Lesson 11 Monotheism. Who is called AL- Haque / the Truth, in the Holy Qur’an ?


Bism-e- Tua’allah al-ELY (AJ).

Who is called the HAQ / Truth in the Holy Qur’an & Bible?

A call for True Believers form Muslims and Christians.

Dear Students of Truth,

Salamun Alaikum / Peace be to you.

As I have promised to you in my last lesson, that I will provide you a beautiful discovery from the Holy Qur’an called “Al-Haq/The Truth”. You may know that in our Last Lesson, we have seen a holy verse introducing the HAQ / Truth a rider of the white horse, wearing many crowns, and on his thigh he has written his divine introduction as :                                    KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Holy Qur’an has certified very strongly to these verses of the Holy book of Injil (Revelation 19:11-16) in relation to the introduced mighty King, a mighty Lord of Lords, a mankind warrior. It is understood that, if he is our Lord then naturally, He was our Creator as well. Therefore, I have started to discover the truth, who is your man kindly Lord, the most high Creator before disclosing the more truth of our holy Verses.

Qur’an 8:6-8 said:

“O’man! What beguiled you from your most honored LORD/(B’ Rubik- al- Karim)? He, who created you, fashioned you and gave you the right proportion. In whatsoever form, He willed, He has given you features to your face / surattin.”

Now it is clear that the holy Qur’an has introduced your most honored LORD created your body & features of your faces.

Dear Seekers of Truth!

When the question was made to our Moula ELY (JJ) about His authority, He replied: I am the one, who created you and have fashioned your fleshly body of bones and flesh and I am the one, who gave your faces the features, whilst you were in the wombs of your mothers.

[A sermon of Nahjul Balagha by: Imam-e-ELY (J.J)]

 After the reply of our Moula ELY (JJ), there is no doubt left about His divine authority and to the holy discovery, that in fact He was our most honored LORD. But without concentrating on the holy verses above, and comparing without His holy Sermon of Nahjul Balagha, it was really, a difficult job to reach on this divine Truth.

We are looking our Lord as the Al-Haq / Truth and a rider of the White Horse disclosed to you from the holy Verses of the Revelation noted in first paragraph of this lesson. Surely, the Al-Haq / Truth is our most honored Lord and without doubt, He himself is in Nafse / a Mankind, with many uncountable abilities. Lord in Nafs, it was already cleared to you in my Lesson No 6, from the Holy scriptures of Qur’an and the other holy Books of the past. You have already concentrated on it with all the evidences of holy Qur’an in that lesson of mine.

Now! I am going to clear, all the ambiguity in relation to the HAQ / Truth, He is our Lord Most High disclosed from the previous Holy Scriptures certified from the Holy Qur’an as well. And now I am going to take you in those verses of Qur’an for your brief understandings.

 Dear believers, be in patient & concentrate!

The Truth is discovered as the rider of White Horse, the Commander of the heavenly armies, a holy Judge and as well as our man kindly Lord with many other divine introduction. So for, I have chosen and have highlighted the word Truth disclosed our LORD of Lords certified from Qur’an in these Holy Verses:

Qur’an 10:53-54.

“And they enquired about the news (supreme news) is that Lord? Said to them! By my Lord, He is the HAQ / Truth and you will not be able to escape from Him….and they will be judged (by Him) and there will be no injustice for them.”

Now you can see! That how beautifully the holy Qur’an ha confirmed our Lord as a warrior and a Commander from whom all the unbelievers will not be able to escape. In it the holy Qur’an has also certified him being, Judge and the HAQ / Truth, a warrior.

Qur’an 6:62 says:

“Then they are returned to Allah their Moula. Surely with Him the HAQ / Truth is the authority and He is the swiftest Judge out of all the Judges”.

See how again and again holy Qur’an has reminded us and called the Truth as our ALLAH and our Moula (Savior) as well as, the swiftest Judge.

Please see further holy Verses:

Qur’an 6:62 and 22:62, (repeatedly guided us again):

“That is because, Allah, He is the HAQ / Truth,…..and that is the most eldest ELY (ELY-al- Kabir) ”.

The holy Qur’an has introduced now, His holy Name ELY (ALI- J.J) and you are fully aware from your previous Lessons, that who is your MOULA and your LORD ELY (ALI (J.J)?

Qur’an 23:116.

“Then above Allah, the KING, the HAQ / Truth, and there is no God but He, The LORD of the honoured Throne”.

Qur’an 22:6.

“That is so because, Lo! Allah is the HAQ / Truth and He gives life to the dead, and He has power over everything”.

Qur’an 20:114.

“Then high above to Allah, The KING, the HAQ /Truth, don’t hasten with the Qur’an before its revelation is completed to you, and say O’ my Lord increase me in knowledge”.

(Therefore, Qur’an can’t be the truth, in the light of above verse as some scholars were confused).

Qur’an 43:77-78.

“They will cry O’ Malik, would that your Lord put an end to us? He will say; lo you are to stay. Lo! We came to you with the HAQ /Truth but most of you despised the Truth”.

Qur’an 24:25.

“On that day Allah will pay their just due, and they will know, that Allah! He is the manifested HAQ /Truth”.

[This Verse has also confirmed the Truth in complete manifestation, which is also a sign for the men of understanding. This has to be done for His manifestation because, He hidden Himself in past. [Isaiah 45:15].

Qur’an 6: 65-67.

“Say! He (The HAQ /Truth) has the power to increase the chastisement on you……….” We display the signs that they may understand, and your people have belied Him”, whereas, He is the HQA /Truth. Say I am not a Solicitor above you, and for all news there is a fixed time and soon you shall know it.”

Now, you have got the said holy news. The news of our Lord, known in the Qur’an as most great news ( Naba -al- Eazeem ) for which you were taught in my previous Lessons. Imam ELY (ALI-J.J) have claimed that, I am the said most supreme news of Holy Qur’an. And It‘s time to announce was also fixed, that’s why I’ve to warn the unbelievers, with a warning from the HAQ / Truth. It was said again at:

Qur’an 10:32.

“That is your Allah your LORD, the HAQ / Truth, so after the Truth what else can be there, except the falsehood? How then are you turned away (from the HAQ / Truth)?

Qur’an 10:94.

“So if you are in doubt about which we have sent down unto you [O’Arabs] then ask those who are reading the Book (Bible) before you. Lo! The HAQ /Truth have come to you [Himself] you’re your Lords Arbbabika. So be not of those who doubt.

Qur’an 10: 108 -109.

“Say! O’you (Arabs)! Now the HAQ / Truth have reached to you [Himself] from your Lords/Arbbabikum. So whosoever, receives guidance for the good of his own self, and whosoever, goes astray, he does so to his own loss………………………..”.

Qur’an 22:54.

“And that who have been endued with knowledge, may know that He is the HAQ / Truth from your Lords /Rabbabika so that they may believe in Him, and their hearts may submit to Him with humility. And Lo! Allah is the guide (Imam) of those who believe to the straight path/sirate-mustaqeem.

Why the Holy Qur’an has foretold important news, about me, saying that O’ Mono! You will find the Christians deep in love with you at:

Qur’an 5:82.

“Lo! You will find the strongest among the man kinds in enmity with Mono /true believers those are Jews and the idolaters. And you will find deep in love to those, who say we are the Christians………………”.

Why the Christians will be in deep love to me and my students?

Because, I am the one, who is preaching the whole Qur’an with the previous Holy scriptures of past and our Lord, the Lord of Christians and Monos is the same one Lord ELY (aj) disclosed from the Scriptures of Injil (Revelation) and Qur’an. The Jews will not accept it, as they do not believe the said HAQ /Truth disclosed, as they are the anti-Christ and will not believe in Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Dear Seekers of Truth!

Therefore, there was a well-known special “group of Allah” in the holy Qur’an for the guidance and preaching of HAQ /Truth to all of you either, you are a Muslim or a Christian.

I preach you form Zabur / Psalm 82 : 6, 45 : 7, 112 :1, John 10 : 34 – 36, Revelation 2 : 1-12, 19 : 11-16, and Isaiah 42 : 1-13 etc. with certifying holy verses of Qur’an vice versa it is called no a part of our Comparative Study Program”.

Many of you, know that how the Christian students of mine, are deep in love with me, and it is because, I have disclosed the holy verses of all the holy Books to them, with full authority.

Qur’an 5:83 said:

“And when they (Christians) will listen to what has been came down (the HAQ / Truth) towards the Messenger, (Muhammad-saww) you see their eyes overflowing with tears, because, of the HAQ / Truth, they have recognized. And they said our Lord (ELY-J.J) we believe so write down to us among the witnesses”.

Dear believers have you noticed? That how beautifully our holy scriptures has certified the real HAQ / Truth our Lord ELY (ALI- J.J) coming as a mankind to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww). And when we taught them the real HAQ / Truth, they recognize Him truly; and you saw their eyes were overflowing with tears.

 Qur’an 28:53.

“And when it is told to them, they say we believe in Him, Lo! He is the Truth from our LORDS. Lo! We were of His Muslims before He came”.

Same as my students of Christianity have said:

We have already submitted but now recognized Him positively. The Lord’s coming as a mighty man with our holy Messenger was clearly foretold and written at Malachi 3:1 & Isaiah 42:1-13.

Now you could be of certain belief that on the Day of your Lord, our holy Imam will be a rider of the white horse, named as HAQ / Truth the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. Therefore, this mankind LORD has finally given a chance to all mankind, advising them:

Qur’an 78:39.

“That is the Day of HAQ / Truth, so whosoever desires may take a refuge with His Lord”.

Dear Students of truth!

Surely, you will be treated with ridicule, believing the man kindly Lord by the so called Muslims, but despair not. You should have under a refuge on the day of HAQ / truth. It was foretold in the holy words of our Lord, for our faith that:

“Surely, time will bring them out and faith will strengthen through them”.                                                    (Holy Sermon 12 of Nahjul Balagha).

 Qur’an at 39: 53.

“Say! O’my servants, who have been extravagant unto their own selves, despair not of the Mercy (HAQ / Truth)……..” Lo Allah forgives your whole sins altogether. Lo! He is the Oft forgiving, the Most Merciful”.

There is no better verse than this to give heart, joy and confidence to a believer / A‘Mono, for the availability of the divine Mercy. Allah is just, but He is not merciless. His justice is always tempered with His Mercy. He has written Mercy for Himself /Nafs (Qur’an 6:54 ).

When the Muslims and the Jews will ridicule to you for your deep study and acceptance of divine Truth, and then don’t be worry as it is already said and written in Holy Scriptures saying:

Qur’an 23:109.

“The Lord said Lo! There was a group of My Servants who said: O’ Our Lord we believe, so for give us and have Mercy on us, and you are the best of all Merciful, but you treated them with ridicule…Lo! I have recompensed them this day for their patient, lo! They are the successful.”

Let’s Pray together!


Our LORD! We believe, so forgive us & have Mercy on us, for you are the best of all the Merciful.

The above prayer was specially assigned for us as a sign for our recognition towards our man kindly Lord. No one else has taken it in their prayer in the past out of Christians or Muslims in Dua- e- Qanut / Standing Prayer in daily worships (Salat) or in any daily prayers until, we announced it in 1999.

Qur’an 14:52.

“This is a clear message for mankind so that they may be warned by it, and so that they may know that He (HAQ / Truth ELY-JJ) is the ILLAH / GOD and that the men of high in their IQ level may remind it (to the Christians and Muslims).”

Was – Salaam,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.




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