Lesson 3, What is the Holy number 19?

Mar 2008.

Bism-e-Tua’alla, al-ELY-ul-Eaziem.

Dear Students,   Salamun Alaikum,

We have discussed the “Value of Dot” in my last Lesson. Now you are fully conversant with Holy Chart of Numeracy displayed in my previous lesson, which is a gift for students of our Lord ELY-ul-Eazeem (AJ). Now I am providing you another holy discovery, a gift from Holy Qur’an and only for my students /Monos. This Holy discovery is related to a numerical number 19 as a sign for increase of faith, disclosed in Quran.

Quran Surah Mudasir 74 : 30:

“Above it are Nineteen (19) “

Quran Surah Mudasir 74 : 31:

“And we have not appointed kingly ones, as keepers of Hell Fire and we have not fixed their Number (19), but as a trial for those who disbelieve. So for to whom were given the book (Holy Bible) may have certainty (in number19). And those who are true believers / monos may have greater increase in iman [with number19] and those the holder of Book (Bible) and the believers /Mominoun, may not have any doubt in it.

And that in whose hearts is a disease and the disbelievers / Kafiroun will say : What does Allah mean by this example (number 19)? Thus, Allah leave to astray whomsoever, He wills and guides whomsoever, He wills…….”.

Dear Monoes !

Now you know from my last lesson that how we can calculate numeric values? The Holy Chart of numeracy is given again for your own exercise as well as under :

Alif = 1, Ba= 2, Gim = 3, Dal = 4, Ha = 5, Wao = 6, Zei = 7, Hey = 8, Toin = 9, Yei = 10, Kaf = 20, Lam =30, Mim = 40, Nun = 50 Sein = 60, Ein 70, Fe = 80, Suad = 90, Quaf = 100, Ra = 200, Shin = 300, Tei = 400, Sey = 500, Kha = 600, Zal = 700, Zuad = 800, Zoin = 900, Ghain = 1000.

Now, why it was a number 19 for a true believer? And how faith will be increased with number 19. First of all calculate the name of this Chapter / Surah “al : Mudasir”. The calculated total will be 775 as under:

Alf +Lam +Mim+Dal+Sey + Ra

1  +  30   + 40   +  4 + 500 + 200 = 775 (7+7+5) =19

A beautiful example of oneness of 19 for a Mono:

Now it has confirmed that the Lord has given this Surah al-Mudasir as a sign with number19. Why ! the Lord has also given 19 Aya’at / verses in Surah al-Ea’ala / Most High in Holy Qur’an and have displayed 19 verses in a one section / Raku ?

Here is a light for the increase of faith for a Mono that why the Lord in the begining of creation have given 12 Months and 7 days a weekfor a year? Another sign based on 12 + 7 = 19?

A great sign for the people of book (Bible/ Ahle Kitab):

Once agaien you will not confuse or in doubt if you are a Jew, Christian or a true beleiver that why there were 12 Tribes of Hz: Yaqoub (as) and for them given a 7 Candle Stand to display with 7 lights in front of Aaron (Harun-as) for their worship? Again it was a sign of 12 + 7 = 19 for the people of book (Bible).

Moreover, it is an important sign for all the beleivers of past and present that, why the Lord made 12 Gates for the Garden of Eden (Abwab – el -Jannah) at Revelation 21:13 and 7 doors of Hell Fire (Abwab el Jahanamah) according to Holy Quran as a sign of 12+7 =19 ?

Naturally, there must be some thing special before the creation in relation to the sign 19 in heaven, for which these signs of number Nineteen (19) were made. It is also important to note that, there was no teacher before me except the Holy divines of the past, who has given the me authority to publish the said sign19 discovering & establishing a group of Monoes to increase their fath / Iman with this Holy number and a sign of 19.

We must have to believe, that there are certain degrees of Iman in between the believers, even one higher than the other. Moreover, you may know, that our Lord ‘ELY’ (AJ) / ELYON have already set a time for every discovery of holy Qur‘an and it was said by our divine and Holy Imam ELY Raza (aj ):

“Don’t give the knowledge (of Illahiyat) to the people, those are less in knowledge. Therefore, he handed over the most secret document of Illahiyat to the only selected ones, those were able to hide it, until the appropriate time was fixed for it‘s publication.

Dear Believers !

Be strong in your patience and you will come to know further in your Lesson 4 about this holy discoveries in relation to the number19. Now you have seen that the sign 19.

Holy Qur’an Surah Jinn verse 28 :

” So that He may know that they have really delivered the Message of their Lord and He encompasses all that is with them, and have covered (Ahsa] everything in numbers / Addadien.

Please concentrate on each point of it properly before you put your faith in number 19 for increase of your iman as a Mono as it was guided in Holy Qur’an for the true believers.

With best regards,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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