Lesson 1 Monotheism. What to recite in our Sajud in Salat ?

Lesson No 1

12 March 2008

Bism – e- Tua’alla “AL-ELY” .

 Dear Students,  Salamun Alaikum,

What to recite in our Sajud of Salat?

I have been asked to guide, how to do our Sajud in Salat?

Therefore, I have decided to provide you, a Lesson 1, on this said holy subject. It was also requested to provide a series of my lessons for increase of Iman, which you will receive one by one, InshaAllah.

There is no need to tell you what is Sajud ( Sajdah of Salat) and Raku. Al-Hamdu-Lillah, all of you are fully aware durring your Salat. But many of you may not know, what necessarily recite in it? As it has been noted, that many of you are reciting incomplete words in Sajud and Raku due to the traditions of your forefathers, and have not followed the holy guidance of Quran.

Therefore, it is necessary for all of you, to understand it carefully, as it is the most important part of your true worship. You have to recite as :

“Subhana Rab’bi AL–ELY–al–Ea’ala, Va Be Hamdeh”.

Glorify my Lord ELY, the Most High and owner of praise.

 Why we must glorify in the name “AL-ELY” of our Lord in Sajud and Raku?

Qur’an at 87: 1 says :

“Sabeh Isma Rab’bika AL- Ea’ala”.

Glorify in the Name of your Lord Most High.

You must Concentrate here, that you were reciting your Subhan in sajud without the name of your Lord reciting as:

“Subhana Rabi al–Ea’ala Va Be Hamdeh”,

Glorify my Lord Most High, the owner of praise.

Qur’an has guided to every one that glorify in the Name of your Lord. As you may know, that according to all Muslims, there are 99 Names of Allah called asma’a-ul- hasna, but you haven‘t recited any name out of these 99 holy names.

Therefore, it is clearly against the holy guidance of Quran and your glorification / Subhan of Sajud was incomplet. It is very important to note, that not a single Prophet of the past or their followers, have glorified without His name al-ELY. All the previous holy verses have displayed their subhan with ” ELY / ELYON the name of our Lord.

Still some people can say, that we are already glorifying the name of the Lord in our dua /Tasbihat. Therefore, the Holy Qur’an once again have reminded us as under :

Qur’an 87 : 14 – 15. ( Chapter Most High ).

Verse 14.

“Qad Aflaha Mun Tazaka”

“Indeed He (alone) succeeds who purifies himself “.

How to purify yourself ?

Verse No15 said:

“Wa Zakra esme Rabih Fa Sala’a”.

“And remember the name of his Lord then Sala‘a”.

Now any one who want to succeed, should take the name of his Lord in daily worships/ Salat and purrified himself.

Another question can be raised ! that why we have chosen the Name “Al- ELY” out of 99 holy Names ?

In fact “Al-ELY” is the only name, out of holy names of our Lord, which could be justified with the word Al-Ea’ala /Most High same as the name Al-ELY was also taken our Lord with Al-Eazeem /most supreme, known to every Muslim scholar without any objection.

Dear seekers of truth !

I‘ve also advised to every students of mine, to recite the same name “al-ELY” in Raku saying:

“Subhana Rabi al-ELY-al-Eazim Va Be Hamdeh”.    Instead of wrong recitation of the past as below:

“Subhana Rab’bi yal-Eazeem, Va be Hamdeh”

Some one, could say again, that why we have changed the past practice of Raku of salat?

Then let them know! that we are not wrong, and we are following the real instructions of our Lord as again and again guided in Qur’an. But others were failed to understand the clear guidance of Qur’an.

Please look!

Our Lord has instructed again and again in Qur’an at : 56 :74 & 56 : 96 (Surah Waqiah) and repeatedly said :

“Fa Sabeh Be Esme Rabika – al – Eazeem”

“Then glorify in the name of your Lord the Most Supreme”

Dear Believers!

Here are few examples from holy Qur’an, to certify the said name “AL-ELY” was taken with the word Eaziem at Qur’an 2 : 255. ( Surah Baqra )

“Va Howa-al-ELI-al-Eazim”

His chair extends over Heavens and on the Earth and the preservation of them doesn’t tire Him. He is ELY the most supreme”.

The Ayat-ul-Kursi is a well known verse and called “Syed-ul-Ayat” King of the holy verses in Pakistan. It is further said in Qur’an at Surah AL-Shura :

Qur’an 42 : 4:

“Lahou Ma Fe-al- Samawate Va Ma Fe-al-Arze va Hoval- ELY al-Eazeem.”

“Whatever, is in the heaven and on the earth is His and He is ELY-ul-Eaziem /Most Supreme”.

Therefore, He is our Lord who has guided us to take His holy Name ELY with the word al-Eazim / Most Supreme. Therefore, any criticism on it will be a sign of ignorance.

The Holy Prophet Musa (A.S) said in Torait ( Torah ) :

Deuteronomy 32 : 8. ( Shema / Sama’a)

“…When The ELY/ ELYON gave all the nations their inheritance in heaven….”

Hz : Musa (A.S) have called the same name “ELY” in Hebrew [ ELYON ] of the Lord. He was reminding his tribes about a special occasion, when the Lord has divided the inheritance for each of the tribes coming before this land in Heaven. A part of the said occasion was also stated in the holy Qur’an, when the Lord manifested all the mankind in Nafse and shown Himself being the Lord in Nafse (man kindly). (Qur‘an at 7:172 – 173).

The holy Prophet Daud (A.S) said in Zabur :

Psalm 9 : 1- 2.

” I will praise ( subhan ) O’ Lord with all my heart…… I will praise ( subhan ) to your name ELY ( ELYON ).”

And once again it was reminded in Zabur at :

Psalm 113 : 1- 3.

“Praise the Lord, Praise O’ Servants of the Lord, Praise the Name of the Lord. Let the name of the Lord be praised. Both now and for evermore. From the rising Sun to the place where it sets, The nameof the Lord is to be praised”.

The Holy Prophet Daud (A.S) repeatedly instructed to all the servants of the Lord to do their subhan in His Name “ELY” [ ELY ON ] the Lord, same as it has been said in the holy Qur‘an.

NADE ELY and divine Prophet Essa (as).

The Prophet Hz : Essa (A.S) have also reminded the same name ELI (ELY) introducing the power of NADE ELY (AJ) saying :

“… Protect them by the power of your name “ELY”..

Mushkil Kusha of Essa (as).

The said holy Prophet ESSA (as), have not only reminded the same name but he have the same faith / Iman that it is the only Name ELY, which could save him and his appostles in all the difficulties.

Prophet Hz : Esa (A.S) also called the same name ELY” whilst he was in agony of pains and he was saved ( By his Mushkil Kasha ) as it was said in the holy verse of Injil:

Matthew 27: 47.

About the 9th hour Jesus cried in a loud voice “ELI, ELI, La Ma Sa- Bachthani.?”

ELI, ELI why not saving my life ?”.

Therefore, as soon as he called his Lord ELY for help. The Lord reached Himself physically to save his life and he was saved from the death. The miracle was seen as under :

Matthew 27: 51- 53.

“At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. They came out of the tombs and after Jesus resurrection (alive) they went into the holy city and appeared to many people”.

I have given a very short summery here otherwise, this name of our Lord was the only name worshipped in Heaven. As well as there are many other holy verses available in it’s evidence in Qur’an or other Sahaif/ holy scrolls / Books.

There is no doubt, left for the truth seekers, that the same Name ELY (AJ) was the only heavenly Name in which, all the holy ones have praised Him. Therefore, we praised Him with the same name ELY for our / Subhan. You may choose any other name if you don’t like it.

Please read it carefully and if you found any ambiguity, let me know. I will explain you further. Now we will concentrate on the another issue of our Salat.

Dear Students !

What about your Dua-e-Qanut ?

Now you will be taught, about your Dua-e-Qanut, once again, it is another important issue for your Salat. Most of you do not know, that what necessarily you have to recite in your said Dua in Salat. When we said a dua means a special prayer. Most of us are reciting the following words:

“Allah hum aghfir lana, va rahmna, va eafuna, va eafu-an’na, fe-al-dunya, va al- akhira, innaka alla qulle sheyin qadeer .”

Unfortunately, this Dua wasn’t available in the Holy verses of Qur’an. The Lordship has guided us, and have given a particular daily Dua, to be recited regularly. Why we did not taken that Dua in our regular daily prayers if it was mentioned especially ? It is also important to know that any dua can be taken in Qanut by unaimous oulema, then why not the one which our Lord has chosen for us in Quran?…..then look!

Qur’an 23 : 109-111.

“Lo! There was a party of My slaves, who said ( in their regular daily Dua ) “Rabbana a’munna fa-ghfirlana wa – rahmna wa anta Khair – ur – Rahemien.”

“Our Lord ! We believe (in you), so forgive us, and have Mercy on us, for You are the best of all the Merciful”

But you chose them for ridicule..…… Lo! I have rewarded them today for their steadfast and they are the real successful ( Party of Lord )”.

There are many other Dua’s mentioned in holy Qur’an, but the said Dua having a special sign for “A Party of His own Slaves and a Successful nation. Still there will be a majority of the Muslims, who will deny the above truth and will not accept the Lord.

And out of them there will be of those, who will deny the name of the Lord for their worship in Sajud. For us there will be physical and mental tortures, in this world just because of our holy thoughts. But we must be patient and our patience will make us successful at last. It is our sign and we are the said Party of Lord’s slaves.

Why I have referred a majority of Muslims who will be in dispute with us, and why not some one else other than the Muslims ? It is because, any one else who do not believe in the Holy Qur’an, for them there is no need to dispute in this Dua and a verse of Qur’an. Therefore, there will be only from the Muslims who believe in the Qur’an.

Naturally, disclosing these truth in relation to the Lord and of His holy Attributes, of two groups called Honor ( E ZMAH ) and dignity / Pride ( AL: KIBRYAI ) Also called Nuroun Ela Nurien / Lights above the Lights at ( Qur’an 24 : 35 ). which you will able to find in my holy Lessons. It will badly effect to their past practices, who were confused about the Lights in Plural, and have not their faith on the Anwar ( Lights ) because of their lack of knowledge.

In them there are some extremists and for them, their faith is the only true faith in Islam. Outside their faith, all others are non believers ( Kuffar ) to them. Killing all others, could make the place into the garden of Eden for them, it’s their belief.

This beautiful Dua has to be recited after truly recognizing the Lord in Nafse, to Whom you beg for all kinds of forgiveness ( Qur‘an 114 -1) . Out of His holy Names, His name ELY (JJ ) is worshipped in the heavens as per the Heaven rules (Daniel 4:26). And He is the One who came down with Muhammad(savw), and shown His self Nafse, to the apostles of Jesus Christ. That occasion of His holy coming was also recorded.

Qur‘an at Surah Airaf 7:15. saying:

Follow the Light which has came down with the Messenger.( Mohammed SAWW ) “Wa Attabaou! Noor Allazi Unzila Ma‘aou”. a well known occasion of Transfiguration of Christ mentioned at Matthew 17: 1-13, Mark 9: 1-13, & Luke 9: 28-36.

The Vatican Library record of Christianity has now discovered the hidden truth that the name of Hz : Muhammed (savw) was found in place of HZ: Musa (A.S) with Ilyah / Elijah ( ELYA / ELY ) and you will see the such evidence in my 19 lessons published in my blog.

With best regards,

Yours brother in Iman,

Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.



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