Lesson 12 Monotheism. Why do we believe in all the Christs and what about the Murselien ?

AL : ELY Bism-e- Tua’allah.

Sub: Why do we believe in all the Christs and what about the Murselien ?

Dear Students, Salamun Alaikum.

Whilst, delivering my10th Lesson, I’ve promised you to highlight the disclosed Christs of previous Holy Books introduced to the past Prophets. Therefore, I am delivering this Lesson in relation to the such holy ones as well as introducing the Murselien.

A short introduction of the Christs.

Zabur ( Psalm 105 : 15 )

Said the Lord ! Don’t touch My Christs ( Masahah / Anointed ones ) do My Prophets no harm.”

1 Chronicles 16 : 22.

Said the Lord ! Don’t touch My Christs ( Masahah / Anointed ones ) do My Prophets no harm.”Habakkuk ( Haqouq ) 3 : 13 – 14.

Hz : Haqouq the Prophet of the time had said in his prayer :

“ You came not to deliver your people and to save your Christs ( Masahah / Anointed ones ). You crushed the leader of the land of wickedness. ( Khabisatin ) You stripped him from head to foot ( like Merhab a leader of the Jews was slain by our Moula E LY JJ in Jang – e- Khyber so the verse of Zabur said : “You crushed Rahab like one of the slain” Psalm 89 : 10 ).

All the Christs are authorized Saviors and all of them are the holy ones. In the same way as the Jesus Christ ( Esa Masih ( A.S ) is called Christ and a holy one of Luke 1 : 35. He is also called a Prince at Acts 5 : 31 in the holy Kingdom of our Lord. Jesus Christ called himself a Morning Star at Revelation 22 : 16. If a Christ was a Morning Star then what about the other Morning Stars ? It is a question for the teachers of the Bible. Now please look at :

Job : 38 : 6 – 7. ( Sahifa of Hz : Ayub A.S. )

The Lord ( reminding the Creation of our land ) said !

“ On what were it’s footings set or who laid it’s cornerstone. While the Morning Stars sang together and all the Bin Ellohim ( Sons of the Divine Ones ) shouted for joy ”.

Please remember that the Morning Stars are found with Sons of divines in the beginning. About these Bin-e-Ellohim we will discuss later, after the disclosed Morning Stars. You may know that the Morning Star/the Christ is called a holy one. Therefore, the other holy ones like Christ are also found in Torah with our Lord in the beginning. Please see as under :Deuteronomy 33 : 3. ( in Tourait Hz : Musa A.S have called in his prayer )“ Surely it is You

ELYON ( ELY JJ ) who love the people, all the holy ones are in Your hand. At Your feet they all bow down and from You receive Instructions ( Amr ).”

Dear Seekers of Truth !

The Holy Qur’an has also introduced these holy ones/Christs, the holders of authority to give Instructions ( Amr ).

Qur’an 44 : 1- 4. ( These Holy Ones have introduced themselves as under ):

“Ha Mim and the Kitab -ul- Mobbien /Manifesting Book. Lo ! We sent down on a Blessed Night, and We are the Warners ( Munazerien ). Therein of all the Wiser Instruction/ Amrien Hakim ( of the Lord ).The Instructions ( Lord ) are from US and Lo! We are the Murselien.”

Now, the Christs the holy ones holding wise Instructions on behalf of our Lord, have been disclosed as the Warners ( Munazerien ) and the Murselien. These Murselien were also came down to many Prophets of the past. For example :

Qur’an 26 : 105.

“ The brothers of Noah ( Hz: Noah A.S ) belied, the Murselien.

Qur’an 26 : 141.

“ The ( tribes of ) Samud belied the Murselien.

Qur’an 28 : 43 – 45.

( These disclosed Warners and the Murselien are further introduced themselves saying ) :

“ After We had destroyed the earlier generations. We gave Musa the ( speaking ) Book having clear Eyes, for the mankind ( Bas’sair – Lill – Nase ) and a Guide and Mercy. So that they might take heed. ( about this Mercy ).

You were not there on the Western side ( of mount Sinai ) when We gave the Instructions ( Amr ) to Musa, nor were you of the Witnesses. ( Min -ul- Shahedien ). We raised many generations, and they lived for many years. You did not dwell with the people of Median, rehearsing “ Our Signs ” ( Ayatena ) to them. But it is We the Murselien. And you were not present on the side of the mount Tur, when We called ( Musa ) but through the Mercy of your Lords. ( Min Rabbabika ) so that you warn the people to whom no Warners ( Nazerien ) had come before you. So that they may take heed ”.

Dear Students !Please remember that the Murselien are found giving instructions to Musa AS. More-over, it is important to note here that the Murselien have called Musa AS but through the Mercy of the Lords. Be sure that these Lords /Rabbaniyien are also found at Qur’an 3 : 79. Whereas, the Mercy ( ELY JJ ) is well known to you from my previous lessons with the holy words of our Imam Mohammed- el -Baqir AS. Further in relation to the disclosed Bin -e-Ellohim ( Sons of the gods ) the holy Qur’an introduced them as Rabbiyona Kasiran / uncountable lords, those were martyred with the Prophets of the past. Please see at Qur’an 3:146 and “godly ones” at Psalm 4 : 3.We have already noted the lords uncountable / godly ones from Zabur and Qur’an. These godly ones are known as the sons of Ellohim. Ellohim is a plural in form of Ellohi of the Hebrew language. The Ellohi = Most High God, then Bara Ellohim = Allah O’ Akbar and the Ellohim =Allah. We will discus these issues of Divine Unity in our next lesson Insha-Allah, so that you may understand the Holy Unity of our Lord and His holy attributes properly. At present we are dealing with the issue of Murselien. It is also important to know about the holy authorities which are even higher than the Murselien. Therefore, I have to introduce them to you. Please see :

Qur’an 7: 6. ( Senior Ones )

Then surely We shall question to those whom ( our signs ) were sent and certainly We

( the Senior Ones ) will also question to the Murselien.

It is very clear in this Verse for all the Qur’an readers, that the Murselien will also be questionable to their Senior Ones. in rank. It is also important for your information that the Murselien have never claimed themselves with the titles below:

“Our Creators/Khaliqoun or having authority to do what ever they wished (Qadiroun). Our only Protecting Chiefs in this world and in the hereafter (Auliya) or having divine Sons ship/Inheritors (Warisoun) or they made all the Prophet’s righteousness (Ja’allna Salehien). More importantly their claim is, that all the Prophets of the past have Worshipped to them ( Lana Ea’abedien )”.

Their few titles are as under :

Qur’an 56 : 57- 60. ( Khaliqoun )

Have you seen ( O’ you every adult male and female ) that which you emit ?

Do you create it ( the semen ) or We the Creators ( Khaliqoun ) ?

We ( the Creators ) created you then will you certify ( US ) ?

We mete out death among you, and We are not to be outrun.

Qur’an 70 : 40. ( Qadiroun ).

So I swear by the Lord of Easts and the Wests that We are able to do ( What ever we wished / Qadiroun).

Qur’an 41 : 31 ( Auliya ).

We are your Protecting Chiefs (Auliya) in the life of this world and in the hereafter………”.

Qur’an 15 : 23. ( Warisoun ).

And We even We gave life and cause death and We are the Inheritors / Warisoun.

Qur’an 21: 72 ( Ja’alna Salehien ) And We bestowed upon him Ishaque ( Issac ) and ( a grand son ) Yaqub ( Jacob). Each one We made righteous.

Qur’an 21: 73. ( Lana Ea’abedien ).

And We made them leaders guiding ( mankind ) by OUR command and We revealed to them the doing of good deeds, standing for Worship ( Salah ) and giving charity ( Zakah )And of US they were the Worshippers / Lana Ea’abidien.

Dear Students of Truth !The Seniors over Murselien without doubt have found our Creators. Some Scholars are still confused in these holy Verses and are preaching blindly that the disclosed Creators are the Lord Himself and He being the one, have called Himself as “We” in a respect. Like a King can use in Urdu language “Yeh Hamara Hukum Hey” it is our order. But their attitude towards Lord has found totally false & fabulous. Because, first of all Urdu language can not be compared with Arabic language. Any how, let’s say; “Yeh Building hum Engineers ney banai / We the Engineers have made this building“. Now is it possible to say that the building has made by a single Engineer instead of Engineers ? in the same way the Creators have said “We the Creators have created you then will you accept the Truth”. The Qur’an has further disclosed against these blind teachers :

Qur’an 37 : 125 -126 (Best of Creators).

“Will you call upon Ba’al ( an opponent nation to Elijah /Elya worshipped to an idol named Ba’al ) and forsake the Best of Creators ? Allah your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers”.

Naturally, if the Lord called The best of Creators for Himself, then the Creators are already proved. Now about divine son ship Bin-e-Elyon /Sons of ELY (AS) of Zabur/ [Psalm 82 : 6 & 138 : 1 and John 10 : 34 – 36] are related to the word “Bin” and not the words “Yalid or Youlad /beget or begotten”. The Bible Society have misguided to the Christians with the word “Mono Gins” translated as begotten Son instead of “Believed Soul”. Begotten son ship was strongly rejected in Qur’an which includes a sexual activity. Mohammed [SAWW] called My sons / Abna‘auna for the sons of ELY [AS] Bin-e-Elyon} in the Qur’an. The Lord also reminded the son ship with the word Bin for himself as under :

Qur’an 53 : 21- 22.

“Is it for you the males and for Him the females? That indeed is a luck [Qismat] unfair!”

Qur’an 52 : 39.

Or has He daughters and You sons ( Banoun).

Qur’an 37 : 153 to 157.

“Has He preferred daughters to Sons ( Banien ).

What is the matter with you?

How do you Judge ?

Will you not then reflect ?

” ……Then bring your Book if you are the truthful”.

In this Verse the Lord has referred the book Bible which mentioned the Bin-e-Elyon /Sons of ELY[AS ] being His sons as Ellohim. And Father of the heavenly Lights ( Abba-al- Anwar) at James 1: 17.

Was – Salaam,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.


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