”

Alteration by Christian Society.

Now you may concentrate on the alteration here. Firstly, Bible society have deleted the important part of the said verse 4, “He will not falter or be discouraged”, because Jesus (Essa-as) was clearly discouraged by the Jews and they put him for death.

Bible Society have also altered the most important part of the verse 4 as…… “In his name the nations will put their hope” ……, rather than saying that ” In his LAW [Shariah] the Nations will put their hope”. when referring this vers for Jesus Christ wrongfully to hide the holy verse in Mathew 12 : 21.

It shows to every reader of the new testament that why the Bible Society has falsely referred it to Jesus Christ when Jesus haven’t given any Law [Shariah] to them and He himself denied that he did not come for providing the Law but to fulfill the Law in his preaching. The Prophet of the Law in the past was Hz : Mosa [ A.S ] and after him, there was only HZ : Muhammed [ saww ]. The coming Prophet of the LAW ( Shariah ).

So they hide the truth and misguided to the Christians. Preaching them, that Prophet Isaiah referred here to Jesus and developing a fale and fabricated idea that the coming nations have to put their hope in the NAME hiding the issue of LAW of Muhammad (saww). Therefore, the Christians now don’t bother about the Law of Lord.

Verses No, 6 & 7 of the Chapter 42 of Isaiah,

” I will take hold of your hand [O’ Muhammed]. I will keep you and will make you to be a Covenant (The Prophet of the Covenant / Missaq -Al- Nabi confirmed in Qur‘an 3 : 81) and a Light [in Quran as Qamrun Munira] for the Gentiles [aliens] to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon, those who sits in darkness. (Qur’an 7:157 also accepted & Saudi Scholars at present)

Then Verses No, 9 &10 disclosed as:

“See the former things have taken place and new things I declare [Like changed the direction of Qibla, from Beit–al–Quds to Beit–al–Haram]. Sing to the Lord a new Song (New Prayers of Sajdah ] His praise from the ends of the earth. You who go down to the sea and all that is in it”. (Again it was not the time of Jesus when people were able to go down in the sea for search )

Verse 11& 12 added that:

“Let the settlements where Kedar lives rejoice [Kedar is the elder son of Hz : Ismail-as and Muhammad (saww) came from this clan of Kedar and not Jesus]. Let the people of Sela (Salu) sing for joy, let them shout from the mountaintops. Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim his praise [Subhan in His name] in the Islands”.

Verse 13. The most important verse as under said:

“The Lord Al Mighty will march out like a Mighty Man. Like a Warrior he will stir up His zeal. With a shout He will raise the battle cry and will triumph over His enemies.”

Therefore, the Holy Prophet introduced Mola ELY (AJ) on the day of the War of Khyber fought against Jews saying: “La Fata Illa ELY La saif Illa Zulfiqar” that:

There is no Mighty Man but ELY (AJ ) and there is no sword but the Zulfiqar of ELY (A.J).

Please remember that:

Therefore, it was our Mola ELY (AJ) came with Muhammad (saww) being a Mighty Man, a Warrior and a War Crier against His enemies, (Jews) disclosed Mighty Lord of the said Holy Verses 13 of the Book of Isaiah?

The verse 16 was for me and the Lord said in it :

Verse 16.

“I will Lead the blind by ways they have not known, along with unfamiliar paths, I will guide them, (as a Manifeste Imam) I will turn the darkness in to Light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things, I will do. I will not forsake them.”

The said reference was from the part of Old Testament of Bible and I will take you now, in the part of New Testament, before guide you from the Last Testament (Holy Qur’an).

These are the Holy Verses of that part of the new Testament, for which the holy Qur’an has reminded to the Christians, to stand on the part of the Holy scriptures, which luckily you have received from the Holy Book [ Nasibun min–al–Kitabe] Qur’an 4 : 44 & 3 : 23. Revelation [ Ay’yat ] Chapter 19 : Verses 11 to 16.

Revelation Chapter 19 : 11 to 16.

“I saw heaven standing open there before me, was a White Horse, whose rider is called Faithful [Al-Momin] and True [Al : Haque]. With justice, He Judges and makes War. His eyes are like blazing fire and on His head are many Crowns. He has a name written on Him, that no one knows but He Himself”. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood and His name is the Word of God. ( Dot of the BA). The Armies of Heaven were following him ridding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white & clean… On His robe and on His thigh, He has this name written:

“KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” / Malik-al-Malikien Va Rub-al-Arbab].”

Dear Students !

In the above said Verse it was clear to every one that our Lord is a man kindly LORD and not that, to whom we can’t see or touch as explained our touheed / oneness in a false and fabricated way of blindness. Therefore, the unbelievers were confused on the said subject. Moreover, the unbelievers are not preached about the divine LORDS in plural so be sure that it is the same as the Holy Qur’an has used ” Rubaniyien” LORDS at Surah All-e-Imran 3 : 79-80, but hidden from the so called Muslims at present. Look at :

JOEL Chapter 2 Verse No 11.

His forces are beyond Number and Mighty are those who obey His command (Kule Eazizien of Dua -e-Joshan Kabira] The day of the Lord is great. It is dreadful. (Qur’an 54: 8]. Who can endure it ?

The Lord will come to fight as a warior leading his Army in the above holy verses now look in Last Testament / Holy Qur’an said :

Qur’an 74 : 31 said :

 ” None knows the ( Number of the ) forces / army of your Lord but He”.

Qur’an 37 : 173 said :

“And for our Army, they will be the Victorious “

Now you could understand that the Lord Himself being the Lord of Lords, and He and his Mighty Ones will take the revenge and He will come wearing many Crowns. Most importantly He will be as a Mighty Warrior, a War Crier and a Mighty Man / in Nafse proved from previous holy Scriptures.

Now we will confirm it, from the Holy Qur’an for further authentication of these Holy Verses, and the said issue of our Lord of Lords in Nafse / Man kindly body.

First of all !

We must understand, the word Nafse of Arabic, so for we should not be in any confusion in it. You may be aware with the holy Verse related to Mubahilla / Challenging Verse, also used for the evidence of word Nafse at :

Qur’an 3 : 61.

“……Abnaouna Va abnaoukum, Va Nisaouna Va nisaoukum, va unfousona va unfousokum………….”. Our sons and your sons, our women and your women and our selves and your selves…..”.

In the said Verse of Holy Qur’an, the Lord has guided us, that the word ” Anfousona” was particularly for the Holy Prophet [saww] and for Great Imam-e-ELY [AJ]. Therefore, the word Anfousona being the Nafse, used here for Mankind. No one can confuse in the said word Nafs refferred to man kindly ones.

Someone can mistranslate or misunderstand the word Nafse for “Mind”. In that case, the question will arise here that :

” Did the Prophet Muhammad (saww) send his mind or the mind Lord ELY (AJ) in the selected day and place of Mubahilla / Challenge?

Surely not ! They were there themselves, so the word Nafse can’t be translated as mind. Further in Holy Qur’an at : 21 : 35 and 3 : 185 said :” Kullo Nafsien Zaiqa-ul-Mout”. In this verse the word Nafsien is used as a plural in form, for Nafse. It is also clear, that the death is reported for mankind and not for the mind. People those are found in Qouma are out of their mind but still alive with Ruh / Spirit in them.

When you understand the word Nafse means man kindly from the holy Scriptures. I’ll provide you, further on the subject issue, that the Lord is in Nafse in physical body of a man kind.

Qur’an Surah An’am 6 : 12 & 54 :

  “….Kataba Rabukum Ela Nafseh-al-Rehma……”

“The Lord has written (Ruhe) Mercy for Himself .”

The above Holy Verses have clearly disclosed that the Lord is in Nafse / Man kindly.

Qur’an Surah A’ale-Imran 3 : 28 & 30 :

 ” …… Ye Hazzarukum Allaho Nafsahi.”

“And Allah warns you from His Nafse / Man kindly.”

Qur’an Surah En’nos 114 : 1-3.

” Qul A’aouzo b’Rab An’nos”, Malik An’nos, and  Illah An’nos “,

Ask forgiveness from your Lord, the mankind, King the mankind, And God the mankind.

Once again, many Scholars will dispute in it, or some one could say that in these Holy Verses translation will be as under :

“Ask forgiveness from the Lord for the mankind, King for the Mankind and God for the Mankind.” (as it is blindly translated in the copies of Qur’an).

In this Surah, if we accept the Word En’nos means ” For the Mankind” as the false understandings of these Verses, then in the same Surah at Verse 6, has defended the true meanings of En’nas being the Mankind saying:

” Min-al-Jinna va En’nos.”

Out of Jinns and the mankind”.

Now, there is no way to translate this word An’nas “for the mankind” but “the mankind”.

Therefore, it is proved here that the Lord is in mankind same as proved in the past scriptures of past.

Torait at Genesis : 4 : 26.

” Seth also had a son, and he named him An’nos. At that time, men began to call on the name of the Lord.”

So An’nas was the name of our Lord in the beginning disclosed to you for your advancement of knowledge.

Qur’an 30 : 30.

“Faterat Allah all’ate Fater En’nos] “. Fatir in Arabic is also called “The sharp cuts, giving shape. Therefore, the mankind have been given the physical sharp cuts, in the likeness of our Lord of Lords, as He was Himself as a Mankind / En‘nos in the Garden of Eden. It has been said that there is no change in Allah‘s creation, and that is the Qaim standing religion, but majority of the mankind don’t know.”

Dear Believers !

The Lord appeared in front of all the mankind, including you and me, and have already showed His man kindly Nafse. See the Holy Qur’an at :

Qur’an Surah Al: Air’af, Chapter 7 : 172 -173 :

“When your Lord brought forth from the children of Adam, from their backs, their descendants, and made them bear witness over themselves / An fousehim”.

The Lord said !

“Am I not your Lord ? Indeed they replied, we bear witness, ( Lord said ) lest, you should say on the day of Qayamah / day of destruction. Lo! we were not aware of it “.

There is no doubt, that all of us were in Nafse/ man kindly form, in front of the Lord and in the same way the Lord was in Nafse / man kindly Lord in front of us.

But the majority have already lost in relation to our Lord’s Physical form of Nafse, even it was mentioned in the past holy Scriptures / Scrolls many times and was reminded in the Holy Qur’an again and again.

Therefore, the next verse No 174 have said:

“Thus, for that We explain the verse in detail, that haply they may return”.

There is no doubt that the religion of Ibrahim [A.S ] is based on the same faith, believing that The Lord of Lords, is a Mankind in Nafse” as recorded in all the Holy Books and Scrolls [ Sahaif ] of the past, but the majority of mankind did not believed.

Insha-Allah in my next Lesson, you will come to know more Holy discoveries in my next Lesson as our Lord is also disclosed with the popular name ELYON in the past scriptures. And Qur’an has questioned to every reader saying :

” Wa Ma Adraka Ma ELYON?” What do you understand, What ELYON is?”

[ Qur’an 83 : 19 ].

With Best regards,

Yours brother in Iman.

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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