Lesson 4. The Holy Number 19.

Lesson 4:

12 Mar 2008

Bism-e-Tua’alla, al-ELY-ul-Eaziem.


Dear Students, Salamun Alaikum.

From my last Lesson you have started to concentrate on Holy number19. As I‘ve already advised you in my last lesson that you must concentrate in number 19 so that there will be no confussion to understand in it. It is a sign for your confirmation of faith and only those can be considered a true believer in faith those have no doubt in it and have increased their iman through number 19. You are the most luckiest ones as the said Holy sign was not disclosed before the nations to increase in iman except hte few direct students of the time Priests our divine Aaima the Glorious Ones / Kule Jallalien.

You must know that according to our holy guide line in numeric value we must take up to 2 digits from 1 to 19 to reduce any numerical value of any thing or any holy / divine sign like 19 in two digits from 1 to 19.

Now Look again and again to increase your Iman / faith.

The Numeric Value for “Allaho Akbar” is disclosed as 289 ( 19 ) which is as under :

{ Alf, Lam, Lam, Ha, Alf. Kaf, Ba, Ra }.

1 + 30 + 30 + 5 + 1 + 20 + 2 + 200 = 289 and 289 reduced as (2+8+9) = 19.

To Clear the doubts of the people of the book ( Yahudu Nasara) in number 19.

Quran has also guided to every Jew / Christian that you should not doubt in number 19.Therefore, it was our duty to clear their doubts in relation to number 19 and surely they can only clear their doubts if it was also known to their previous Holy Scriptures of Tanach preached in Hebrew and Bible( in Hebrew and Syriac Peshitta / Bastia language known as old Arabic language). The folowing word of Hebrew is also disclosed from the same numerical chart of Tannach known to every Jew but not known to a Christian due to lac of knowing Hebrew language and their Scriptures of past.

Therefore, you will find the word “Bra Ellohim” of “Hebrew” same as Allah ‘O’ Akbar for great God disclosed in Genesis 1:1, having the same numerical value 289 [ 19 ] as under :

{ Ba + Ra + Alf, Alf + Lam + Ha + Yei + Mim}.

2 + 200 + 1 + 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40 = 289 same as (2+8+9) = 19.

Amazingly, it has the same value 289 again, even the different alphabets were used in it, which were different than the Arabic word Allah’O Akbar.

Likewise, you will again find the same numeric value for the Holy name “AL : Raheem” = 289 used in Quran and previous Sahaif as the Mercy please see as under :

{ Alf + Lam + Ra + Hey + Yei + Mim }

1 + 30 + 200 + 8 + 10 + 40 = 289 same as (2+8+9) = 19.

Dear Monos!

Likewise, once again you will increase in your faith knowing the Arabic word “al : Anwar” / The Lights disclosed with the same numbers calculated above being 289. It is important to know that Allah is a LIGHT / NUR of heavens and earth and the said Light was not singular but plural in form guided in Quran as Lights above the Lights / Nourun Ela Nurien in two groups of Light at Surah Nur 24:35. These two groups Nur / Lights of Allah as I have disclosed to you after a hundred years of darkness and have given a light that Allah is in 2 groups of Light being 12 +7 (19). These Lights were called Al-Anwar exactly having the same numeric value 289 [19].

Dear Mono ! It is not a chance, that all these numerical numbers even having the diffrent Alphabets ant their diffrent numerical values appeared in the same number 289 with its great and holy sign 19 through all the languages of divine scriptures. Therefore, no confussion is left for Jews, Christians and the Muslim beleivers in relation to holy number 19. Now look the numerical values of Al-Anwar as under :

{ Alf + Lam + Alf + Nun + Wao + Alf + Ra }

1 + 30 + 1 + 50 + 6 + 1 + 200 = 289 (2+8+9) = 19.

Now there is no confussion left for all of you and you may know that the Holy sign of 289 [ 19 ] number of Al-Anwar was just because it was a supreme news. Moreover, it was a sign of oneness of our holy and divine Lights / Anwar solubly becoming a Light of Allah and called Illahun Wahidun.

Allah being the oneness of His Holy Attributes of Light has been called “Wahid” which is oneness but not one. And the said word Wahid being a plural of 19 Ahads in Arabic also holds the numeric value 19, as disclosed a miraculous sign as under but not known to the so called scholars of past.:

{ Wao + Alif + Ha + Dal }

6 + 1 + 8 + 4 = 19.

Therefore, it is only for my students of Illahiyat (Godship) to whom, I have given the divine knowledge and have taught the whole Holy Divinity based on 19 with authentic evidences from all the holy Books and Sahaif / Scrolls. and as well as from most important book Kitabe Munir (Enlighted Book) disclosed in Quran Surah Al-Hajj 22:8, 22:3 and then finally from Surah FATIR 35:25 confirming the holy Attributes united with our Lord in oneness of Noor Light and have been called Nuroun and Nurien our Allah.

Arabic word ALLAH was disclosed the word ALLAHA of Syriac Peshitta / Besitta, the old Arabic language of Syria in which the holy Injeel was preached by divine Prophet Essa (as) the Christ. The name Allaha was preached by Jesus Christ in Syria was also confirmed by him as ELLOHIM of Hebrew language well known to the Jews. Jesus prached the same at John 10:34-36 and confirmed ELLOHIM of the past being ALLAH of Christ in Syriac Peshitta old Arabic.

You must know and understand without doubt that the word ALLAH with his divine route “ELLOHIM” then ALLAHA and then ALLAH was a plural and not a singular and now once again disclosed to you a plural in form of “IL” known as Divine in Hebrew from where the word ILLAH of Quran 114:3 has got its route. IL / Divine was given to Muhammad (saww) in the book of ISSAIAH 9:6, being a Great Light, Mighty GOD, Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counsellor, but Prince of Peace. (Not hte King of Peace). Muhammad (saww) was also given the same title “IL”/ Mighty God in holy Quran saying Sallamun Ella IL-Yasin……Salute to Mighty God Yasin…….but not known to the so called scholars of the past except our divine teachers……Aaima Mutahirien (Kule Jallalien) puriffied and glorious ones.

You may know that still Jews and Christians are confused in the said Verse of ISAIAH chapter 9 that who is the said authority disclosed being “IL” Mighty God and Everlasting Father surely not Jesus Christ whi is claimed himself as a son and not father. It is also a great sign that he is disclosed a Great Light and not Allah O Akbar but still a Prince of Peace and not the King of Peace..?

It is also confussing them that the King of Peace in Genesis 14:18-19, Zabur 110:4 and Hebrew 7: 3 named Malike Sadiq is also named Malik ul Salem / King of Peace. And He is an everlasting IMMAM known as without father and mother, without geneology, and Alpha and Omega / the first and the last. His name was ELYON (ELY) and higher than the Prince of Peace. Then who is that? King of Peace is not Jesus as he is a son of IL / Mighty God. Then there is no Trinity……a major destruction point of time Christians.

The supreme Lord also known as King of Peace in Quran and as well as ELY-ul-Eaziem and His sons (Banien) are disclosed as Allah in Quran and previously sent Kitabe Munir a great discovery of this time but not known to any Muslim except few students of mine.

I have disclosed first time for all the students of Illahiyat that these two groups of Lights are divided in to two as 12 & 7 = 19 Holy Lights”. It is important to note that all the Shia and Sunni ( Hanfi ) Scholars were believing the Lights of Allah in plural but they were totally ignorant from these two divisions of Lights Nourun Ella Nurien based on 19. Nourun was higher than Nurien according to the Holy Qur’an, the Higher Group of Lights, being Nuroun has reached to the mankind.

Qur‘an said at 5 : 15.

“Qad Ja’aokum min Allahe Nurounva Kitabien Mubbien……….” reached to you Lights / Nuroun out of [two Holy Groups of ] Allah, and the Manifested Book. Kitabien Mubbien”.

Some of our English translators, has mistranslated, the word Nuroun ELA Nurien as Light upon Light, but you may know that, Nuroun and Nurien of Arabic language are plural in form and can only be translated as Lights above the Lights.

As per the Arabic law of plurality you must have three or more than three, The Law of plurality in Arabic doesn’t cover even 2 as a plural in form. That’s why you were taught in Lesson 2, the Surah “AL : Ea’ala” introducing our Lord consisting 19 Holy Verses, in a one Raku / Section, making a sign of Oneness of Our Lordship with His 18 Holy Attributes.

The divine Authorities have said in the Qur’an that We have made AL: Shams and AL: Qamr”/ Sun and Moon” as an example for the men of understandings. Two of them were also called two couples. The couples are one in oneness according to the holy guidance in the scriptures. The speed of light is related with both of them. Amazingly, the numerical values of the names Sun and Moon has disclosed the same as our Holy sign “19” because of their oneness. Now look:

{Alf +Lam+Shin+Mim + Sin} AL-Shams / The Sun

1 + 30 + 300 + 40 + 60 = 431 (4+3+1) = 8.

{ Alf + Lam + Quaf +Mim + Ra } AL : Qamr / The Moon

1 + 30 + 100 + 30 + 200 = 371 (3+7+1) =11.

Thus the sign of Sun and Moon again comes as 8 + 11 = 19.

The Lord has fixed the “Speed of Light” from Sun to our Land in 8 Seconds, then according to the speed of light its name Al: Shams, was given to the Sun on the basis of it’s sign 431[ 8 ]. The Speed of reflection from Sun via Moon arrives to our Land in 11Seconds so its name Al: Qamr was given to the Moon on the basis of it’s sign 371 [11]. The Scientists have found the Speed of Light yet, but they haven’t found the speed of reflection. Perhaps they don’t want it at present but when ever it will disclosed the time will be 11 seconds equal to it’s number 11.

It is proved clearly that the Divine Authorities have already calculated the Numeric values, before they have given the names to the Sun and the Moon. It is also proved that our Lord has pre-calculated distance for these planets in between Sun, Moon and our Land before the fixation of their Speed of Light & Speed of Reflection. He had calculated the Numeric values of everything in Mathematics according to the holy Numeric Chart given to all the Prophets and now reached to us through our divine ones and the divine scriptures of past in Hebrew.

Qur’an Surah / Chapter Bani Israel 17 : 12.

” and We appoint the night and the day two Signs. Then We make the dark a Sign of the night and We make the Sign of the day sight giving, that you may seek bounty from your Lord and that you may know the computation of the years and the reckoning. [ 7 days a week and 12 months a year 7+12=19 ] And everything, We have expounded Mathematically.”

Psalm : 16 : 3. ( Hz : Daud A.S said ] :

” As for the Syedim [ Plural in form of Syed ] who are in the Land they are the Glorious Ones (Jalalien ) in whom is all my delight.”

They all are of Nour and Holy Attributes of our Lord. For them the Holy Qur’an introduced the word as AL : Ea’alien / Most highs and their holy assembly of heaven as Mlla -il- Ea’ala / Most High Assembley (also disclosed in Zabur 82:1, 103:1 and Injil at John 10:34-36) Look in Quran at :

Holy Qur’an 37 : 8.

“They are not able to listen to what goes on in the Assembly of Most highs and they are darted at from every side driven away and for them is a perpetual chastisement, to him who steals by stealers, then a burning flame pursues him”.

The rigid Mullahs are acting very strongly in our country but all of them are found neglecting the holy Divinity of the Lord. Not one of them is seeking the truth of the holy guidance. Therefore, now once again it was the duty of our Highest Priests of Islam to solve this issue unanimously and let the people know the final Truth about Allah, Allah O Akbar and Allah ul Kabir / Eaziem preached to us.

Who is that ? and what about His holy Attributes? You have to recognize Him and his holy Attributes sorruding to him in circle also reported through Quran but not a single Muslim was aware of it. Without knowing them and their true recognission there is a hell fire. Even all the righteous acts going to be destroyed. Therefore, it is a most important issue of the time and it was said before Quran as under:

Isaiah 28: 19- 20 [ Foretold about the revelation of holy Qur’an and said ].

” …The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror. The bed is too short to stretch out on, the blanket too narrow to wrap around you.”

Dear Believers !

Be in patience, and you will get your Lesson 5 very Holy and more informative about your raised questions in your mind for these Holy Ones. Be sure that our Lord is Glorious [Aja’ala] out of all the Glorious Ones. [Min Kule Jalalien].


Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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